Like Groundhog Day

Cold, inversion and no snow to speak of…everyday is the same.  Welcome to Utah!

Wish I was posting about all the awesome skiing we’ve been doing but that’s just not the case.  The boys did ski at Brighton over the weekend, but nothing amazing since not much is open.  I’m just glad they’re out in the fresh air up high.


Ok, maybe there was a little, tiny bit of snow 7 days ago.  Woke up to an inch or two in the valley, a foot in the mountains…dry as a bone since and will be through til at least next weekend.  He was so happy to see it snowing!


Found him sitting in the corner by the tree, just chatting with himself and  to the ornaments. 🙂


Dan made a wicked onion topping for some pork chops last week.  Vanilla Balsamic something or other with the caramalized onions.  Guys… it was SO good!


Those polka dots (AKA: cupping) are no joke.  I’ve been seeing a massage therapist/chiropractor for the last three weeks.  I’ve been having lots of issues since my concussion with headaches radiating in the back of my head/neck and also just an insane amount of lactic acid buildup from lifting so much.  She has worked wonders for me thus far.  It’s not a massage really at all…it’s just pure torture most the time.  I have so much crap in my back, traps, neck and head that she has to put the cups on in order to get the blood flowing so she can actually get to the problem areas.  Let’s just say I have to do SO much deep breathing to make it through the hour but afterwards, it feels so good!  It’s basically like physical therapy at this point.


Introducing River to A Christmas Story…a movie Sam has been watching over and over and over the last two weeks.


It wouldn’t be a proper party without their helmets on;)  Had some friend over for a little Christmas fun.  I’m sure you can guess they only took a 10 minute break between all the biking.


Such a good Saturday crew.  If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right!  Love my job.






Christmas trees and biking


Nothing like searching for the perfect tree in warmer weather.  I threw on my beanie to make is seem cold 😉  Found a tree at one of our favorite lots.  Ricks Trees!


Not cheap, but our house smells amazing and I know Dan loves a real tree each year.



He’s growing so much these days, but sometimes I stare at him and think he’s still so little.  Turning EIGHT in a little over a month. CRAZY.


After not seeing each other for two weeks, Rive and Sam were so happy to be playing and biking again all weekend.  They were some kind of crazy and hyper Saturday.  SO hyper.


Got to play with this little lady a few times last week.  All she wants to do is walk and walk and walk with that shopping cart.  So big!


Love when Ruby comes out to do some “workouts” after class.  She has quite the moves.  Also, she had two scans last week, PET CT and MRI.  Make sure you check Ali’s blog for all the updates.  They’re starting a new treatment in a few weeks.


A visit to sister last week while Dan was in Vancouver for work.  This picture is so tender and really pulls at my heart if I’m being 100% honest.  It just makes me tear up.


And another big day in Sam’s biking world.  One of our favorite climbs in Draper we got to do together yesterday!  Jacobs Ladder has some pretty steep parts, but River and Sam both did so awesome, with zero complaining.  We even ran into some friends we haven’t seen in a while, so it was like a big bike party.  30-40 mins of pedaling uphill for a super long downhill, they were stoked!  It’s hard to express how happy we were yesterday..  Just A LOT of joy!


Ted’s first time up there as well.


A truck full of fun!


Storm on it’s way tonight, we’ll see how much we actually get out of it.  High pressure and cold (inversion) til Christmas it looks like.  Here’s to hoping mother nature comes around at some point by January.




A happy Thanksgiving


We had a wonderful, relaxing and very mellow Thanksgiving…just how I like it.  Started our day out lounging around for a bit then got out for a ride.   Our first time as a family pedaling all the way up Canyon Hollow, down Rush trail.  It’s so, so awesome to see Sam riding the same trails UPHILL that we do!  Progress and another step in his biking life.



Up to Kamas for a quiet dinner.  Just our family and Justin and Kerrah.


Alex, Sam & Izac…who is much taller than me now!


