38 on the first day of fall!  Had a fun bike date with Dan Sunday morning.  I’ve never ridden the trails at Alta so it was fun to explore and the colors…things are peaking up there right now.  Stunning!


Making our way up to the dirt.



Looking towards the Castle




Almost back to the car.  It was SO nice just to be out in the cool temps and awesome colors….onto lunch at one of my favorite places, Pig and a Jelly Jar. YUM!



Thank you for the very beautiful flowers, Dan and Sam!


Birthday breakfast Friday with my Mom…and Annie!  No school for Sam and Ali and other girls were in Texas for a cancer event.


The cuteness is overwhelming!


Best soccer team and best/funniest coaches!  We love this team and coaches so, so much.  Sam and Behr both scored a goal Wednesday.  Saturdays game Sam scored three…the most yet!



So proud of him for speaking in front of lots of people.  All the class and lots of parents for a writing project they’ve been working on.


He spent nearly two days straight in this costume.  I guess you all know what he is for Halloween now 😉


And a quick hike up Butler Fork in Big Cottonwood over the weekend as well.  Have to get out while the colors are still there.


Last of the Elderberries.  He snarfed them.




Pretty views of Kessler Peak.


29 and now at 38.  For me, it’s always a good idea to look back on how far I’ve come in all aspects of my life, not just my physical self.  Looking forward to another year of this stuff!





Mineral Mountains

IMG_20180915_185848054_HDR 1

Dan and Sam had a great boys trip to the Mineral Mountains, where they met up with Grandpa Mike!  The trip was on and off because of lots of wind but they ended up going, so glad!  They went to the Rock Corral area which I’ve never heard of, located between Milford and Beaver south of here.  They hiked a bunch and just got to be with each other.


Mike picked up his super cool GoFast camper shell in Montana then worked his way down to us.  The main reason Sam wanted to go camping was that cool tent right there 😉 He and grandpa slept up there both nights while Dan slept right below them in the truck bed…nice and cozy.

IMG_20180914_141117843_HDR 1


They think that is old bat poop…Gross! Hard as a rock and super shiny.

IMG_20180915_190835785_HDR 1



IMG_20180916_103342649 1

Breakfast in the town of Milford before saying goodbye.  Mike is off to see his Mom and family in LA then finally headed home.  Love you Grandpa!



I stayed home, mostly because I was in my first real week of teaching at F45 and I didn’t want to tell them I needed time off already 😉 Plus the boys got rained out on their previous boys trip last fall so it all worked out.  The air quality on Saturday was absolutely awful from a bit fire burning south, near Payson.  The smoke combined with my allergies was NOT fun.  Sunday though, the smoke cleared out and I was able to ride in American Fork canyon, somewhere I can’t believe I’ve never ridden.  It’s stunning!



Also went for a little hike up at Alta.  The colors are going to get REAL good in the next week or two.  Our air temps don’t feel like fall, but the trees do.


And Sam started another season of soccer!  He’s playing two games a week instead of just one, with a shorter season.  I never wanted to be a Saturday soccer family but we are, so that he could stay with the same coaches.  We just love them!  More soccer, playing, coaching, working and doing life….Also, it’s my birthday week.  Turning the big 38 soon!


A new adventure


Excited to be coaching at a new local group fitness based gym-just minutes from home. It’s not your typical gym, as they only offer group classes not an actual place you go whenever you want to workout.  It’s all fast paced lifting days, cardio days and a mix of both-high energy and loud music.  I started going after Ali wanted to do a two week free trial there and I ended up really loving it.  I kept going, showing my face and letting one of the owners know I was interested in coaching if there was ever an opening.  When you love what you do, it shows and I think there was no doubt to them I could be a good fit.  I believed in myself and knew that if it meant waiting months for a spot, it would happen.  I’m so happy it happened this past week. I’m still at Thryve but only two days a week with my regulars who I just can’t leave, I love that group so much!  And for the first time since becoming a spin instructor four years ago, I’m dropping down to teaching only one class a week at Vasa.  I’ll be teaching at least four classes at F45, more if they have a need.  It’s functional fitness for 45 minutes, so for me that means I can be in an out fast if I want, teaching wise.  Excited to join this team and to keep learning and growing as a coach, teacher and leader in this fitness world.


