Happy Monday!

Beautiful weather around here!  If it’s not going to snow, then we want sun and nice temps!

IMG_3554Skiing with Sam and Siri on Saturday afternoon.  So fun!

 IMG_3558IMG_3547Saturday morning {sprouted buckwheat} waffles.  Delish!

IMG_3553Thank you Ali and Mark for the most awesome Christmas gift.  More beautiful canvases and making them look perfect on our wall!

IMG_3540Ruby time!  She is doing amazing in that neck brace.

IMG_3542IMG_3536FIVE year old check-ups and frozen yogurt.  It was a great day!

IMG_3515Birthday pancakes and candles, for the win.  Sprinkles, too 🙂

IMG_3521He requested to go to Ikea with Jane on his Birthday, so that’s exactly what we did!

Jumps all day on his new mini tramp.  THE best!

IMG_3539I hope I use this a lot.  Sam ate almost two apples in one sitting because of how awesome the spirals looked.

IMG_3533This amazing group of people.  Our crew on Monday and Wednesday nights.  This is one of the most high energy and motivating groups I’ve ever worked out with.  I am so sore and SO happy each and every time we’re done.

IMG_3551And this beautiful piece of paper.  I passed that exam! W00t!  I was the only one taking the test on Saturday morning, in a small room all alone at Westminster.  Took me under an hour and it was by far one of the hardest test I’ve taken in my life yet.  I knew I would pass, but lots of those questions were tricky!

I’ve been hired on at the gym and will take on any client that comes my way and any of you out there who actually read this blog that want help with your fitness goals, big or small.   I want to work with the old, young, sedentary, active…you name it!  I want all of the experience I can get.  I’ll also be teaching a high intensity type circuit training group two mornings a week.  There are a bunch of amazing other Mom’s that I know and workout with there and I hope to get them all in on this group.  It’s going to be AMAZING, face paced and out of their comfort zone for sure.  Can’t wait!

Never did I think that this is where I would be even one year ago.  A am one proud woman and Mom!


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