The day these boys have been waiting for finally came!  Boys night out at the Nitro World Games downtown.  Can you tell they were excited? 😉  They rode trax down and back and made a long night out of it! Thank you Dan for showing them a good time.


They watched BMX, Skateboarding, and huge Moto jumps.  I saw some of it on TV while they were there, it’s so cool.  They got home around 10:15pm….and of course, Sam was up right at 7am, per usual.


Couldn’t hang past 2:30pm today.  Silly boy who never sleeps in.


Got in a ride while they were out.  Fire burning behind me in Alpine.  There are A LOT of fires burning here in UT right now, the Brian Head fire in southern UT being the biggest in the US right now.  Scary times.


Got in a bunch of shuttle laps over the past week.


Pool time with Annie.  So adorable.


And more time with the girls while Ali and Mark were with Ruby at here PET scan/Oncologist appt/another infusion.  The girls had so much fun with Sam.


And by FAR the best news of the week was that Ruby’s scans showed her tumors are stable.  Just…amazing and so happy and thankful she’s still here and being an awesome four year old!


Another awesome creation/made up recipe from Dan.  Broccoli cakes!  Delish.


Had to go up to Park City to register Sam for a dirt jump camp.  He decided to hit the jumps for a bit.  It was pretty hot, but he was still eager to jump.


Took him to see the Olympic park and water ramps on the way home.  SUCH a cool place.  He was amazed at the ski jumpers.  That afternoon there were quite a lot of freestyle jumpers, so the tricks were extra rad to watch.



Making my Saturday crew suffer at the end of the workout ;).  Nothing like some wall sits to set your legs on extra fire after 50 minutes of other awesome stuff. 😉


And a shout out to this awesomely strong woman who is my client.  I’ve been working with Nikie since March.  She’s lost 21 pounds, but most importantly it’s amazing how much stronger, fit and healthy she is!  This is the part of personal training that I love…when the client actually puts in the work OUTSIDE of the short sessions we have in there.  I give guidance, she does the work.  Plus, we’re both mt bikers and skiers so we get along real nice.

So excited for the week to come.  Sister Jenn and kids will be here from CA Wednesday!!

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day!  We had a great weekend hanging out together and going on a few adventures.  We love you SO much Dan!


I love these sleepy heads.  Well, Sam’s not so sleepy at 6:45am, but Dan sure is 😉  “Dad!! Happy Father’s Day weekend!!”


Hi Fred!


Dan finally got out on a really long, proper adventure Saturday.  He biked from the house to the trail head.  Stashed his bike and scrambled up the west slabs of Mt. Olympus.  Those view!  5,000 feet of up and tons of fun coming down and 24 miles of biking (except for the bush whacking at the end, yikes!)


He saw two rattle snakes.  They’ve been out like crazy this year.


Lunch and a beverage on the North ridge.



While Dan was out playing, we were at Millie’s Princess Run.  These kids all ran the race and did so great!  Also…cancer sucks.


Sam and cousin Emily


They all ran SO fast, especially Jane!  That girl better be on the track team when she’s old enough. 🙂IMG_20170614_074555

A great way to start my day.  Bootcamp with that woman in the stripes.  Tricia taught me how to teach spin and hired me for the first time back at the old gym.  She runs bootcamps out of her home in Draper.  So fun!


All the ladies, working so hard in Burn last week.  I LOVE my job.


Swim time!  I’m usually the only Mom who’s over sitting in the shade after 45 mins or so.  I was with four other Mom’s this day and they all sat in the sun for almost three hours…three hours is too much for your skin day in and day out, people!  (I could go on a rant, but I won’t)


He is seriously giving me a run for my money and speed on the trails now.  Thank you Dan for shuttling us yesterday.  I was almost left in the dust on Vertigo.  He’s just shredding!


And Sam wins for best Father’s Day card.  I hope Dan holds onto this one forever.  I just love it.


School’s out!


First and last day of FIRST grade.  He’s definitely grown on the inside and out!


Miss Ravsten.  He’s sure going to miss her a lot.  She was SO, so great!


Seven years and five months old


You bet we went swimming a bunch already!


Hi River!  They spent most the day Thursday and Friday together.  BFF’s.


Rivers brother Canyon joined in on the fun one day, too.  He’s so crazy and asks a million questions.  Love that three year old.


One of Dan’s epic breakfasts…one of the many reasons we don’t really ever go to Breakfast unless we have company in town.  I love that he takes pictures of his meals 😉


Super fresh eggs from a good friend.  Thank you Jen!


Rivers have been raging all last week.  Temps close to 100, backing off starting tomorrow thankfully.  Got a few rides in.