I even made Dan come try it out once last week.  He didn’t want to, but he wanted to support me and it was SO, so good to workout next to him.


Last week…Labor Day swim time with the Thack fam and our last swim of the summer!


Watched Annie for a bit Friday night.  Took these two up to the White Pine trailhead to play a big.  They are the cutest and Annie is such a good little hiker 🙂





And THE best part of the week was a quick surprise visit from cousin Kate and Dave!  They came for a fun family celebration on Dave’s side.  So happy we got to see them for a bit.

And a super fun Crest ride with Dan, Sam, Carter and his Dad Jason. Haven’t been up here in a while.  So pretty with the colors starting to change.IMG_20180909_161707174

They definitely took their time mostly biking up the steep hills and of course, shredded the downhill.  We NEED rain so bad, but at least it’s the best time of year for riding!



And just one more from lots of dirt jumping with friends this past week.

13 years


Time flies when you’re with the ones you love THE most!  13 years married on August 31st.  I’m so happy and thankful our life together has been this good so far.


Celebrated with a little adventure ride up Lambs Canyon.  I’ve lived around the SLC area my entire life and I’ve never been up there.  It was short, steep and beautiful.  Sam was stoked to be playing at friend Carters house all morning long 🙂


Looking into Millcreek Canyon


Black Currants.  He ate a bunch.


A little bit of trail maintenance, too.


On our actual anniversary we took the girls out to the Draper dirt jumps.  Ruby has been wanting to get out again and I wanted Siri and Jane to try, even just one time.



Poor Ruby had a pretty bad crash early in on the pump track session.  The crash wasn’t even that bad, but she landed right on her nose so it was blooooooody!  She was such a trooper though and got back on 30 minutes later.  I love that she likes to ride!


The daily homework has started.  It’s easy for him, but I’m glad he’s motivated to get it done before dinner.


And Sam had a good four year run with now throw ups.  Upset stomach yes, but this time around it was full on.  Poor kid.  Thankfully I could tell it was coming so I rushed him to the bathroom and he *mostly* made it.  Another bout two hours later landing on his bedroom carpet  and he was OK.  He slept all night and was fine for school, just a bit tired.  It’s amazing how fast kids bounce back, thank goodness!


Took these dudes out to shuttle Draper laps one night.


Love them.



Dan got in a longer ride up Kessler Peak in BCC.  He didn’t quite make it to the peak but he still had fun and most the hikers were looking at him like he was crazy…it’s 99% hike-a-bike on the way up.



Have a great week people!



T H I R D grade


…and he was ready!  I am beyond thankful and grateful with how easily Sam has gone from summer to school the next morning with zero complaints.  I asked him a few times if he was nervous and with a big huge  “NO!” that was it 🙂  He was also so excited for his new teacher  Ms. Beutler…they call her Ms. B and I didn’t realize she is kind of a hit and very much desired teacher there.  He also has many friends from his class last year in his class this year again…it made for a very fun first few days last week.


I may need to start documenting more of his outfit choices.  This one on the first day was the most put together/matching.  Oh man, Friday’s was pretty amazing…and by amazing, I mean all over the place 😉  I love it.


Behr, Sam and Parks.  So thankful we have next door neighbors who are great friends and that we trust so much. They are best buds and look out after each other everyday.  After two years of different teachers, Sam and Behr are in the same class again.


Night before school starts it started to pour rain after this photo and we had an epic lighting show!


Spent some time with these gals.


I am VERY aware at how lucky I am to be able to ride bikes at 10am during the week while Sam is in school.  I hope to never take this for granted.


