Halloween things


This kid had a great Halloween.  A nice chilly night out with cousins and a big school party earlier in the day.


They ran from house to house and were done before 8pm.  Just the way I like it 😉



Hulk and Hulk Jr.  Dad Hulk isn’t even trying to dress up 😉



I love us.


Met the girls at the Baking Hive one day last week for some cupcake decorating and visit with Ali’s good friend, who happens to be the owner of this cutest bakery.



Lots of riding at the skate park as well.


image 2

Love when Ali and I actually get to workout WITH each other.  Usually I’m the one coaching when she can make it.


Loving my job and time at F45.  These workouts are hard but doable.  Sweaty, fun but can be modified.  Loving all aspects of this time in my fitness and work life.  Here I am one day last week alone doing the workout of the day.  I make the time to get it in at some point during the day after I coach all morning…


I believe if you talk the talk, you most certainly should be able to walk that walk.  Just trying to keep up with all of our awesome members 🙂


And Happy, Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom.  71 yesterday and not looking that age at all!  Soooo many people can’t believe she’s in her 70’s already, as she just seems to age so gracefully.  We love you so much Mom.


Rampage 2018


Dan and Sam are back from another Rampage weekend!  Such good times with lots of good friends.  The actual event is cool, but the hanging around camp, the event the next day and just being with each other is even better.  Next year I’ll take Sam and Dan can go ride all day 🙂  Some pictures from the last few days…


Jumps right by camp


Hard to see, but that’s their tent in the sunset.  Great weather everyday, maybe a little warm but cool nights.


Sam and Carter on the bike throne at the Rampage site.


Love all these kids cheering each other on-this is the friend Boston sending it.  This is the big step up at the old Rampage site.  The day after the event, they do another lower key (but now VERY popular) event called Grompage/Fanpage.  So many kiddos out there!


Unfortunately he had two fairly bad crashes where his handle bars went into his crotch and then he hit his shin pretty bad the other day.  He definitely kept it mellower than last year and that’s OK!


Got got in an adult ride out on Guacamole Mesa with a few of the Dads.


That thing is HUGE, ack!


Pumpkin head guy cheering everyone on at Grompage.  They still don’t know who this guy was for real.


Kiddos jumping over the fire.


Thankfully he was feeling better Sunday morning so they went out to the old site again for a bit more riding.  He was getting after it with friend Carter.  Yeeewww!


One of the BEST highlights of the trip for him…meeting pro rider Nicholai Rogatkin!  Sam knows every trick he does and has seen him win multiple comps around the world.  So, so cool!


And my one awesome contribution for the blog this past week.  I had teaching commitments so I was home.  I did however get out on a hike with a friend up Bells Canyon. It was beyond beautiful up there that day.  LOVE, love this view.

Carter and Sam..







Send it and that haircut


He chopped his hair!  I was surprised he was totally OK with how short the gal was cutting it.  I cried a little though.  He was happy.  I’m pretty sure he looks 13 now.

image 11

This is what Fall break the past three days looked like for this kid…

image 4

Three solid days of riding at the skate park and I Street, mainly with Dan and River.  Thank you Dan for taking them SO much!

image 7

BFF’s following each other around.  I think I say it every week, but I’m SO thankful for the friendship Sam and River have.  It’s just so awesome!

image 5

image 9image 3

image 6

And these guys and Dad’s are headed to the main event of the fall, Red Bull Rampage happening this next weekend.  I’m pretty sure they were just prepping for how much sending will happen Thursday-Sunday 😉 #pleasebecareful !

image 31

Thank you Ali for the cutest pictures.  We are lucky to have so many good friends and family so close in our life.   Just hanging out with the girls one night last week while Dan and I dated. 🙂

image 32


Hi Annie!

IMG_20181020_105524774 1

I love him


I still randomly dead lift in the quiet, cool basement.  I’ve been doing a lot of cardio type workouts at F45 and haven’t been doing the lifting I so love as much.  I’ve been missing it, so back at it.  My fitness life ebbs and flows and that’s why I love it so much!  I do the things I’m liking at that time, but always stay consistent in my eating and moving throughout the week.


