Happy place

Dan got some really good skiing in this weekend.


I LOVE, love seeing him in his happy place.  I believe skiing is his first love and you can just tell how much he’s missed these kinds of days.  He LOVES and cherishes his time with Sam so much but there’s nothing like going out and feeling just as good (if not better) at 35 as he did at 25. 🙂


Nothing exciting for St. Pattys day…just our matching green hats.  Hi River!


Such a good and FUN week at the gym.  Got to workout with Dan, Ali and friend Re one night last week.  It was a family affair!


Saturday crew.  LOVE my job!


Sometimes I get dressed in NOT workout clothes. 😉


My latest massage/torture/I wanted to cry session.  I know the uncomfortablness that will happen, but I feel SO much better after.  I’m so happy I found this massage therapist via Ali.  She is so good.


Sam and I both saw the Dermatologist last week.  I’m taking every precaution I can with the history of my skin cancer back in 2003 and our family cancer history, even though he’s only eight.  He has some bigger moles on his back I was curious about.  They all look fine and good, my body does as well.  The one thing she recommended though…he should always wear sunglasses!


A date out to Spitz.  It was delish and we’ll definitely be going back.


Hi Annie!  She’s walking around everywhere like crazy.  This little miss is a toddler!


Family dinner in Kamas to celebrate Ali, Ruby, Matt and Dave’s birthday.

And just a few videos.  Biking weather earlier last week, skiing weather Saturday and Sunday.



Feeling like spring


Still working on my mobility and stretching.  Every.single.day.  Normally I go through some stuff before Sam goes to school and then again at some point during they day or before bed.  Feeling good and my back wasn’t giving me too much grief this past week, thank goodness.  Some days it feels fine, others it just doesn’t feel great.  Trying to protect it as much as possible.


Love my job and these people!


Hi Ruby


My Mom got a part time job she’ll be starting next week.  Hoping we still get to see her once a week.  It’s been so nice to see her more since she’s been retired.  We helped with the girls while Ali and Jane were in Cali visiting Jenn.  Sam and I will be there next month:)


It’s been biking AND skiing weather again.  These two BFF’s.  Just love them.  60’s most of last week, hoping for some rain this week.  Not much else going on right now.  Just life and our daily routine, waiting for spring break in a few weeks!

And just a quick video of Sam.  He was getting sendy on Saturday!  It’s official…I’ll never keep up again 😉


St. George fun


Ruby turned FIVE last week.  Happy, Happy Birthday Rubes!


Quick weekend trip down to St. George for Ruby’s birthday weekend.  Thank you Ali and Mark for inviting us!  And yes, that’s our car on the side of the highway.  Dan was on the phone with AAA.  And yes, we ran out of gas but it’s a long story of how we wouldn’t normally do something dumb like that 😉


We had hopes of riding Friday afternoon before getting to the house with Ali. Thankfully AAA was fast and we were on the road with only an hour or so delay.  Right to the trails in Santa Clara.  Super fun ride on Barrel.  He did so awesome on this climb.  Minimal times of asking when we’d be to the top and a really fun downhill. We’ll have to go explore more next time.  Temps were high 60’s and lovely Friday and Saturday.  Snowing back in SLC.





Went for a fun hike Saturday.  We wanted them to do something longer and they did great!  Petrified dunes up to the Lava Tubes and then up to the White Rocks in Snow Canyon State Park.

Jane, Dan, Siri & Sam



Oh Jane.  She was having fun, I promise.  She very much disliked taking pictures out there.


This particular lava tube was the coolest of the the three.


We went back until it ended.  So fun with our flashlights on!


They loved climbing up these rocks.




Quick stop by the Sand Dunes on the way back home for lunch.  Went back later on, too!


Everyone loooooves this baby.  Who, is walking like crazy now.  Yay!


These little scavengers, eating popcorn out on the deck.


Quick ride just the two of us.


Another ride right behind the house on Turtle Wall.  Sunday 9am was brisk after the cold front moved through but oh so pretty!


These two.  LOVE.


Nice views


Love these six people a whole lot.  So happy we get to spend time outside playing and being out of our ordinary and regular daily life.  We are lucky!


And we are back to our routine after that fun weekend and a few days of no school.  This is us right before getting out the door to school and work one day last week.  If he wants to be silly, I stop and do it even though carpool leaves in three minutes 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful week!










That’s more like it


Winter decided to show up and stay…at least for now.  There has been A LOT of playing in the snow, some skiing and some super awesome sledding happening over here.


Friday it was hours of playing out there with River, Behr and Parks.  I think I dried their snow clothes three different times throughout the afternoon and evening.  Sam was tuckered out by 8pm!


More pretty eggs from friend Jen.  She is THE best!


