Biking then and now


Warmer last week and rain on and off the past few days.  Lots of rain.


They skied what is probably their last day at Sundance.  Yay for another super fun ski season there!  Thank you Dan for spending so much time with Sam and River there.


Makings of homemade Sriracha.


And Dan makes THE best chicken soup, using some of  his homemade stock right from the freezer.  He cooked the rice separately and topped the soup with it.  It was SO GOOD.  Perfect for a rainy day.


And he finally has a loose tooth!  Actually, the bottom two teeth..  They won’t be REALLY loose for a few weeks, but the dentist casually said, “oh, you have two loose teeth, did you know that?!”  I had no idea.  I’m telling you, it was like Christmas when they told him.  Everyone in his class, his friends and cousins have lost teeth and it’s his turn now 🙂


I’ve been spending some time on Wednesday’s with Annie while Ruby goes to swim lessons.  She’s getting bigger, stronger and ohhhhhh so cute!

And since I didn’t take many pictures over the last seven days I’ll end with this.  A little motivation and feeling proud of my journey in this life over the last 4.5 years.  Success and progress is usually NOT a straight line to reach your goal or wherever you think you should or want to be.  It sure does take a while sometimes and thankfully I’ve enjoyed most of this journey to better health, body composition and confidence. I’m feeling GREAT!


About a 60 pound difference.  Smiling and stoked to be riding in both….but much happier, healthier and more confident on the inside and out now.

Jump Jam and this weather


It’s just too warm for March.  That just means we’re biking now instead of skiing.  Lots of time at the Draper dirt jump for the boys and we all got out riding over the weekend.  Saturday was 79 degrees.  Maybe some rain this week at some point.


Shuttle laps on Rush are back!


Thankful for lots of friends who invite us to fun parties.  So fun Jessica, thank you!


St. Paddy’s look for school.


First ride in Draper and so happy to be riding with one of my favorite ladies.


Re Wikstrom!


She’s a professional photographer in her real life.  It’s fun when she wants to get fancy and take pics while we’re biking. 😉


Monday morning crew.  I LOVE these ladies!


Spent several hours last Tuesday at one of Ruby’s infusions…her sixth on this round to be exact.  It can be pretty boring, especially for Ali so I was glad I could keep her company.  And an early Birthday lunch for Ali afterwards.  My little sister is 34!  Ruby’s next CT scan is a week from Tuesday.  Check her blog for updates on what’s happening with Ruby…and the ever growing Annie, who’s four months old this week!


Lots of Birthday’s in March…Ruby, Grandpa Mike, brother Matt, brother in-law Dave and Ali.


A visit to sister.  My little family.  Oh how I love them.  And seeing Sam wipe off her headstone with me to make it look nice.  So tender.


And his first indoor bike competition, the Jump Jam at Wasatch indoor.  He was in the beginner grom group.  Just he and one other, who was 10 years old.  He took 2nd.  Totally stoked face!  He hasn’t taken off the sweat band and hat he got, plus some cool stickers and posters (which had to be hung in his bedroom).  Oh, and bright green grips for his bike. Score!



I’m sad I couldn’t be there, but next time for sure!  I was home resting this awful cold I’ve got.  Worst one I’ve had in over two years.

So proud of him for wanting to compete (even without his BFF River there).  Not only did he give it his all, he had TONS of fun and everyone loves him there.  Here’s a quick video Dan put together.

Sunny in St George


{Ruby, Mark, Sam, Jane & Siri}

Back from another super fun weekend in St. George.  Thank you Ali and Mark for inviting us.  We had the best time adventuring and just being together with you.


These kids just played and played and played some more everyday.  They woke right at 7am and played hard til bed.  Whew!


Hiked our favorite trail right up the street from the house.  They all made it the entire loop with minimal complaining 😉


Picking up some groceries while Ruby insists on holding hands with these two.  LOVE her.


Love you sister


Dan was out on a long ride this day.  32 miles and about 3,200 feet of climbing for him.




mid to high 70’s all the days.  Probably 80 there today.QIMG_20170310_165000.jpg



Got to hangout with this sickie a lot.  Poor Annie has had THE worst cold and cough in her nose, chest, throat…ugh.  So much junk in there but thankfully she slept like a champ at night for Ali and Mark.


Little bike just us three on Turtle Wall.  He did great and he’s climbing so well on his 20″.  These bike rides we’re able to go on together now are just awesome.  So many parents wait for the day their kids can do the same stuff they love, whatever that may be.


Afternoon bike date to explore a few trails in Hurricane while the kids and Mark went to a movie.



Quail Creek State Park.  Really pretty, but probably won’t go back to ride those trails.  Happy we checked it out and always thankful to have some bike time together.


Some mean games of UNO were played.  I don’t even know, Mark. 😉  We ate good food and relaxed a bit too.  Can’t wait until next time!


On our way home, we decided to check out a new place for camping and riding…Guacamole Mesa which is just outside of Zion NP.  Such awesome views and some good camping for future trips.


Unfortunately, on way home Dan got really (stomach) sick.  He’d been feeling a little off most the day but it really kicked in as we were driving home.  More stops than normal were had, but thankfully he’s downstairs in bed trying to sleep and rest it off.  At least he basically made it all the way through the fun stuff before he really felt crappy.  Here’s to hoping we all stay healthy.