Dinner was amazing as always.  My mom’s cooking is just so good.  And, she over plans for pie every single year.  Banana cream, apple, lemon, pumpkin and Dan made a dark chocolate mousse. YUM.


Sunset that night was crazy good from their deck.


My life the last five days.  My lip swelled up huge and I was left with a crazy cold sore.  I’ve never had anything like this before so it was painful.  That tea tree oil though(right on your lip), works wonders in case you’re ever in need 🙂


Got to watch Annie on her ONE year birthday last week.  Happy Birthday to you!


Shuttle lap on the Quarry.  Earlier in the day, Dan and Sam had quite the collision, cracking Sam’s helmet.  Thankfully everyone is fine but we had to get both of them new helmets over the weekend.  So scary.



Another pedal up a trail we’ve never been in Draper to get to a super fun downhill.  So good to ride with friends AND Sam at the same time.  Great to see Re and Austin!


Another crazy good sunset.  Unfortunately we aren’t getting any snow or even cold temps around here-highs in the mid 60’s the past six days.  A few ski resorts opened, but were forced to close Saturday because there’s just…nothing good enough to play on up there. Really hoping the pattern will change and we’ll get some December like weather here in the next few weeks.



Thankful things


My feelings every year, all year long.  I hope I’ve expressed on this blog week in and week out how thankful, grateful, lucky and blessed we are.  I never want to take it for granted.  I have everything I need and I’m feeling the love!  We’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my Mom and John in Kamas.


Thankful and SO lucky to coach such awesome people.  Last Monday nights class was on fire!


Cutest baby at our house yesterday.  Hi Annie!


First snow in the valley.  Sam and bike friend Carter played and rode outside for 2.5 hours.



Dan doing his deep breathing/being in the cold stuff.  Lots of you know but if you don’t, he takes only cold showers and tolerates anything cold REALLY well these days.


Just hanging out before the sun comes up in 26 degree shorts.  Brrrrr!  Lots of benefits to being exposed to cold though.  I can’t knock it til I try it though, so I’ll just stop here 😉


More thankfulness…so stoked they’ll be skiing at a new-to-them resort this year.  I didn’t get a pass because of my knee issues (and Sam’s was free) but I’ll be randomly going up to Alta and maybe a few times there I’m sure.  They open this week!


And Sam gave BMX racing a go Saturday.  He killed it and had so much fun with friends there.


He raced in the Novice seven year old age group.  He won the first heat and went on to win his age group!  Pretty awesome for his first time 🙂



Yeah buddy!  So proud of him for trying something new.  He was hesitant on the night before but asked to race Saturday morning and he went for it.  Thank you Dan for spending time with him and taking him to do this.  He’ll for sure be back!

Video of the final run…

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving, wherever you are.  We’ll miss being with several of our family members this year.  Love you all!


A gaggle of groms


LOTS and lots of riding for Dan and Sam at I street over the weekend.  Dan was gone all week for work, so I’m glad they got to spend so much time together.  We’re thankful and lucky to have such an awesome and talented group of young kids in our area.  All of them (and I mean ALL) shred…most definitely giving any grown up a run for their money 😉  I don’t go with them much but I did this time and I was SO glad!


They dropped me off at the bottom of Dry Creek so I could get a nice climb in then made my way over to where they were.  My happy place!




Dan was one of just a few of the Dad’s going for it.  He was shredding too!


Yeah buddy!


A special day for River that we wouldn’t miss!



Some beautiful sunrises lately


So happy Dan is home.


Got to watch this little lady a few days last week…one day with my Mom.  So happy she’s retired so she can be with us on a random Wednesday.


She was laughing so hard here.  I must have been super funny. 😉



I love this kid and how he never matches or likes if I pick out his clothes.  Many times I Think he’s 7 going on 13 years old 😉

And a few videos…Sam tried hitting this line through at least 10 times before he actually did that last big gap jump (Buckaroo).  It was so fun to see him try, try again, try again and again and then finally get it.  He had quite the cheering section for him the first go.


70th birthday and sister time


Happy 70th Birthday to my beautiful Mom!  Retirement and this age looks GOOD on you.

