Six years and a little getaway


Happy SIX year angle birthday to our sweet Naomi Jane.  We spent a while there Tuesday night, just the three of us this year.  I woke up early that morning, couldn’t sleep and just sat at her little bench we have in our yard, thinking about the day she was born and that week of her funeral.  I can remember every single detail and it’s SO vivid yet it’s already been six years.  A friend filmed her service and I haven’t been able to go back and watch it yet…until last Monday night.  I couldn’t help but cry…a lot.  It reminded me of just how tender and fragile we were and I’m so thankful time heals such broken hearts.  I’m also SO thankful to have been surrounded by so many family and friends who care so much in that time of need and comfort.  THANK YOU all so much for being there for us.




Thank you Ali and cousin Emily for going to visit.  Also Mom and Justin for going to see her grave.  I hope you know how much it means to us. 🙂


My family. My people. I love them.


This kid got his staples out last Thursday.  Healed up all nice and good now!

IMG_20180712_095654894Took these three up for some hiking around on the White Pine trail last week as well.  I 1000% love being outside on the mornings I don’t teach in the gym.


Oh man, he kills me sometimes. 😉


Sam, Ruby & Jane


And a quick little 24 hour getaway in Park City (thank you Ali for taking Sam!) Ali and Mark gifted us a GC to Riverhorse on Main…which I didn’t really realize how amazing it is.  I knew it was pricey and for good reason.  That dinner was SO good.  We walked a ways to get to and from dinner.  It was a perfectly overcast evening.  We celebrate 13 years of marriage in late August.


This is mostly for Grandma Jane…we were trying to think of where we’ve had SUCH good and amazing food and it’s definitely at the Cafe where she works.  This was tops with that. So yum.  Buffalo short ribs.  We split this, it was huge!


We also had a watermelon and avocado salad and some veal medallions with some greens.  This here is some of the richest dark chocolate decadence you’ll eat.   We also tried the espresso creme brulee…Dan’s favorite dessert on a special occasion.  We left full and VERY happy!

image 2


And a long ride to cap off the weekend.  It was hot but so fun.  A long pedal uphill, about 4,000 feet, 20ish miles and some super fun downhill and of course…you can’t beat the views all around Big Cottonwood Canyon and all of Park City.  I’m happiest when I’m out there up high with the ones I love the most.  I always tell people it’s my happy place because it REALLY is.  Armstrong-Pinecone-Crest-Canyons-bus to car-straight to Anaya’s Market for tacos and a cold drink!  Thankful we can do this little getaway at least once a year, just the two of us.  Back to normal summer with lots of swimming since Sam couldn’t for a week.  It’s hot so you’ll find us in the pool, in the cool basement or riding bikes later in the evening.  Feeling Happy and healthy.



Have a great week!




The 4th, staples, hikes and Naomi’s 6th


Wheeeew! The last seven days were filled with SO.MUCH.FUN!  I’m tired just thinking about it ;)I think I fell asleep on the couch Thursday afternoon around 5pm after watching the girls for several days.  Ali and Mark were on a grand adventure in Alaska so we got to hang with these ladies.  This was the Granite City parade in the morning…


They all woke up at 7am, ready for the day to begin.


Jane, Siri, Sam, Ruby and Annie



Ruby was invited to be a Grand Marshall at the Sandy City parade.  It’s a big parade, one I’ve never been to.  It was HOT and sweaty and we had to wait for a while, trying to find some shade and cool drinks.  Turns out they had a golf cart that fit all of us not just Ruby, sisters and me.  Dan ended up driving the cart while I had Annie on my lap…The girls and Sam in the back.  It was so fun as a one time thing.  It was definitely a very cool opportunity and we happily filled in for Ali and Mark!



You can’t see my rubbing ice cubes all over Annie to keep her cool.  She didn’t mind one bit that cold, cold ice.  She was so sweaty!




We were given tickets to the REAL soccer game as well.  These two made it after the parade and dinner while Siri, Jane, Annie and I went home to get out of the heat.  We were all tuckered out.  They made it til halftime and got to see them score a few times!


Dan read to them everynight.  LOVE.


The first day we were with them I was determined to get out riding their bikes.  It’s just too hot in the valley, so up to Alta we went for a picnic and riding.  They loved it!





One of the days it was just these two.  Oh man, he’s a REALLY good cousin/”big brother”/babysitter 😉



And today, Sunday we introduced Sam to one of our favorite hikes.  He made his way all the way up from the parking lot to the top of the Snowbird tram.  It’s steep…really steep in some spots but he did great with no complaining.  He did feel a blister towards the top but he kept on going.  I know for sure that kids can DO hard things.  If we give them the chance and opportunity to at least try, I think we’d all be surprised what could happen.  I was hesitant to get him up there but was REALLY stoked on how well it went.  He made it up in about 2 hours 25 minutes…not bad at all buddy!  And I’m just glad he had such a good time, whether he does it again soon or not.  SO FUN.



Good friend Crystal from the gym was with us as well.


image 1

The finish out our week, Sam decided to get some staples in his head…


He was doing a flip downstairs from the mini tramp into the cushions and fell backwards really hard onto the base of the tramp.  Cue…blood gushing!  It only bled hard for a few minutes.  I was watching the neighbor kids and had to leave to get Ali and Mark from the airport in 30 minutes.  Needless to say, it was chaotic!  Got everything figured out and we went to the Kids Care, in and out in an hour.  Super fast and they were great.  Two staples later and his cut already looks better.


He did so great.  Quiet, stayed still and no whining.  He cried pretty hard when the staples went in, despite the numbing.



Whew!  What a week!  Time for relaxing and chilling out before he races his bike in two weeks.