We will definitely be back.

Just growing up


These two clean up really well 😉  And then I look at these pictures we took this morning before Annie’s baby blessing and all of the sudden, Sam looks so grown up.  I mean, I know he’s only seven but still.  He’s getting taller, his hair is getting longer and..well…it makes me shed a tear despite how awesome he is right now.  So handsome these boys.


My people.


Speaking of Annie, I got to hangout with her for a while one day last week.  Just the two of us out on a walk.  I’m always mistaken for Ali if I’m out in her neighborhood.  It’s pretty funny when they stop to talk and realize it’s actually not her;)


Geeking out on hot wheels at the skate park.  They looked at River’s book more than they actually rode.  Two  peas in a pod these friends.


Just because.  I don’t really even know…


Checked him out of school early one day for some skiing.  No lines or crowded parking lots.  We lapped Sunnyside five times in the hour or so we were there.  One of the best memories I have as a kid was when my Mom would check us out of school early to ski.  THE best!



Quick Apres ski stop into Goldminers for a treat and some playing.  His favorite place to go after we ski at Alta.


Awesome and strong group of ladies for my Wednesday night crew.


Super fun party for Ruby’s 4th birthday.  Ali and Mark put on a great time!


With a bounce house to boot.  SO many people love RUBY!


And just because she’s the best partner to run errands with and I hope her face makes you smile this coming week.

Dusk patrol


Dan got out on an after work tour up at Alta Friday.  I’m SO, so happy he’s been getting out a bit more.  Dusk sure is pretty.  He’s skied the last three days in a row (Saturday boys day at Sundance). He hasn’t skied consecutive days in a row for…well… years. 🙂



Today he skied Little Superior…





Sam and I went out adventuring in LCC while Dan was out.  Sam was equally as stoked to play in the deep snow.


His mustache tattoo stiiillll going strong


I was just so happy to be out in the sun!



Tuesday night bike park nights with River.


We’ve had some wicked icicles on the house this week.  Colder and snow.  More on the way early this week.


Be still my heart.  A year ago we didn’t know if Ruby would be here with us at this moment.  Her fourth birthday is coming right up this week.  I was having all.the.feelings. while they were having a total blast on their belated Christmas date.  And, I didn’t even ask them to hug…they just kept hugging while they waiting for the train.  Can you guess how many people thought they were siblings?  Everyone. 😉


And then there’s this picture.  Gah!  All the cuteness and warm feelings last week.  LOVE it.  Also, Annie is finally off oxygen.  HALLELUJAH!


A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ruby and Grandpa Mike this week…both on the same day!

Bikes and parts


This February weather…So warm, rainy, warm again, some more rain…at least he’s having fun!


Valentines day celebrating in his class.  So thankful I have the time and I’m able to volunteer.  LOVE his teacher Miss Ravsten.  She seriously knows how to handle 25 first graders AMAZINGLY well.  Oh, and parent teacher conferences last week.  Sam has come leaps and bounds in just the last three months.  Reading a lot, so helpful to those that need it in class, a good friend to everyone and from what I can tell math is going super great, too.  So proud of him.


He’s been doing his hair everyday this past week.  He wants it to have a part and be combed over.  One of the girls in his class gave him a special (early) Valentine of these glasses and some candy.  I asked if everyone else got them and he said, “No Mom…duh!  Just me silly.”  Got it, bud. 😉


He wants to grow his hair out now.  I agreed and said we’d only cut it if he asks.


He and River played all afternoon Thursday and most of the day Friday.  No school=epic hangout time for these two!  They rode bikes for over four hours on Friday.


Such good buds


More riding, of course.  They spent most the day Saturday at I Street with Ted and River.


Tacky dirt and a gaggle of bikes. 🙂


Annual Mardi Gras party at Jamon and Chelsea’s…this time with Sam.  We got there early and left early, just in time for the party to really get started.  He was tuckered out!


SO fun!


Monday Monday


Crazy warm weather, lots of rain and wet snow these past few days.  Sundance Saturdays, just the boys and River.  Yesterday…Drive down and the canyon is closed due to mudslides…


So, go get donuts, play and wait.  Start to drive towards Sundance…Dan remembers he forgot their boots.  Meet Liz up North a ways and get boots.  Drive back to Sundance, pull in and get stuff on….the whole mountain is CLOSED til at least Noon.  Resort finally opens and they get just two runs in and River hurts himself and has to be carried down. DOH!  He’s OK, but it just wasn’t Dan’s day yesterday 😉  At least the boys were super good sports and played a lot.  Thank you Dan for having SO much patience.


Sure was pretty though and we are ALWAYS thankful they get to be out so much.


My crew doing what they do best…WORK HARD!


If this doesn’t make you smile then…well…it’s just not possible. 🙂


Annie is growing and growing.  Thanks for letting me hangout with her for a while, Ali.


These cousins.  I don’t even know what was happening, but I liked it!


Sunday afternoon walks.  Will be in the 50’s again this week.  Maybe more rain for the wknd.


Getting some much needed vitamin D for this crappy cold I’ve got…with a sweet little reminder of our angel on the side.

Happy Love Day week to you all!