All the colors


10am ride on a Wednesday.  The colors right now are crazy bright and beautiful.  Can’t get enough!


Love when the trail is covered in leaves.  Perfect dirt!  Feeling good a month after my crash and concussion.  Still don’t feel comfortable riding in tighter trees, so the Quarry trail was perfect for a mellow ride.



2nd grade school pictures turned out great!


New wood posts looking good.  So much better than the other white crappy ones.


A freezing cold soccer game for Ruby.  Glad we got to cheer her on, even just for one quarter 🙂

Dan, Sam, Ted and River spent all Saturday afternoon at the Ogden bike park fall party.  I I’m sure Sam goes bigger every time Dan takes a video, it’s crazy!  Just shredding with his bike friends…


And thank you Mark for taking our family pictures.  I will never be able to decide on which few are the best…they’re all so good!

I can’t post them all, so here are several I’m loving…













Lots of fun stuff coming up the next 2-3 weeks.  Fall break starts Wednesday afternoon for this kid.  We’re going to make the most of it with Ali and the girls.



Moab and Grandpa Mike!


Another super fun trip to Moab in the books!  Everytime we come back from these trips, I think, “this was the best trip for sure!”  All of our trips, especially now are just so good.  Especially with Sam riding the way he is now, it gets better and better.  SO, so happy we could spend the weekend with Grandpa Mike, just the four of us.  He came to SLC to help us with some house projects, we all headed to Moab and he’s now off to make his way to LA for a big Dean family party next weekend.  Can’t help but be a bit envious of the life he leads now in retirement.  He KNOWS how to make the most of it!


Found a really cool spot, off the main roads heading towards Canyonlands NP.  If you’re willing to drive a little longer, look a little more and have patience it can be SO rewarding.  It’s definitely a bonus we had 4WD and a high clearance car to get there;)  No one else really around.  This is looking towards camp, the other direction is a HUGE canyon with views for miles.  Just awesome.






So lucky to have Mike play song after song around the fire.  Seriously, perfect evenings around camp!


7:10 am and that big moon is setting.   Sam and I were up and about first…of course 😉



Warm beverages and hanging out both mornings near the cliffs.



Onto some riding.  Saturday we rode out on the Mag 7 trail system.  This was one of Sam’s longest rides yet.  We took turns shuttling so the ride would last longer, breaking up the sections to give him a bit of a rest.  The ride for the day was Getaway-Lower Bull Run-Arths Corner-Little Canyon.  11 miles for this seven year old.  He was twice as fast as he was back in the spring on this new bike.  Crazy the difference.  He was passing adults left and right out there!



Mom and Sam



Another amazing sunset to watch.



Hiking around near camp.


Chips and salsa time.  That’s between 3:30-4:30 most the time for Mike 😉





Sam’s longest pedal uphill to date.  750 feet of climbing, which is a lot since it was pretty steep and techy.  Rode Mega Steps to Baby Steps out in North Klondike Bluffs on our way out of town Sunday.  Such a cool ride and totally doable for him.  We took as many breaks as he needed, which was way less than I thought going into this ride.


Steeper than it looks.  He did awesome though!




Top of Mega Steps.  These three.  They are the best.



Waiting for Dad to fix his flat tire on the downhill.


So, so happy to be riding again.  I felt so comfortable on my new bike and rode better than I have in a while it seems.  Happy place!


Woot!  Can’t wait for our next trip down south!


And a thousand times THANK YOU to Mike for helping us with new posts on the house and for basically building our shed.  I’m not sure he knows just how much we appreciate all of his help and knowledge everytime he helps us.  We don’t ever take it for granted!




He worked  hard for about 7-8 hours both days before we headed to Moab.  I got to help him while Dan was at work and Sam was in school.  I actually learned a lot.


Mondays mess…


Thursday evenings accomplishment.  Dan and I will finish the roof and a few other things.  Thankful to have the time, money and healthy, strong bodies to make this happen.


Can’t wait to see you in the winter again Mike.  We love you so much and miss you already!


Five years ago on this day…

..I started this blog and my adventure into changing my eating habits and starting this new healthy, active living lifestyle.  I remember feeling SO scared to publish that first post, admitting what I’d been feeling for so long about my weight and the darkness that was along with Naomi’s passing.  It’s amazing how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned thus far.  Success is not a straight line in my opinion.  I’ve had so many ups and downs but the key is that I’ve been consistent in my daily, weekly and monthly habits to get to where I am now.  I still struggle with things…we all struggle with things mentally and physically but I can say this for sure that I’m so much happier, healthier and more wise not only on the outside but on the inside.  That to me is success, happiness and thriving.

