Concussion and a Niners game



Went out for a very casual, easy ride last Wednesday…



Ended up clipping my left bar on a tree which sent me into a few other trees, head first.  Stem cracked right apart leaving my handlebars just hanging there.  It’s is a MIRACLE I walked out of that trail with no broken bones or nothing worse.  I definitely was left with some sweet cuts, bruises and a concussion but I’m SO thankful it wasn’t worse, especially for how hard I hit my head and slammed my body.  The past five days haven’t been fun at all and it’s knocked me flat on the coach but I’m coming out of it, slowly but surely.  I’ve felt better the past two days, which is a good sign.  Progress!  You just never know what could happen.  Thank you to the nice man that led me out of the trail since I was SO disoriented.  He saved me!  And thank you Dan for leaving work as fast as possible to meet me at the car to get me to Insta Care and for taking care of me at home.  So thankful.

My head still feels rattled and I know it will for a while.  I’m trying to be very careful and not jump back into my fitness life too hard.  I’ve been walking the past few days and added in some pushups and pullups, just to keep my body moving.  I tweaked my back so it’s been hard to just lay on the couch so much. Blah!  Feeling better today, but had to take a rest before Sam got home.


NOT good.


Feeling pretty awful in that picture


Two huge contusions and scrapes on my forehead.  Another few on my actual head and a big scrape behind my ear where my helmet cracked.  Got some pretty wicked bruises on my legs as well. 😉


Got out of the house for a bit Thursday to wish Siri a happy 9th Birthday!  I was so spent after this day, I felt horrible on Friday.  I laid low and kept things VERY mellow with lots of rest Friday-today.  Still going to do the same all week.



He requested a “Gentlemans Haircut”  Thank you Courtney!


They take good care of me.


The boys Dad, Jed cut down a bunch of trees for us where we’re building a shed here soon.  The boys LOOOOOOVED that!


More resting while Dan flew to Seattle to meet Grandma Jane and friends for a Niners game!  I was nervous about him leaving me, but thankfully lots of friends and Ali helped take Sam all weekend so I could stay down.


Holy cow so handsome.



So glad Dan and Jane made this trip happen.  Long time friend Adam lives and owns a few restaurants in Seattle.  He invited Dan, Jane, Waylon and Jamie to come see a Niners game and hangout at their awesome place above the water.


El Borracho!


Adam comes up with everything on the menu.  He’s quite the amazing chef.



The Niners lost, but what an awesome time they had just being together at the house and around downtown.  So happy you guys got to be together!

Some stronger cold fronts coming through starting tomorrow.  Just in time for birthday week! I heart the colder fall weather. 37 years young on Saturday 😉





Hello, Hello


The sky was pink at sunset the other night.  Beautiful!  I LOVE my people.



Soccer nights!  Blue Lightning team has been doing awesome!  He and Behr scored a goal, pretty much together last week!


Earlier in the day Wednesday, before his soccer game the school called and said he wasn’t feeling good (first time he’s come home sick yet).  He had some stomach pains before he went to school, but acted pretty normal.  Poor kid had some bad stomach aches and pains, but that was pretty much it thankfully.  He was down for about 4-5 hours.  He perked back up a few hours before the game 🙂


Dan’s post long ride breakfast.  Bacon, two fried eggs, spinach, balsamic onions and pecorino cheese.  Ummmm, yes please!

Riding hair 😉  Super fun time at the Park City dirt jump Jam!


I wanted to go for a long walk/hike so we played at the park off Wasatch by the Shoreline trail.  He rode, I walked and hiked then we did some playing on the playground.  Perfect morning while Dan was out riding.




Sunday adventures….hiked a ways up Pole Line pass across from Alta.  As far as Sam would go before complaining of blisters 🙂



Lots of teaching at the gym coming up this week, some biking, school, soccer, so much math homework;) and Dan will be spending some quality time with Grandma Jane and friends at an NFL game here soon.  So excited for them!




Crest things


Beauty of a day up on the Wasatch Crest with one of my favorite ladies…Hi Re!

These flowers are out in full force and we even saw a bunch of leaves turning.  I love allllll things fall colors.  Here’s to hoping this heat wave actually calms down at some point this month.


Desolation Lake




Dan’s project Saturday and Sunday morning.  When you don’t have a garage or shed (hoping for a shed soon) you make it work.  This entire thing is removable if we have guests who need a bedroom, so don’t worry family 🙂  Thank you Dan for making things WAY more organized and clean, despite the small space.


Happy 12 years date at Saigon…of course 🙂


I love him so much.


Last pool days of the year.  He swam four days in a row, whew!


