Happy Monday


Utah just being so green right now.  Trying to enjoy it while it lasts cause it’s going to get brown and dry.  Quick little hike-walk last week up Bells Canyon.  I’m still dealing with this cold/bronchitis/virus stuff so I took it fairly easy last week.  No other symptoms besides coughing and a sore throat right now.  It’s taking forever to go away. Mostly just really annoying.  If I’m not any better by Wednesday, I’ll go in and get checked just to make sure it’s not walking pneumonia or anything else.   First world problems though 🙂  Thankful to be out and about.


This kid and his outfit choices on the daily keep my laughing, smiling and frustrated.  I love/can’t stand just how much his choice of clothes mean to him.  His top big kid teeth are coming in fast and he’s all healed up from his crash last weekend.


Spent time at my Mom’s Friday night and then up to the cabin clean up Saturday.  I LOVE, love the Fetzer cabin and all of my extended family.  Can’t wait to spend some time up there this summer.

image 2

Clean up crew.  We always have a yummy lunch after we work.  Usually two-three people from each of my mom’s siblings family come up.  Love chatting with cousins I don’t see often, yet feel close to.


Dan got a good, long ride in up in Park City.  The dirt is prime right now!


Love my buddy and sidekick.  We’re about to be spending much more time together in just two short weeks when school is out!


Talent show day!  He was SO proud of himself and got so red in the face when they announced him and then after when he took a bow. All the kids were yelling “Whoa! Wow! Holy Cow! How do you do that?”  Multiple times in a row.   It.was.adorable.


Went through more pictures at my Mom’s house.  I just love how many pictures and old things she’s kept.  And going through these the past year has been so fun.  This was at Grandma Naomi Fetzers.  Mom, Liz and Ali.


Weekend riding crew.  Shuttled them for a few laps in Draper.  Carter, Finley, Dan & Sam.

And little video of Sam riding Arcylon on Saturday.  It’s right above the sledding hill Gorgoza right there in Parley’s Canyon.  There was a crane truck that caught on fire as they were up there.  So much smoke from the highway!

And more riding at I Street during the week.  Sam was sending that step up 🙂



Happy Birthday Dan!


(From last summer) HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow to the best Dad and husband ever.  You are the love of our lives and we are beyond lucky, blessed and grateful to have you.
Sending it into year 36!


And a beautiful Mother’s Day as well.  Dan did some skiing in the morning while Sam and I played with Ali and fam up in Bells Canyon.


Just so pretty.


A visit to Naomi and Grandma Fetzer with My mom and John.




And a delicious lunch at my favorite…Pig and  Jelly Jar.  Relaxing the rest of the day, especially since I finally seem to be slowly getting over Bronchitis that I’ve had since early last week.  Whew, it’s not be fun.


Rode just a bit before I got sick.  So pretty out right now.  It’s just so green.



We celebrated Dan’s birthday Friday with a bike friends and family get together.  Our lives are now so that our friends are mostly those with kids that love the same things Sam does.  These kiddos are all so awesome!  Also, I loved that Ali’s girls got in on some of the riding, too!


It just so happened that Dan found some bigger ramps on our local classifieds and had them delivered right before the party started.  I SO wish I would have gotten Sam and Rivers reaction when the truck pulled up. PURE JOY!


Hi Siri!


Love you sister.
The kids sessioned that ramp alllll evening long!


Unfortunately, you can hit the jumps 100 times and crash once…


And it REALLY hurts.  He was wearing a regular helmet but not his full face and gloves.  New rule:  full face and gloves are a MUST, no exceptions.  He got a little off on the jump and hit face first and skid a bit on his gums.  Thankfully those two new teeth coming in aren’t there enough to be damaged.  Could have been a lot worse.  He got lucky.  Lesson learned.


River was right there with him after he crashed, comforting him and making sure he was OK.  Love these BFF’s.

image 1

A little while after the crash, he said he wanted to go out again and hit it several more times.  Dan got this cool shot.  Today though, he hasn’t wanted to bike at all and that’s totally OK! He needs a break 🙂

A really fun weekend celebrating Dan and Mom’s.

Oh, and the talent show at Sam’s school is happening this week.  Since Sam’s main talents happen outside, they said we could play a video for everyone in the gym.  Dan put together a really cool edit for the big day.  Thank you Dan!

Growin’ up


Two front teeth gone and not a minute too soon.  No time for a gummy smile, as his grown up teeth are there 🙂  Now…now he’s growing up a lot in my eyes.  I love him.


Second grade can be hard sometimes.  He was tuckered right after school one day.  Must respect his sleep.


One last ski day for us.  It was free, so we had to take the opportunity.  It was warm and slushy but we had fun.  Sam was super tired from having a cold, three bloody noses during the night and riding bikes hard for two days.  He and I left early but Dan kept skiing with some friends.  So glad!



Yes please.


Oh these two.  I love these BFF’s.  They always tell people they’re brothers if they ask or we’re out and about. 🙂


Classes at the gym have been going really well.  Taught Saturday with 15 people in class. I love my job!


Got to hangout with this little turkey last week.  We have the best time together and she’s reeeeeally good at bossing me around 😉  Hi Annie!

A few videos from this week…

Lots of bikes and that tooth!


Bike dates are the best.  His shock was busted so we cut it short but just being out on the trail together is such a happy place for us.  Sam was at Supercross races with some friends for a belated birthday gift.  They had so much fun together!