Happy 9th Birthday RIVER!


And although he looks so much more mature with the short hair, this is what he’s been doing the last week, at 7:45am sometimes.  You can’t take the dirt and diggers love out of this kid 😉

IMG_20181015_163224410 1

And early last week we were riding in a little snow with cold temps.  It was short lived and we’re back to 60’s and even climbing to 70’s by this next weekend.  Ugh, let’s just have it be cool October weather.

And two videos we put together of  I Street….I will never, ever keep up and I’m 100% OK with it!




More October

Nothing super exciting going on over here other than the pretty cold weather we’ve had.  Pretty cold for this time of October.  Some random pictures from the last week…


Visit to pumpkin patch with Siri




Another one of Dan’s epic breakfasts.  Hash browns, eggs, bacon, scallions, Sriracha


Can we just take a minute to remember this tiny Sam?  He was smiling so big, even back then on the Strider! 🙂


The best kind of riding…when the trail is covered in fall!

IMG_20181012_165658550 1

I love this man.


LOVE when Ali makes it to F45 when I’m coaching.


Dan went for a long run. Such pretty views…


Flurries all around up Cherry Canyon.  Snowed up high this past week, about 14″ up in the the Cottonwoods.

image 2

And a semi-professional picture at my job 😉  They’ll be featuring me as a coach and my journey to better health this next week.  I’m excited to share my story with so many new friends I’ve met there already.  I am LOVING this new job/workouts/community.

And one video since this was a big deal for Sam…he tried and tried and tried to get a 180 out of the bowl at the skate park and finally got it. You can hear how stoked he is.




A few days in St. George


Another super fun trip to St. George with Ali and girls.  Thank you for inviting us!  We already can’t wait for next time.  We played outside a lot, with perfect weather in the 70’s and sunny all three days.  Started to rain as we were leaving town, we timed it perfectly!  We cooked yummy food, played games, hiked and just spent time together.






Found a beautiful reservoir out of the crowds with a beautiful view.  We went back again it was so fun for the kids.



Probably his favorite part of the trip 😉





Hi Annie!


Sand dunes in Snow Canyon one afternoon

IMG_20181004_164432776_HDR 1.jpg




IMG_20181004_101522305_HDR 1

Love you sister.  So thankful we can do this stuff together once in a while.  It’s the best!



Dean family time


Said goodbye to these three this morning.  We had the best time with Grandma Jane, Kelly and Gunner!  It’s always so hard to leave them, but I hope we see Jane again in the spring.  That Gunner is the cutest boy ever…who also happens to give Kelly a run for her money many days 😉


Happy Birthday to Jane!  We celebrated with a beautiful hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon and a yummy dinner Friday.


Took Kelly to F45 with me twice.  She did SO awesome! We got to lift together one day and the other she got to see me in my coaching element.


Silver Lake-Twin Lakes-Lake Mary.  We were out for several hours and I’m so glad.  It was prime colors and Gunner did awesome in the pack the entire time.



Found a huge ski in the rocks.  We carried it the entire rest of the way.  Go pick it up at Brighton if it’s yours!



Soooooo yellow!


Some park time


And some time at the Quarry trail with Ali and girls.




And in the mix of family time, Sam got his first pair of powder skis!  He’s going to LOVE these…like a whole new world of skiing for him.


 Hi boys!


One of the main reasons for them to visit in the fall.  Grandma LOVES sports and really wanted to see Sam play soccer.  Lucky for her he scored each game and they won both, too!


And we got to introduce Jane and Kelly to Sam’s world of biking.  They got to see the kids in their element and meet all of the families we’ve come to love so much.  This feature is in Tyson’s (the Outlaw bike coach) backyard.  Some craziness back there!


SO many kid sand bikes.




Gunner was LOVING this little pedal bike.  Thank you Dan for taking him back and forth, back and forth so many times.  He was in bike heaven.


Hi buddy!  He is most definitely a Dean 🙂


Thank you so much for coming to visit.  We miss you so much already!


And thank you Dan for taking them to the airport while I had some quiet time in my happy place.  The trails are dry, but the colors are so so good.  Looks like lots of rain coming this week!

 Sam hits it….