And an awesome Labor Day sweaty class this morning.  They are strong and so dedicated.  Best crew!


Some scrambling up LCC with Dan and bike friend Carter Saturday morning.


Found a bunch of raspberries




Finished out the long weekend at a super fun BBQ with new bike friends.  They’re up in Heber and have built some sweet dirt jumps, have a pool and a tramp. Nooooo shortage of awesome things to do there.  All the kids had a blast!  These were just four of the boys there.  Probably had 12 or so plus all the parents.  Love that this sport brings new and good people into our lives.





15 years


Almost 15 years ago this picture was taken.  Night of our first dinner together with my soon-to-be in laws.  I was nervous! 😉  Love you Mike and Jane!  We look young, but hoping we’ve aged OK thus far.  Dan was only 21.


Celebrating 12 years married Thursday this week!


I LOVE this man so much.  Quick overnight stay at Snowbird to celebrate.  Check in, hike to top of Tram (he ran down), eat a yummy dinner at the Bistro, sleep in a bit, find out your car was broken into, eat a yummy breakfast and head home.  Whew!  Even though our back windshield was smashed, we had a GREAT time.




Atrium breakfast at the Cliff is SO good.


I’ve definitely got more wrinkles these past 12 years, but that doesn’t matter…I’m HAPPY!


LAME.  Thankfully Snowbird will cover it.


And earlier last week and some pictures from some time in Midway with cousins…


Ready as can be and off he went!  2nd Grade.  He had an awesome first day.


Sam, Parks & Behr.  They go to school and walk home together everyday.  I LOVE that we have best neighbor friends like this.  So thankful for them.


And another soccer season started!  Behr and Parks are also on his same team…Go Blue Lightning!



Got to spend some time with just Annie last week.  Holy cow is cute these days.  Trying to wave hi and bye, siting up and crawling like a champ.  LOVE.


And a little family getaway to my aunts house in Midway (right near Heber City).  These cousins had THE BEST time together.


And Grandma Carol was in heaven just relaxing and spending time with us.  She works too much!




Loving that my siblings like fitness as much as I do…even on vacation.  Hi Justin and Ali!


Bottom to top…Siri, Izac, Alex, Emily, Enzo, Jane, Sam and Ruby


Two of the best things that have happened in my life these past 15 years 🙂


Solar Eclipse in Wyoming


I’m not sure there are enough awesome words to describe today.  That two minutes of totality was….amazing!  It almost takes your breath away with how awesome it is, as the sky goes dark and you can look directly at the sun.  It was a million times worth the driving and people and exploring.  We would have never seen the things we did, nor met our super happy camping neighbor had we not adventured out.  Life is too short to just stay put sometimes!



We kept checking the progress every 3-5 minutes starting around 10:40am.  Dan bought some welders glass and some nice people over the way gave us some of those funny glasses.  Sam LOVED them but the glass was by far the best to see through.



The spot we drove to this morning was different than where we camped.  I’m SO glad Dan wanted to go here instead of stay at camp…that road was BUSY!  Saw this old mine site not far from where we set up the chairs.  Had some time to kill so we hiked down into it.




We checked the sun while we were down in there and the Moon was just appearing.  Time to hike back up! 🙂


Dan had done a bunch of research online and google earth to find a place to camp and watch.  He settled on a place called Gas Hills, which is basically between Lander and Casper.  What is normally the middle of nowhere, turned out to be SOMEWHERE for the past three days.  We happened to find a sweet spot with some shade and we quickly made friends with our camp neighbor Andy, who didn’t mind we moved in right beside him.  We lucked out!


I’m glad we left at 6am since so many people started arriving right after we did.  The road was right there by camp and it was dusty city outside that tree.  We did A LOT of this all afternoon.  Just too warm to go out and adventure til evening.  It was good though.  No cell service, no shows…just us hanging out.


Just above our car.  Super sweet sunset watching spot, too!


We brought bikes, thinking it wouldn’t be as busy as it was.  We didn’t ride, but he pedaled around camp a bunch.


The Castle Gardens are there in Gas Hills, which is why it was busier than we thought it was going to be.  This one little attraction in combination with the Eclipse brought hundreds of people to a place you’d never even know about 🙂  Showing Dad where the big Jack Rabbit was.



The Gardens have a bunch of cool Petroglyphs…the main reason for coming out to this spot.




Overexposed but I love it.  My family in such a rad spot.



Sunset from above camp.  So, so beautiful.


This picture.  Love.


We all slept pretty good.  Woke up, packed up and headed to the spot.

