Yes we did make these on Valentines Day 😉  So delish!


We keep things pretty mellow on this love holiday.  His class party was about as crazy as it got.  LOVE being able to spend time in his class, seeing him with his friends and teacher.

At last… Sam can play Cribbage on his own!  Dan is pretty stoked.



Still been getting lots of snow, especially in the mountains.  I had just shoveled this morning.  It was SO, so beautiful outside.


Ruby had surgery last Friday to remove the last few small tumors that remain.  So happy everything went well.  She was able to come home Saturday afternoon and she’s recovering this week.  Dan took the other kids out sledding Saturday.


Loooooots of sledding.  The boys haven’t been skiing much unfortunately.  Dan saw his hand ortho today for an ongoing wrist issue he’s had.  Turns out he ruptured his EPL tendon, which helps with his thumb movement.  Luckily, surgery doesn’t have to be done now but possibly at some point.  He can ski and workout and do basically whatever he wants assuming it doesn’t hurt.  Thank goodness!  Hoping they get some skiing in over this next weekend.


Took Jane and Sam sledding yesterday while Dan was recovering from an terrible intestinal bug.  It.was.awful.  But, these guys had fun!


Had Annie for a bit while Mark and Ali were at the hospital.  These two little cousins.  Just love them.


And I’m still working lots at F45 and LOVING it!  I’m taking on more responsibility there on the operations end of things, besides all the coaching I do.  In the past five months I’ve been able to prove that I’m very reliable, dependable, know what I’m doing and I go above and beyond.  The pay raises have been great, but I’m stoked that Cam trusts me enough to hand over the responsibilities he’s had since they opened this gym.  As the months go on I’ll take on even a bit more.  Doing well here and loving this balance I have with my home and family life and AND work life.



Grandpa Mike visits

IMG_20190201_155326597_HDR 1

Six whole days with Grandpa Mike last week.  We got lucky to have him for a while since it just kept snowing and snowing here. So much snow!

IMG_20190201_142635372_HDR 1

Before the snow came 😉


We haven’t had a day off of school because of snow for a long time.  Wednesday came and we got way more than the 3″ they called for.  Mike went out skiing while we played and played all day.



Wouldn’t be a proper Grandpa visit without some sort of (small) house project.


Saigon twice while he was here. SO, so good.



Staring contest!


Another epic breakfast by Dan.  Avocado, bacon, eggs and homemade salsa.


Had some of our best friends over for the Superbowl.  Dan made carnitas with all the sides, including all these different salsas.  Beyond delicious.




Movie time with the girls after playing in the snow all day long.

IMG_20190202_170437485 1

Three generations…Thank you for staying with us as long as you did, Mike.  Please come back and stay longer 🙂  We love you and miss you so much already.


Big snow Big coughs

Fair warning…this weeks post is mostly about Sam 🙂


Big storm last Monday.  Good thing there wasn’t any school so he could just play and play out there.  We must have dried those snow clothes four times.


Brought the kids to F45 while Ali and I got a workout in.  It was snowing so hard all day long.  Power went out for a while so I took them to a movie to pass the time 🙂


Third round of playing outside


Nine year well check.  He is healthy and thriving!  We saw a new pediatrician for the first time since he was born.  The doctor just happens to be the brother of a good friend of mine in high school, who actually suddenly passed away our second year in college.  It was SO good to hear about her and their family.  He spent more time with us in there than he probably should have but I was so happy he did.


Unfortunately the next day he called home from school with a really bad sore throat.  The next day he was just miserable with tons of junk in his chest.  He was basically just trying to breath and not cough up a storm.  It’s been terrible!


Exhausted at 3pm…from doing almost nothing. 😦  Thankfully he’s been sleeping fine at night and seems to be on the upswing now.   I never like seeing him sick, especially since he’s just so active and would rather play outside than sit inside.  It’s been a test of both our our patience but I’ve gotten lots of cards games and snuggling in with him.


Finally made it out on a walk yesterday with minimal coughing.  It felt so good!


Still lots of teaching and being at F45.  Saturday is one of the MOST fun days there.  I only have to teach one Saturday a month now so it’s been extra awesome just going in and working out with all these friends.  LOVE my job and we are currently thriving there with LOTS of members.


And Dans bike project he’s been working on for a long while is now complete.  I’m not sure I can express just how excited and proud he is.  Stripped the entire bike down, painted and built it back up.  He is SO stoked.  Since he rides to and from work everyday he can, this is a huge thing for him!

And just one more since Sam is feeling better and we’ve spent a bit more time outside.  Today with Carter.  Love these two buds.






Just a few more from last weekends birthday fun.  Sledding with the girls and Mark up LCC.


It’s always shorts sleeve shirt and shorts weather for this guy 😉



Sam requested steak chili for dinner with Ali and family.  Chocolate cake for dessert.

_mg_8898 1


And thank you for the pictures bro in law Mark 🙂


Not much happening last week.  More snow moving in tomorrow.  LOTS of snow in the mountains the last few days.  Nothing in the valley so these dudes rode and played A LOT since there was no school Friday. -Carter-Sam-River-


I don’t even know, but they crack me up!

And a quick video Dan made with the new Go Pro.  Sam rippin’ around Brighton two weeks ago. Yeeeeew!

Sam is NINE!