On Friday night, there was a big BBQ and bike event up at Trailside in Park City.  We were scheduled to watch the girls overnight but still wanted to get up there.  The two older girls stayed at a party in the valley while Dan and I took Sam, Ruby and Annie up there.  You guys….I get teary eyed thinking about how awesome this night was.  It’s such a little thing to most other people but to us, it was a HUGE moment in Ruby’s life that she’s still living!  She wanted so bad to bike with us but we knew she was nervous and she was complaining some to me as we were hiking up to actually get up there.  I assured her over and over once she tried it, she would like it and if not that it’s totally OK.


She TOOK OFF!  One lap around that pump track trying to get her footing and she was hooked.  Biggest smiles ever!  She stopped counting at lap 40 and since Annie and I had to leave for bed, Dan said she did at least 60-70 laps that night.  Whew!  Although they were out super late and she rode in the dark because she didn’t want to leave, it was 110% worth the 10:30pm bedtime.




And these two are finally back together.  We were gone for two weeks then River left town.  Almost a month without his BFF and they were so happy.


If we had four kids, I imagine this is what it would look like 😉


Celebrated one of our best buds birthday’s over the weekend.  Happy 12th Carter!  And this cake made by River’s Mom was a huge hit.  So cool.


All the kids and parents played and chatted and ate good food.  These kids played on the water slide, tramp and did night games til we made them leave just before 10pm.  We had three late nights in a row and I was tired!


IMG_20180826_111413569_HDR 1

Ended the weekend with another really nice hike up to the top of the Tram with good friend Crystal. The view was like a postcard.  Just so pretty up there today.  There was a good chill in the air and more shade…we are definitely going into September and I can’t wait.





And just like that…

….Summer break is just about over.  Monday and Tuesday to swim and not have a schedule.  It’s been really fun, we did a lot and made LOTS of memories but we’re both ready to be back to all things school routine 🙂


He and the girls swam a bunch last week.  I’ll miss watching them have so much fun, but these days and times are flying by it seems and we’ll have summer back before we know it. IMG_20180816_164231571

SO, so tuckered out at 4pm after lapping the diving boards with Behr and Parks for three straight hours.  Yeeeew!


Went and got him a hair trim…you can’t even tell.  He likes it that way.  Long hair for life for this kid 😉



Had a very mellow weekend.  The boys went out and hiked up LCC for a while.



Dan got out on a long ride Saturday evening.  LOTS of smoke here still.




LOVING the truck and all it’s convenience for our biking life.  Drove down to Payson Canyon (about an hour south) for some shuttle laps with a few friends.



Bennie Creek trail


Friends from Heber.  Cam, Sam, Carson and their Dad Jeff.


It’s insanely dry and dusty but we still had a lot of fun.  Finished up as it was getting pretty warm.  We’ll have to go back right after it’s rained some for a less dusty experience. 🙂

Quick little video…


 Next blog update will be Sam as a THIRD grader!

Northern Cali 2018


Back from another trip to visit Dan’s family in California.  First stop was Grandma Jane’s, which was uncomfortably close to the Carr fire near Kelly’s house in Redding.  Smoke…thick smoke and haze pretty much sums up the weather the entire time.  The power went out a few times, which was a bit concerning but we were totally fine, safe and WITH each other which was most important on this trip.  Grandma Jane with her three handsome boys.  Gunner, Sam, Dan.


Gunner has grown so much since we saw him last at nine months old.  We walked into Kelly’s house the first night and he ran up to Sam and gave him the biggest, best hug ever.  Made Kelly and I tear up.  I hope that even though we live far way, these cousins will be close and love each other no matter what.



Lots of pictures in this post that included lots of time at the river, walking the creek for blackberries, just hanging out together and our adventures….




Deer Lick Springs with Dan’s cousin Warren who happened to be in town the exact same time.  We haven’t seen him in so long and we don’t know when we’ll see him again.  I’m so glad he and Dan got to chat so much.