Another delish lunch.  Lots of Arugula, pickled onions, two fried eggs, bacon.  YUM.




Hi Annie!  She’s been walking A LOT this past week.  And, apparently she knows where her favorite snack is at my house.  She already knows where the pantry is.


She is VERY unsure about Fred ;).  He’s shedding…again.


Just doing what he does best.  Grinding coffee out in the 16 degree weather in shorts.  No bid deal.

They skied all day!  Lots of fun with friend Holden again.  And Dan got some good alone time skiing Saturday afternoon while we went sledding with the girls.  Woot!


Annnnd again…bikes and skis


Happy LOVE day to all of you last week.  Sam and his one eyed monster box came home with lots of fun stuff from his friends and this card from cousin Kate in the mail.  Thank you Kate!


Not much else going on around here.  It’s snowing pretty hard here right now.  Finally a good sized storm our way.  The boys did a bunch of biking and skiing all weekend.


Carter, River and Sam spent lots of time together.  Thankful for such good friends!



Skied with friend Holden and Dan on Sunday.  They were shredding!

We’re wishing my brother Justin a speedy recovery, as he had a ski crash in Colorado over the weekend.  Currently in the hospital in Grand Junction recovering from surgery where they fused his C5&6.  Hoping they get to come home in the next few days.

And just a few videos…


Grandpa Mike and the best news!


I’ll just start right off with THE BEST NEWS of the past year and a half….Ruby’s tumors are shrinking…like, not just shrinking a little but a lot!  You can clearly see the right side is the almost golf ball sized tumor from November and then just a few months later this past week, it’s significantly smaller.  This is just amazing.  It’s almost like it wasn’t real last week.  Such happy, happy news.  They’ll continue on with the study she’s in with the trial drug Entrectinib.  You can follow Ali’s BLOGAli’s BLOG for all updates.


Had to take a picture after she walked in and announced, “my cancer is going away!!”  Man, I was holding back the tears in that public place.  Her smile was so big and tender.


And you know what else is the best?  When Grandpa Mike surprises you after you walk out of school.  Gah, these two!


Last week was FULL of lots of big smiles.



Snacks and listening to Lord of the Rings


Even the neighbor boys LOVE Mike.  Thank goodness he loves to play, play, play. 😉


Cozy Sunday morning.


I keep reminding him he needs to make his school Valentines box.  For the past week he’s refused.  Glad he decided to get with the program.  I told him I’d help with that bottom part. He was happy to make things easy with a one-eyed monster.  Whatever works, dude!  I remember pretty much every year when I was in elementary wrapping a box in foil and calling it good.  Yes, I didn’t really care 😉


I’m still spending quite a bit of time working on my mobility, stretching and rehab of my SI joint and taking care of my lower discs.  I was able to do a few things the other day in the gym that I haven’t done for over a month.  I won’t be doing those things heavy or a lot at this point, but it’s promising that I’m taking good care of myself and making myself better to actually do these things-just with lighter weight and not as often.  And in general, I just want to live and be healthy and strong…not be a hero lifting really heavy and over exercising all the time (that has been a bad habit and cycle I’ve been in the  past three years).  I’ve been feeling great with less intensity and most active recovery in my fitness life 🙂


A rare day I join them at Brighton.   This kid is shredding people.  Something happened in the last couple months.  It’s like he’s biking, only he’s on skis.  I’m terrified, yet really excited for him all at the same time.


Love these three generations.




Thank you Mike for the dinners, visit and just coming to spend time with us. We never want you to leave but hoping we can get a biking trip in together before we see you in Cali in August.  LOVE YOU!

And just a few videos..






More skiing…more biking


Another week in the high 50’s means more biking and a bit of skiing 😉  Dirt jumps for a few hours on Saturday, followed by some shredding at the skate park for these boys, Ted and River.


Yeah buddy!


Found an air behind Go Ride (our local bike store)


Oh and they thought it was “hot” enough to wear swim suits the other day.


I don’t even know…


Ali and I found a new, yummy and super healthy place to eat.  CoreLife Eatery in Sandy.  Delish!


He’s been doing push ups and planks in the morning before school.  I was doing 50 push ups a day for the month of January, usually in the morning to get my body moving.  I didn’t ask him to do anything, he just wanted to.    These kids watch us like hawks, so I’m glad I can be a good example 🙂IMG_20180131_110414Thank you Ali for a great day at Deer Valley last week with Mom and Siri.  Girls only ski day was so fun!  LOVED being with these three.  Oh, and my back didn’t hurt at all when I was actually skiing, so that was very encouraging.


Thank you tourist from CO insisting we take our goggles off.  😉


They went night skiing Friday then again Sunday morning.  He was skiing some steep stuff in the trees!

And one from the dirt jumps…