 N I N E


At Nine years old he’s still waking up most days at 6:45am.  Today, he was ready for a few gifts right then but we made him wait until 7:30 😉


We did a little celebrating a few days last week as well.  I took him lunch one day.  One of the other days the three girls and I surprised him at lunch.  He was SO happy!



A small birthday party with a few friends.  Dan took River, Carter, Boston and Sam to Lowes Extreme Airsports in Provo.  Such a cool place!  I had a pizza party ready for them when they got back.  They played and played and played outside and downstairs the rest of the day.  I’m so, so thankful for these good friends in our lives.  Our best neighbor friends Behr and Parks also joined in for some fun at home.

Left to Right…Boston-Carter-Parks-Sam-Behr-River

img_20190112_112254833 1


He requested breakfast at the Porcupine Sunday.  He also asked if Carter could come 🙂


Nine year old parents!


And a tiny Sam, just because I almost can’t handle his cuteness.





Happy, Happy Birthday buddy!  You are most definitely the one of THE greatest added joys in our life.  WE LOVE YOU!




2019 is here

image 10

And we started it out skiing with cousins!  Jenn was here until yesterday and Kate LOVES to ski so we had to get at least one day in with them.  It was my perfect ski day…sunny, warmer and no wind (today we have snow) 😉  These kids did awesome all together.  And even Grandma Carol got to join us.


image 7

image 9



These three are all EIGHT years old right now.  Took them on a little special date last week and thank you Jenn for the matching shirts!


Thankful to spend time with my siblings and their spouses.  We aren’t able to all be together often so this was extra special.  Night out at Red Iguana and some dessert at Last Course downtown.  So fun!  I love you all.


Spent time at Janes special day yesterday.  She’s looking so, so pretty and my boys looking pretty handsome as well 🙂

And the boys spent some time at Rad Canyon BMX, an indoor dirt track.  They rarely let mountain bikes in on there but they did yesterday for a few hours.  They were loving it!  We are also loving the new Go Pro we gifted ourselves.


Sam and River

And it’s Birthday week for Sam!  NINE years old next weekend.

Nine days old here.  Time IS flying and we love this boy SO, SO much.




Wrapping up 2018


We are back to our normal work and school routine after a wonderful and relaxing 10 days together.  LOTS of family time, just the three of us time, movies, yummy food, skiing, sledding, F45 work and play.  These photos sum up the end of 2018, which was SUCH a good year for our little family.  Looking forward to some really fun and new adventures in 2019.


Christmas day with Matt and Justins family at Mom and Johns.



Love you so much Mom.


We usually spend Christmas with Grandma Jane but this year she was home with Kelly, Andy and Gunner.  So happy she gets to spend time between her two grand kids but holy cow we missed having her with us.  Next year we’re determined to spend time ALL together with the Dean family.

Thank you Ali for having us over to your in-laws for a very nice and mellow Christmas Eve.  Our contribution was this super yummy appetizer plate.  SO good.


James and B’s house is amazingly beautiful, especially at Christmas time.


Love you sister.  And let’s all hope Ali’s family gets over the flu soon.  Poor Ruby and Annie have/had it during this time.


Thank you Grandma Jane for making his Christmas Eve.  SO excited.


A very generous family gift, the GoPro 7.  I’ll put a video here of some stuff Dan got testing it out.  Hoping to get lots of more of Dan and Sams bike adventures.   This thing is REALLY cool.


Thank you Grandpa Mike for the really nice scooter!  He’s been riding it inside, just waiting for the snow to melt a bit and temps to warm up some.


SO thankful and grateful for everything we were gifted and I was happy we could gift some awesome things to others as well.  I mostly just wanted to spend time together and with my family and we got LOTS of that.


Don’t mind Dan in the background in the snow…his usual place when we get up to Snowbird with good friends Tipp and Cindy.  LOVE our time up there with our long time friends.



Sam and River played a lot.  We also went sledding many times.


Lots of ski time at Brighton for Dan and Sam.


Dan finally out out on his first backcountry tour of the season.


SUCH pretty views up high


I spent a bunch of time teaching at F45 during the break.  Our classes have been full as can be with LOTS of energy…just the way I like it!  This particular day I felt the best I have in a while (due to properly resting my body) but almost died after ALLLLLL the burpee things. 😉  I loved it.  Back to my 4:25am wake up call two days a week.  It was nice not having such early classes during the break.


Happy, Happy 8th Birthday to Jane on New Year’s Eve!


Hanging out after teaching and Ali cleans. Love these gals.


And one of THE best parts of this week is that Jenn and family are here from Cali!!

Can’t wait to spend a few more days with them here at our house.  We all got together for some ice skating family party at Matt’s house for the New Year.  I haven’t ice skated in almost 20 years but I went out and it was like riding a bike, so fun!


They all had so much fun.

Max-Connor-Emily-Kate-Siri-Ruby-Sam..Jane and Alex joined a bit later


His first time ever ice skating.  I was pretty confident he’s pick it up quick and I was right.  He was doing so well two hours in.  He took a few hard falls, as did I but he’s already asking to go again 🙂


Our crew…15 of us!


Hope you all had a great New Year and Christmas break with the ones you love most.

I’m not a huge resolution person but I would like to read more in 2019.  If you have books you just love, please send me a message with those suggestions.  I’d love them all!