Corner Canyon, looking towards Lone Peak.


Really fun birthday party for one of Sam’s riding buddies.  Funtopia!


Oh hi, Rudolph 😉  Dan took quite the digger last week while paying attention to Sam and not the trail.  Jammed his finger and cracked his bike frame. He’s already looking much better though.


In one month we’ll celebrate Naomi’s 5th birthday.  Time goes so slow, yet I have all of these memories so vivid in my mind and heart.  Today I’ve been very thankful for her and the happiness we have in our lives right now.


And I wanted to share something I put on my social media last week.  I didn’t really want to say much about it, but so many people have asked and I wanted this struggle of mine to just be out there, especially for family who I don’t see often in person.

“Hello…I’m Liz and I’m an emotional eater.  A binge and restrict eater actually.  I thought that after going through quite the weight loss journey my eating and emotional problems would magically be gone.  Oh, how I wish that were true!  Now that I’m here and have come such a long way, some of my eating habits are manifesting themselves in ways I wasn’t really expecting.  I’ve been over exercising and my eating has been out of whack for over two years now.  I’m sick of feeling sick, tired and guilty for eating all the foods after being so “good” all week then overeating like crazy every 7-14 days, then trying to out exercise that.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Four weeks ago, I hired a coach to help set me up for success…first in my mind and emotionally with food and anything that happens on the outside is a bonus.  I haven’t binged or overeaten much in these four weeks.  This is HUGE for me, huge!  I’m learning how much my body actually needs to fuel my life and workouts (Which I’ve cut back on) and I feel so good already!  My mind is getting right and I’m seeing successes everyday.  I’m only putting this out there because so many people have been asking what I’ve been doing AND if any of this sounds like your life, you are not alone! Us women especially eat our emotions, we just have to try hard to learn how to control it.  This is me and my struggle each day, but if I can overcome the very hard things I have so far in my life, I can do this and you can too!  Lots of love to all of the people in my life who inspire and help me everyday.”


Sundance Showdown


What an awesome weekend!  All that riding/practicing paid off.  I was a little worried after Saturday that Sam wouldn’t want to race Sunday but his mood improved.

His Super D race went super smooth and he beat his race time last year at Nordic Valley by over six minutes!  However, he was up against older boys Saturday and he was the only kid on a hard tail bike.  All the other kids are on full suspension bikes, which makes a difference.  Also, he and River were two of three still on 20″ wheels, automatically making them a bit slower.  There’s some steep competition when the age groups are set up the way they are.  I had so much fun hanging out, watching all the teens and younger groms finish.  Hungout with Rivers Mom and siblings until they finished.  It was hot and a long, long day especially when Sam found out he took 7th.  There were some tears a few times and some really bad attitude but I knew it would pass.  He was tired, it was warm and by the time we left it was past 3pm (they got there at 8am).


Dan rides behind him in case there’s a crash or flat tire or anything.  Was super fun to see the Dad’s behind their younger kids…and for real, these 7-10 year olds are giving their parents a run for their money, so fast!


Ted, River, Sam and Zinnia

IMG_20170603_124124Super D finish line.  And holy smokes it beautiful up there!


Waiting for medal ceremony.  River took 4th so he got a medal.  You can’t really tell, but Sam is on the verge of tears here.  He walked over after and just sunk his head into me, making sure no one saw him cry.  Oh man, my heart was just sad for him but I know and he knows ultimately it’s all about having fun with family and friends!  Sometimes it’s hard for a seven year old to take that to heart all the time.


He left the house super happy Sunday morning, thank goodness.  Ready to race the downhill.  They watched the Pro’s go at the end.


And he took 3rd place! 7-9 year old group.  Dan said it was his fastest ride yet, Woot!


Loving his new hat from Flow Kids Bikes.


Lots of friends  to hangout with and they all get along so well.  I love that they all cheer each other on and are SO positive to each other.   SUCH a great weekend!  His next race is in Idaho, at Pomerelle Ski Resort (about three hours away).  Dan, Sam, Ted and River will be heading up there at the end of the month.


And a few from last week…


Earlier in the week he had his last soccer game.  Go Tigers!  They came a long way from their first few games, losing all the time.  He’ll stay with these coaches in the seasons to come, for as long as they’re around.  They are the best.


Coach Jonezy and Coach Brian!


Another sweaty spin class at Thryve.  Love these ladies!


And have you ever seen him so mad to be on his bike?  We haven’t! I thought he’d be super excited to ride to school AND have a donut with Dad. He definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this day.  Yikes.


