Happy February!

Somehow February is already here.  We NEED some snow or winter weather…or something related to cold winter weather around here 🙂

It’s been nice out, as usual.  If it’s not going to snow, it might as well be sunny and nice (I’m pretty sure I say that every week!)

momsamgmaSkiing with Grandma Carol this weekend!  Sam had the best time with her.  In fact, he was giving her a run for her money skiing in the trees every run! 😉 Thank goodness it’s cold enough to keep the snow guns going up at Alta and any bit of rain we might get down here is snow up there.

momaltaBeauuuuuuuuutiful!  So thankful and glad my mom still wants to do this with us.  67 years young!


zoobehrZoo time with our cute neighbor friends, Behr and Parks.  Thank you for inviting us!

zoolionAnd this guy.  SO cool.  That glass is pretty thick, but somehow didn’t seem thick enough up close 🙂  He was roaring SO loud as we cam up to him.

fampicSam drew out family the other day.  He wanted to make sure Naomi was there too…in the blue.  Man, he makes my heart so happy with how tender he can be, always thinking of her.

gauntletAnother awesome week of the Gauntlet.  Seriously, this kicks my butt every Mon/Wed night.  I LOVE, love this crew of beasts!  Our trainer (and my boss) is there in the middle in the black shirt.  Talk about pushing us out of our comfort zones!

And my Group Training class started last Wednesday with some amazing ladies! I have a total of eight on Friday’s, six on Wednesday’s. They.were.killing it! I love, love that I get to push them and help them become better and stronger. They work so hard. I also love that we are all Mom’s, working to be fit and active and good examples to our children. THE best.   I’m two weeks into personal training and it’s going great.  I have three regular clients at this point, another gal wanting to train at the end of the month.  Between teaching two spin classes, teaching group training twice a week, going to my Gauntlet class twice a week and getting my other workouts in that I need to, I’m busy enough!  I spend a lot of time at the gym and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Being a Mom comes first and I’ve found a great balance with working part time (about 10-12 hrs a week) and being able to hangout and be with Sam.  Thank you Dan for being SO supportive and being my biggest fan.  I LOVE you!

Have a great week everyone.  And remember, be sure to go get your sweat on, even if it’s just squats, push ups and planks at home!



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