It’s been really warm, too warm for April.  Might as well be biking.  Awesome crew yesterday for some shuttle laps in Draper.  I was happily the shuttle driver 🙂 Dan, Sam and River with friend Steve and his two boys.


Pushing lots of things at the gym last week.  I’m trying to do new things at least once a week to change up my fitness life.  It’s been two years since I’ve pushed a sled-last week with my good friend Jen on it.  Love it!


Thank you Ali for visiting Naomi with me.  It always makes me so happy when any of our family wants to go see her special spot.  With Ruby and Annie this day.  This summer marks SIX years since her passing.  It’s crazy how vivid the memories are still, yet it’s been this long already.


Supercross!  Ted, River, Sam, Finley and Carter.


Guys…this front tooth will.not.come.out!  We’ve tried for days and the other one is coming in already!  Hoping we can twist and pull it out by tomorrow. Snaggle tooth.


Hi Annie!  Gah, she’s so stinkin’ cute these days.

And a few videos from I Street.  The boys were shredding!

Spring in Moab


Another fun weekend down in Moab!  Met some friends for a quick trip.  Lots of wind and rain Friday night but beautiful Saturday and Sunday.  Sam wasn’t as into riding as he usually is, but we still had a great time.  He loved riding with Holden Saturday on Mag 7, despite how hot and tired he kept saying he was (it’s not that hot down there yet 🙂


Lower Bull Run, part of the Mag 7 trail system.  The views!


Sam, Dan, Holden and his Dad James


Chilly, damp morning on Saturday.  Cleared right up though.  It rained for a solid three hours in the middle of the night.


View out the tent window for sunrise.  One of my favorite parts of camping.  Sam and I are usually the first to get up and enjoy it.



Three girls and two boys.  They played and played and played!


After Saturday mornings ride, we took the crew down to the secret spot we LOVED with Grandpa Mike last fall.  We sat there for at least an hour throwing HUGE rocks off the cliff.  Only rule…you had to have a parent if you wanted to get even a little bit close to the edge. 😉


The grown ups got in a fun ride later in the afternoon before heading back to camp.  This is my long time friend (who I don’t see often enough) Traci.  They camp and bike a lot so we love to be down here with them.  SO easy going and fun to be around.


Saturday nights fire was awesome and long lasting!


LOVE them.


Good morning




Quick ride before we left town.  Dino Flow-Baby Steps south.  Again, he wasn’t really into the climbing for some reason.  Had fun though.



Last little part of this trail was super fun.  Excited for our next desert trip.  We had so much fun and I’m so thankful we get to do this kind of stuff together.  Now we just need to get out camping with you, Ali 😉




Cousins in Cali


Back from a sunny visit to see our cousins in Cali.  The first time I visited Jenn, it poured rain the entire time.  This time though, was glorious. Got in fairly early Thursday and headed to the the city.  San Francisco is beautiful!


Typical Max face.  He really was happy.  And this was just someones garage.  So many bright, fun and funky houses there.  And so many flowers starting to bloom.




Blue corn Empanadas from Green Chile Kitchen + Cantina.  SO, so yummy.  We also had some pretty amazing pastries later from b Patisserie.  Whoa, delish and no pics since we snarfed them down 😉






Love these two.  They had so much fun being silly and playing together.  They’re six months apart. 🙂




Spent Friday at the beach, Sam’s favorite part of the trip.  Venice Beach in Half Moon Bay.  Windy and cold water…but that did not stop them.  So cold!


Taking it all in, living his best life right there.







Thanks for the wet suit Max!  It makes Sam look even smaller than he already is 😉


Ended the day at some tide pools right down the road.  You could spend some serious time exploring there!



Sister gym time.  Thank you Kate for watching the boys a few times for us.


Saturday was spent just hanging out.  Max had a baseball game and Kate had swim team at the same place.  We loved cheering Max on, he’s good!


Kate and I made whoopie pies.  First time I’ve made something like this.  They were DELISH!


Jenn’s backyard is so cute with the strings of lights, orange and lemon trees.


Heaps of Meyer lemons.  They are so, so good.


Thank you Jenn for being the best hostess, tour guide, driver and entertainment for us.  I always miss you but I really miss you when I have to leave.  Sam and I had so much fun. Can’t wait to see you in June and for our next visit there.  Love you all!



Spring break


Out of school and no real plans for spring break this year.  No problem because our days were filled with fun!  Monday was a sick day for both Dan and Sam with a cold, so we just won’t count that one 😉  He biked pretty hard most every day.  Two days at the Draper dirt jumps for several hours.  One day with just Carter and the other with Carter and bike twin friends Alex and Luke.


Snacks between riding and talking about all the random things.  An 11 year old, 10 year olds and an 8 year old make for some silly conversation.



Hi buddy!  He and I are getting preeeeettty excited for a trip to fly out and see Jenn and family for a few days this week, just the two of us.  Dan will be happy here working 😉


Rain for some of Friday and lots of Saturday.  These two still rode and played A LOT!

Not much else happening around here.  Changes at the gym the last week have been a little rough but it’s working and I think it’ll be just fine.  I had three days of awesome classes with most of my same people, a few new ones as well.  Thankful for my job and members  and friends who are dedicated despite the changes.

And just a few videos…