This was one of the first pictures I posted…


Now, the fall months will always remind me of that fresh start and how awesome I was starting to feel in my changes mentally and emotionally, even just a month in.  Also..Sam was tiny! Not quite three yet.


Her picture in our living room today.  She’s so beautiful.


Thankful to all of you that have kept following and reading along the way.  This space has changed and morphed into what it is now and I love it.  Being able to share our adventures with family and friends near and far brings me happiness!  And I LOVE, love looking back on all of my posts with Sam, he loves doing that.


And some bits from last week…


Perfect fall weather last week.  After school bike session.


Soccer game!


Gym time with Ali


Watched Annie for a bit


Annnndd…a little more Annie time 😉


We missed Dan all week while he was in CO for work.  His views after a long day could have been worse 😉  Lucky!


Phil’s World in Cortez, CO.  He traveled an hour to Rico to work everyday.


He also got a fun ride in Moab on his drive home.


Can’t wait to be there soon!


These two BFF’s.  They spent most of Friday and Saturday together.  We are SO lucky and thankful they found each other a few years ago.  Seriously, these boys could play and play and play some more.

And a few videos from the boys sessions at I Street.  River, Carter and Sam just shredding so much over the weekend.  So glad they have each other to push, motivate and ride together.  And, lucky for Dan the other Dads are just as fun to hangout with so much 🙂
“Bustin out a big whip!” That kid.

River, Sam & Carter

37 and Cabin time


Thirty Seven! Thanks to everyone who made me feel special this past week, even from far away.  I have SO MANY good people in my life, I am lucky.  My body feels more aches and pains than it did 10 years ago but I’m happy, healthy and grateful for another year in this life with my people.  SO thankful.


Thanks to my gym family for also making me feel special.  Decorations, and awesome class and yummy snacks.  They are the best!



Such a fun party Saturday night to celebrate.  Dan made is famous BBQ spread.  Pulled pork, ribs, beans, collard greens and lots of skillet cornbread.  He was the hit of the night.  Had lots of Sam’s bike friends and families over, Ali and Mark too.  These kids had a BLAST, even in the pouring rain.


I’m not riding my bike again yet, but thank you Dan for the  birthday gift.  He found a very sweet deal on KSL last week that we couldn’t pass up.  I’m lucky to be able to get a new bike so soon after my crash.


Speaking of my crash…I’m feeling better and better each day.  I was craving a good sweat last week so I hiked to the top of the Tram.  It had snowed the day before but the trail were totally fine.  REALLY windy up on the ridge approaching the tram.  My head felt pretty huge up in the elevation but it was fine and my body thanked me for the exercise as soon as I got to the top.  I took last week very mellow as fat as my fitness goes.  Still being careful and listening to my body.  It’s amazing how quickly the body can recover though.


That day was beautiful.  It’s been storming on and off since Thursday night last week.  Lots of COLD rain and snow up high.


Birthday lunch with these favorite ladies.  Thanks Mom!


Book and a snack.  He was sick again one day last week and didn’t make it to school.  Thankfully by afternoon he perked up and was fine.  Not sure if it’s something he’s eating that keeps giving him stomach pains, but it’s NOT fun when it happens.  No throw ups just really bad stomach aches and pains.

Some fun at the skatepark


I don’t even know…his outfit. 😉  Dan’s prepped the pad up where the shed will be.  We should be building it up next weekend.



And a snowy day at the cabin.  No school and our turn at the cabin was perfect timing 🙂

Was a bit nicer in the morning, then snowed and socked in the rest of the day.  Got out on a walk but mostly stayed inside playing and playing.  Lots of cabin popcorn, coloring, watching Hook, napping and relaxing.  Hi Annie!  Her first time up there.








And an update on Ruby from Ali last week.  She had a CT scan and you can read what the latest is here….RUBY UPDATE





Concussion and a Niners game



Went out for a very casual, easy ride last Wednesday…



Ended up clipping my left bar on a tree which sent me into a few other trees, head first.  Stem cracked right apart leaving my handlebars just hanging there.  It’s is a MIRACLE I walked out of that trail with no broken bones or nothing worse.  I definitely was left with some sweet cuts, bruises and a concussion but I’m SO thankful it wasn’t worse, especially for how hard I hit my head and slammed my body.  The past five days haven’t been fun at all and it’s knocked me flat on the coach but I’m coming out of it, slowly but surely.  I’ve felt better the past two days, which is a good sign.  Progress!  You just never know what could happen.  Thank you to the nice man that led me out of the trail since I was SO disoriented.  He saved me!  And thank you Dan for leaving work as fast as possible to meet me at the car to get me to Insta Care and for taking care of me at home.  So thankful.

