Adventures up Timpanogos {HappyMonday}

Yesterday’s views for Dan weren’t too shabby I guess….

timp2He, Jamon and friend Adam decided to ski the East Ridge of Timp.  Dan has done this a few times, first time for Jamon and Adam.

timp10Low clouds and low snow to start the accent.   They had to alternate between boot packing and skinning on the way up because of how variable the snow conditions were.  It hasn’t snowed in a WHILE here.

timp9timp8timp6Gorgeous though…

timp5timp7Slowly but surely getting there

timp3timp4dantimptopTook them about 6 hours to get to the top instead of the usual 4.5.  The snow was variable of course, so it was a bit slower going on the ski down for Jamon and Adam.  From what it sounds like, Dan ripped down it no problem 😉

bushwackSome heinous and annoying bush-wacking awaited them at the bottom to get out to the road.  NOT fun, but still…

timp1Awesome views at the end of a long, pretty day.  He said the next time he does Timp, it has to of snowed at least 300″ at Alta to be worth it.  So awesome though!  4,500 feet of climbing up.  5,500 vert ski down.  A solid day!


samcooksIn other happenings.  This little dude LOVES to play “chef.”  He’ll pretend to make all kinds of soup and then proceed to say, over and over…”Magnifico!”  Such a good imagination.

girlsaliSnuggles with these ladies

mardigrasjamonAnnual Mardi Gras party at Jamon’s on Friday night.  SO fun!

mardigrasrelizsampartyThanks Ali for hanging out with Sam!trainerjob2And in other awesome news, I’ve completed my first week as a trainer at the gym!  I’ve met with four prospective clients and have already learned a lot.  Most people I’m finding want to workout and that’s great, but the real issues are with their eating habits and nutrition.  I have to keep telling myself that I’m a personal trainer and I focus on all things fitness and getting people into shape, not giving them specific meal plans and telling them exactly what they should eat.  It’s hard because they go hand in hand, but I’d say what people eat is their biggest struggle.
I have two women, in their 40’s and later 50’s that I’ll be working with on a weekly basis.  I also start my 2 day/week high intensity group training sessions (called the Gauntlet) on Wednesday!  Now THAT is what I’m super excited about!  Pushing six amazing women to go outside of their comfort zone and do things they normally wouldn’t do in their weekly workouts.  I’m also trying to balance my two spin classes, my own work outs (including my Gauntlet workouts with my crew twice a week that kicks my butt!) and being a stay at home Mom.   We’ll see how this week goes.  It’s already full and I’m busy, busy, busy and I LOVE it!
Oh, and some Sam push-ups for your Monday Motivation. Have a great week everyone!


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