Thank you John for such a special night out, just us kids and spouses.  It was so lovely and yummy.




Even Jenn was with us…so, so happy she could come from Cali.


All five siblings


Love you so much Mom and so happy you’ll have more time to enjoy the things you love.


Us ladies continued the celebration all weekend with some girls only time away in Midway.  It was dreary and on/off rain most the time.  We didn’t care though since we love relaxing, movies, games and just hanging out together.



We did make it out once on Saturday for lunch and to this store…Oh my word, we spent so much time in there.  I wanted alllllll the things.  Fernweh in Midway is ten thumbs up!


Love you ladies.


And just a few from last week…


Halloween was super fun!  Carved a few pumpkins, school parade and trick or treating with River and family.  They had a blast.




Red Lego Ninjago



They tuckered themselves right out.  They were asking multiple times to go home 😉



After school jump session


Quick lunch out with Jenn and ran into sister in law Kerrah.  Can’t wait to see you again during Christmas Jenn.  So happy to spend the past few days with you.




2017 Redbull Rampage in the books!  These two Bffs and their Dad’s had a blast the last four days.  Besides River knocking out his front tooth on a crash landing, things went smoothly and they came back dirty as can be 😉  The road leading to the Rampage site.  It’s a 3.5 mile walk/ride in from where you park.


They camped out by all the other families.  Perfect spot to have all the kids playing around camp.



Got there early to set up in a good spot. Not too long after it looked like this…




Looking towards the venue.  Some helicopters and drones flying all around for the TV broadcast.


This is how you manage the dust and sun exposure all day long.


One of the Pro’s there signing autographs.  Sam got to meet several of them.  Dream come true 🙂


SO, so dirty..and tired.


River ended up crashing on Friday afternoon so he and Ted spent a bunch of time in town (LaVerkin) talking to his mom and trying to recover.  He has a mild concussion and knocked his front tooth out (thankfully a baby tooth!) but is much better today.   Dan and Sam got tons of good Dad and son time together.


Dan got an adult ride in with some other guys.  SUCH pretty views.


And besides sending it at the old Rampage site, they just played and played and jumped the stuff around camp.


River and Sam LOVE Little Caesars Pizza…I know…but they do and that meal tasted so good their last night there.


The day after actual Rampage, lots of the fans and groms head over to the old Rampage site (where it started 15 years ago) to jump their little hearts out.  Sam stepped it up once again and showed them a good time.  So proud of him and how excited he was!

Thank you Dan for spending so much time with Sam and for hauling allllllll of the things to the venue, spending all of your time making this happen.  LOVE YOU so much!


And meanwhile back at home, I had plenty going on and the time they were gone went by quick!


My beautiful Mom FINALLY retired after years and years of working full time.  She started working full time when I was in grade school and has not stopped.  She and John have been commuting from their home in Kamas to SLC every single day during the week for years.  I could already tell, just four days into her retirement how much happier and less stressed she was.  We had lunch, hauled some gravel, fed the horses, worked out and just chatted for the afternoon.  I LOVED it and I know she did too.  So happy for you Mom…oh, and she also turns 70 this Friday!


Ruby’s last soccer game.  She had quite the cheering section between all of us.



Got in a bit of riding myself.  I always love riding with this most awesome lady friend, Re.  She’s the best and we don’t get to spend nearly enough time together.


The trails are filled with leaves…most trees are bare now.  It’s beautiful, tacky dirt.


And one more from his last soccer game a while back.  Blue Lightning had a great season.  Sam came a long way, many thanks to how aggressive Behr plays.  These three were so happy to be on the same team.  Hoping to stay together with the best coaches again in the spring.


He really hasn’t cared what he’s going to be for Halloween, which is surprising since most years he’s crazy about it.  He also told me, “Mom, let’s go trick or treat for one hour then go home.”  Ok, buddy!  Not happening this year since we’ll be with River and family 😉


So thankful for these boys and this life.  Trying to live in the moment and be grateful everyday.  I am lucky.