My head still feels rattled and I know it will for a while.  I’m trying to be very careful and not jump back into my fitness life too hard.  I’ve been walking the past few days and added in some pushups and pullups, just to keep my body moving.  I tweaked my back so it’s been hard to just lay on the couch so much. Blah!  Feeling better today, but had to take a rest before Sam got home.


NOT good.


Feeling pretty awful in that picture


Two huge contusions and scrapes on my forehead.  Another few on my actual head and a big scrape behind my ear where my helmet cracked.  Got some pretty wicked bruises on my legs as well. 😉


Got out of the house for a bit Thursday to wish Siri a happy 9th Birthday!  I was so spent after this day, I felt horrible on Friday.  I laid low and kept things VERY mellow with lots of rest Friday-today.  Still going to do the same all week.



He requested a “Gentlemans Haircut”  Thank you Courtney!


They take good care of me.


The boys Dad, Jed cut down a bunch of trees for us where we’re building a shed here soon.  The boys LOOOOOOVED that!


More resting while Dan flew to Seattle to meet Grandma Jane and friends for a Niners game!  I was nervous about him leaving me, but thankfully lots of friends and Ali helped take Sam all weekend so I could stay down.


Holy cow so handsome.



So glad Dan and Jane made this trip happen.  Long time friend Adam lives and owns a few restaurants in Seattle.  He invited Dan, Jane, Waylon and Jamie to come see a Niners game and hangout at their awesome place above the water.


El Borracho!


Adam comes up with everything on the menu.  He’s quite the amazing chef.



The Niners lost, but what an awesome time they had just being together at the house and around downtown.  So happy you guys got to be together!

Some stronger cold fronts coming through starting tomorrow.  Just in time for birthday week! I heart the colder fall weather. 37 years young on Saturday 😉




Hello, Hello


The sky was pink at sunset the other night.  Beautiful!  I LOVE my people.



Soccer nights!  Blue Lightning team has been doing awesome!  He and Behr scored a goal, pretty much together last week!


Earlier in the day Wednesday, before his soccer game the school called and said he wasn’t feeling good (first time he’s come home sick yet).  He had some stomach pains before he went to school, but acted pretty normal.  Poor kid had some bad stomach aches and pains, but that was pretty much it thankfully.  He was down for about 4-5 hours.  He perked back up a few hours before the game 🙂


Dan’s post long ride breakfast.  Bacon, two fried eggs, spinach, balsamic onions and pecorino cheese.  Ummmm, yes please!

Riding hair 😉  Super fun time at the Park City dirt jump Jam!


I wanted to go for a long walk/hike so we played at the park off Wasatch by the Shoreline trail.  He rode, I walked and hiked then we did some playing on the playground.  Perfect morning while Dan was out riding.




Sunday adventures….hiked a ways up Pole Line pass across from Alta.  As far as Sam would go before complaining of blisters 🙂



Lots of teaching at the gym coming up this week, some biking, school, soccer, so much math homework;) and Dan will be spending some quality time with Grandma Jane and friends at an NFL game here soon.  So excited for them!




Crest things


Beauty of a day up on the Wasatch Crest with one of my favorite ladies…Hi Re!

These flowers are out in full force and we even saw a bunch of leaves turning.  I love allllll things fall colors.  Here’s to hoping this heat wave actually calms down at some point this month.


Desolation Lake




Dan’s project Saturday and Sunday morning.  When you don’t have a garage or shed (hoping for a shed soon) you make it work.  This entire thing is removable if we have guests who need a bedroom, so don’t worry family 🙂  Thank you Dan for making things WAY more organized and clean, despite the small space.


Happy 12 years date at Saigon…of course 🙂


I love him so much.


Last pool days of the year.  He swam four days in a row, whew!


And an awesome Labor Day sweaty class this morning.  They are strong and so dedicated.  Best crew!


Some scrambling up LCC with Dan and bike friend Carter Saturday morning.


Found a bunch of raspberries




Finished out the long weekend at a super fun BBQ with new bike friends.  They’re up in Heber and have built some sweet dirt jumps, have a pool and a tramp. Nooooo shortage of awesome things to do there.  All the kids had a blast!  These were just four of the boys there.  Probably had 12 or so plus all the parents.  Love that this sport brings new and good people into our lives.