Cousins.  Dan, Warren and Kelly


Swam in the pool at the Indian Creek Lodge and Cafe, which is where Jane works several nights a week.  Chef’s food there is SO, so good!  What you can’t see is the thick wall of smoke right behind us this day 😦


Grandma Jane has THE best old juicer.  Her orange grapefruit juice is all time delicious!  I look forward to it every summer.


Another afternoon at the river.  It was pretty smoky this day as well.  Dan and Kelly jumped off there a few times.  The water was COLD…perfect for Dan 😉 Oh, and we saw a huge bear right there behind them walking along the bank.  Had to of been 400-500lb black bear.  I was nervous, Sam was stoked!




These boys played and played and played together. Two years old and Eight years old.




Besides playing with Gunner, this was his favorite part about being at Jane’s.  The sit mower!  I’m pretty sure they drove it a few times a day, everyday.


And another day on the river.  Happy to meet friends Keri, Pete and their kids for some time to play.


That water.  It’s just SO, so pretty!





Jane, Dan, Sam and I hiked up the river a bit to Little Paradise to check things out.  It’s beautiful up there. I’m sad Jane fell and slipped on a rock and hurt her knee pretty bad, so she was out of commission for any hikes or river stuff the rest of the time.  I hope it starts to feel better soon, Jane!



I’m always the one taking pics and video but I did jump off a few times up there.  The water was so nice!


Super yummy dinner at the Cafe with Warren and Nancy, Jane’s sister.  Hi Gunner and Kelly!


Warren, Dan, Liz, Sam, Nancy, Kelly, Gunner and Jane


Hanging by the river right behind the Cafe.  The blackberries along here are SO big and sweet!





This may be our Christmas card this year.  Some of you may remember we took this same photo back in 2016 and was on our card 😉

IMG_20180807_204443513 1

Thank you Jane for such a good time.  We can’t wait for next year already!


Onto Grandpa Mike’s in Mt. Shasta.  It was smoky…really smoky.  The first day was OK but two days later was really, really bad and we decided to leave a day early, which just left us feeling sad but we knew we needed to.  Hoping for MORE time there next year.  I’m pretty sure Mike doesn’t appear to age…like, at all 😉

IMG_20180808_143337433 1

Drove up higher to escape some of the smoke.  A little hike to see the mountain.



One shuttle ride and that was it…crazy since that’s a majority of what we do there.


Mike’s backyard is the Best.



The day after we arrived, we did one of our favorite rides.  This makes three times for Dan and I riding the Deadfall Meadows- Sisson Callahan trail.  Last time we hike-a-biked all the way up to Mt. Eddy, these other two times we just went to the saddle and headed down the 4,500 foot decent.  It’s one of those all time rides we have to do if we have the time.  Thanks Mike and Sam for dropping us off.

image 4

It’s mostly hiking your bike with some pedaling to get to the saddle.  It’s not that long, about 1 hr and 10mins to climb.  I forgot how steep it gets pretty much right after the first meadow, yeeewww!  You can’t tell from this pic, but it was STEEEEEP.

image 2

But the views…so good.  And, the smoke was better up here.  Still bad, but better up higher.


Upper Deadfall Lake.  Just past this is a steep push to the saddle.


Made it!  Felt totally great and ready for the LONG downhill.  On this particular ride, the downhill is harder for me than the uphill since it’s just so long.



The end of the ride takes us right to Lake Siskyou where we met these two.  They rode 10 miles around the lake while we were out, w00t!

IMG_20180809_182104738 1

Grandpa has an old truck that Sam LOVES.  Took a ride from the lake and out to dinner.  HE was in heaven.  Seriously loves that old thing.

IMG_20180810_092444318 1

And I’m not sure just how many games of darts they played, but it was A LOT.  Smoke outside…let’s play darts inside


Three generations.  I take this picture every year.  Dan and Mike don’t seem to change, but Sam has just grown like a weed!  Thank you Mike for such a fun time, despite the smoke.  See you out here in September!  LOVE YOU.