It doesn’t look great, but it was delish!  Cauliflower “fried rice.”  I added in some beets just because.  This was riced cauliflower, eggs, some chicken, carrots, beets, soy sauce, ginger and garlic, scallions and cilantro.  5 minutes and ready to eat.  Easy peasy.

Sunday night dinner and alllllll the yummy grilled veggies.


I made double what we ate for dinner.  Leftovers are the best.

2 1/2 days of school left.  Summer is here!

Memorial weekend


Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and a nice long weekend.  These two shredded Sundance all day 🙂  The big Sundance Showdown is this Saturday, so they rode some laps to practice again.  Not much riding happening this week though.  It’s clear Sam needs to rest up so he’s ready for two days of racing.  So proud of him for being SO into it!


Just so tuckered out.  4pm.


Hi Fred!


He got new bike goggles and gloves.  He wore the goggles non-stop for three days.



Got some riding in, too.


Always a mess with these cousins…but always FUN!


Hi Annie!


Opening weekend and the pool.  He jumped right in and even ended with some laps on the high dive.


Pencil jump!



Such a good, fun and hard working class this morning.  15 awesome people willingly come in to sweat and make themselves better.  I LOVE my job, for real!


Finisher.  Plank walks and their shoulders are on fire. 😉


ALWAYS love it when Ali is in class.  The best.


And another riding accessory for safety he wont take off…his new neck brace.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to sleep with it on.

Delicious dinner and movie night for our Monday.  Six more days left of school for this kid!

Ok, Spring


OK spring…OK.  Just too cold for this time of year.  Woke to snow last week and it’s been pretty chilly most the week.  Finally sun and a bit warmer yesterday, more rain today 🙂


Took Ruby to have lunch with Sam at school.  So, so fun!


All the kids were asking her a million questions….and begging for their NOT from the cafeteria pizza.


Jane’s cheering section at her game.  She did SO great!  She really is so good at soccer and she pretty much scores multiple goals every game.


I don’t get to lift with just Ali very much, so Saturday morning was such a treat.  She comes to my classes, but I don’t actually get to workout next to  her and I LOVE doing that.  We could chat for days…


Got in a super pretty Quarry ride Saturday afternoon while the boys were at Sundance opening for bike season.  Sam is registered for the Sundance Showdown Super D race at the beginning of June, so he and River will be getting in as much time there as they can to practice.  Thank you Dan for spending all day there, despite the crappy cold you’ve had.


End of year Grand Event at school was really fun.  He won a HUGE cupcake and paid with his money to get his face painted.  His night was made.



First graders performing their songs they worked so hard to prepare for.  It was actually really, really good!  And yes, that’s Ady..his not girlfriend (that’s what he’ll tell you) there on his right.  Every time I’ve been in class or at a school function, they’re next to each other 😉

And just a little bit from their day at Sundance…

Oh man, we can’t stop laughing at this video…even after watching it 20 times.

Mother’s Day and a birthday


Happy 35th Birthday Dan!  I’m sure you already know how much we love and appreciate you, but I’ll tell you again…WE LOVE YOU so, so much.  Can’t imagine life without you.  Hope you have a super fun weekend, despite the cold you’ve had 😉


Between Mother’s Day and his birthday, we were feeling the love.  Thanks to those who sent cards and other generous things.  We appreciate you!


Dan got in a ride Saturday.  LCC creek is raging.  Hot for a few days and it’s cooled down again.  We’ll be much cooler and rainy for half of this next week.


Lost another tooth!


Sam and River doing their thing at the skate park one day last week.


I don’t even know. 🙂


I requested to relax in the morning, get out on a ride and spend time at my Mom’s for Mother’s Day.  Sam asked so nicely if I would ride Rush with him, I couldn’t say no.  We ended up doing four laps total.  Two with me, two with Dan.  It was perfect and I didn’t even get in a ride by myself…and I was 100% OK with it!  I LOVE this boy so much.


Seven years into Motherhood.


Sam insisted we needed our picture taken together 😉


A visit to sister.  From my social media, “Mother of two.  He made me a Mom first and I’m so thankful!  This kid makes me feel older and younger at the same time 😉  I’m so happy I get to experience Motherhood with him by my side.”  We love BOTH of our children so, so much.


 Liz, Carol & Ali.  Missing you Jenn, but I know you’re having fun on the beach!


Hi Annie!  Gosh, she is so freakin’ cute right now.


Happy Birthday Dan!


Grandpa John being especially cute singing and chatting with Annie.  So fun to see him be this way with his grandchildren.

Lots of classes to teach at the gym, soccer practice and games, biking, family time and three short weeks left of school.   Luckily, Sam hasn’t been counting down the days as much as I thought he would.  We got our pool passes last week, so I’m ready to roll with summer showing up soon.