Admittedly I wasn’t super stoked on driving 12ish hrs(total) to go see the eclipse.  But, just seeing it from home is totally different than seeing it in totality.  That image will be in my mind forever and ever.  Plus, we got to see some pretty cool stuff out there and spend really good family time together.  Thank you Dan, for making this happen and for being so passionate about all of these awesome things! One of our most memorable trips for sure!


Pretty places and races


Quick trip down south to Brianhead for the Super D race on Saturday.  Stayed in a hotel in Beaver Friday night, raced and came home that night, whew!


I rode with them!  Buuuuutttt, it didn’t last long.  That trail was spicey and definitely out of my comfort zone.  I ended up clipping my handle bar on a tree, on a totally flat part of the trail, DOH!  Bruised my hand pretty good so I hung out while they did some practice laps before the race started.



Not long after that first run, things escalated quickly in the sky.


The Mallen twins and their Dad.  Sam loooooooves hangin’ with these boys.  Follows them around like he’s a big kid.  I think they’re almost 10.


Started hailing, raining, thunder and lighting so lifts closed for a bit.  We hung out in and outside the lodge all day, waiting out the on and off rain.


He ended up crashing on one of his practice runs and said he didn’t want to race.  The combo of wet, muddy and it was raining a lot at that point got him down.  As soon as the Mallen twins rallied him to cheer up, he was good!  Took another lap and he was happy and ready to go.  That was right after he finished.  He shredded it!


So muddy but “that was SO fun Mom!!”  So proud of him.  There were only two in the 6-8yr age group, he took second.  The other kid was much bigger, probably 8 going on 9yrs old.


One of his favorite parts, the medal ceremony and raffle drawing at the end.  We aaaalllways have to stay for that 😉


So tuckered out.  5 laps including his race run will wear a seven year old out.


The drive home went pretty quick and oh so beautiful.

After going to bed too late, we were up and out the door to meet up with a long time gym friend of mine and her family at Jordanelle Reservoir.  Sam has been asking to play on their wave runners, so we made it happen.


Jen and Jason’s kids, Rylan and Gavan.  These three play so great together.



One of the nicest, most genuine and caring women I know.  Jen is the salt of the earth!


Winds picked up and we got going.  I was pretty tired from the past two days and ready to take a shower 🙂  Thanks again, JenSavi!


Earlier in the week….


Haircut!  Looking so grown up to me.


A rare morning workout with just Ali.  No class, just the two of us lifting together like old times…or times that were a bit less busy.  Family, kids, life…etc get a hold of us and take priority sometimes, so I’m glad she could meet me that morning.


Another pretty hike on a Thursday.  Took the kids to Donut falls and then a picnic lunch at Ali’s in-laws…Thack’s Shack, right down the road.



Oh Annie.  SO cute.




Finished out the weekend with a little scrambling/bouldering up LCC.


Christmas in August


This lucky, lucky boy was surprised yesterday at our favorite bike ship, Go Ride.  Dan has been saving and researching (like the bike geek that he is..I love it) for this day.  We had the bike shipped to the shop and used an excuse to go there yesterday.  I thought Sam’s reaction would be crazy and loud but instead, he was quiet and didn’t quite know what to think.  He was confused.. mostly because we had talked about a different brand of bike coming.  Once he sat on it though, he was overflowing with alllll the joy.  We made sure to tell him four times over that Christmas + his birthday came early just for this year.  He’s finally not the only one racing a hard tail bike at all the races 🙂  I know all of this bike stuff…the races, the nice bikes, the gear…etc seems over the top to many people(trust me, I’ve heard it all)  but it makes us so happy and proud that he is loving this sport so much.  If we can help him along the way on whatever path this will take him, we will!


He is officially faster than me. Nuts!


Proud and stoked Dad.



Lunch at Grandma Carol’s work earlier last week.  Please retire to part time soon, Mom.  We need to spend more time with you!


And a Fetzer cousin swim day at the pool we grew up going to… for hours at a time.  So many fun memories there at Evergreen.

View from Dan’s ride Sunday.  He rode up and down Snowbird.  Good, steep climb up those 3,000 feet.



And the the most bummed out news of last week.  Our favorite and only indoor bike place has closed.  The boys shut it down Friday night.  They are going to miss that place like crazy, especially in the colder months.  One of the main reasons Sam is the rider he is, is because of all the time they’ve spent there just ripping around.   The plan for now.. is to get them up night skiing more this winter.

It’s been real, Wasatch!

We’ve got lots coming up before school starts in two weeks.  Some trips, lots of family time, some time at the cabin, more swimming and enjoying a loose schedule.  Before I know it, he’ll be leaving me again all day 🙂