And this week on Tuesday will be Naomi’s SIX year angel birthday.  Six years already.  I say this every year and it’s true…time flies but the memories are so vivid of that day…that week.   Time heals and mends and makes the heart not quite so fragile.  But, my heart is still tender and we think about her a lot and have pictures around the house to remind us of her.  I hope that if you’re family and you know where she is, you’ll go visit and think about her…it would mean a lot to us.




Jenn visits!


Finishing up a really fun visit with Jenn and family.  SO much fun cousin time last week!  Swimming, playing, playing some more, movies, yummy food and Max’s 8th Birthday.  Whew!  Love these sisters so much.


Pancake breakfast, movie, swimming, chick fil a and a family donut party at the splash pad.  Lucky boy.


Hi Kate!


All the cousins minus Benjamin.  These kids had so much fun playing together.


More swimming at a very pretty home pool.  Thank you Ali for knowing awesome family that let us come play.  Sam figured out how to use a snorkel…he didn’t do anything else for the two hours we were there and Grandma Carol even game him a few pointers 😉


Grandma with her nine of her grand kiddos.

L to R…Siri, Enzo, Sam, Ruby, Jane, Mom, Annie, Kate, Alex and Max


These guys.


Hi Annie!


Spending more time with Ali’s girls most of this coming week.  Lots of time with Mom, too.


Quiet, easy Sunday morning with just these two.  LOVE them.


Before family came into town, Dan and Sam rode the Crest again with friends Carter and Finley, who hadn’t done it yet.  It was SO, so awesome!  And for real, the first time I rode the Wasatch Crest was when I was 20….they are doing this at 8 and 11 years old and not even shedding a tear on those steep climbs.  These kids are talented.


Carter, Sam, Dan and Finley


And I win mom of the year award.  Brought them burgers, fries and fruit as they finished the ride.  Parking lot picnic in the mountains for the win!


Got a little riding in with Re Saturday.  It was a beautiful and unusually cool day for last day of June.  Only 78-80 degrees.  Love that view of Timpanogos in the background.


And he is living his best life this summer doing allllll the cannonballs off the high dive.  We are happy, healthy and thankful!


Nordic Valley Racin’


Sam had a super fun race day Saturday.  Dan had some fun too, following him lap after lap 🙂  We were dirty and tired as can be by the time we got home.  He fell asleep not even five minutes into the drive home.


First place in the Super D ages 6-8. Woot!  So proud of you buddy.  He rode smart, safe and fast with a 7:59.  The 9-12 age group is riding around a 7:12-7:45 minute lap so for an eight year old that’s awesome!


IMG_20180623_153436921_HDR 1

Dan took a digger riding behind River and another fast dude…he couldn’t see anything from all the dust and went down.  This was after he wiped off his face a bit.  It is dry, dry, dry here unfortunately.


The line was pretty long for the lift but they had great company.


The race didn’t start until three, so the boys dropped me off at the west end of Pineview.  I rode up, up and more up and some down to make my way over to Nordic Valley.  It was definitely an adventure and one of the longer rides I’ve done in a while.  I made it, got lost a bit, sweated a lot but it was fun and so, so pretty.



IMG_20180623_121200431 1

Found my way to the top out point with this awesome view of Ben Lomand Peak.  Dan has ridden to the top of that peak…it’s a FIVE hour climb with an epic downhill.  He’s planning to do it again at some point this summer.

IMG_20180623_153007400 1

And look who came for a quick visit…Jenn!  She and family are here staying with the in laws for a family reunion just minutes from Nordic Valley.  She’ll be staying with us most of this coming week.  So happy!


These race days can be looooong and hot, but I’m so glad we were all there together.  Happy Place indeed.


Earlier in the week…


He ended up needing a snooze two days in a row.  Friday afternoon he crashed pretty hard with a low fever and some body aches.  Thankfully, he was good to go by 7pm and fine for racing.  He’s growing, it’s summer and he’s so active…I would need a nap 😉


Boating!  Our awesome neighbors Kirk and Linda have a boat and we finally had a chance to go play.


They had four of their grand kids with us as well.  So much fun.  They tubed for three hours straight.  Lunch on the middle of the water and home for…


A snooze.  So tuckered.

IMG_20180620_140354936_HDR 1

If we aren’t swimming at Alta Canyon, you’ll find us at a little neighborhood pool with River and friends.  This day was…Carter, River, Zinnia, Sam and Canyon.  I love these summer days.


Looking forward to lots of family time with Jenn in town this week!

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day Dan.  You really are the best around and we love you so, so, so much…the mostest!  Thank you for ALL you do to support our family and for all the time and effort you put into the things we all love.  We can’t imagine our life without you.


Happy Father’s Day Mike! One of the best examples of a father I have in my own life.  Everyone needs a Grandpa Mike.



We went to a nice dinner Saturday followed by one of our most favorite rides in the Wasatch…the Crest!  We got Sam up there for his first time and it couldn’t have gone better.  We were expecting more complaining but there wasn’t any!  It really helped that we were with friends Jamon, Chelsea, Re and Austin…all grown ups so he probably knew complaining wouldn’t do any good ;).  There are some really steep climbs in the beginning but he did amazing and LOVED the downhill in Mill D.  As parents, we’ve been talking about this day for a while.. You know, doing the things you love most with your kids is the best and brings us so much joy!


It was perfect weather




Desolation Lake.  This picture is pretty, but I assure you I felt like we were in a post card or an amazing calendar…it’s real life beauty though.



Last week…Ruby and Sam got to spend lots of good time together.  While Siri and Jane were away at camp, they played and played.  Swimming, playing here at our house, more swimming, some time in Park City and a sleepover at Grandma Carol’s.  Whew!


They play SO well together these days.


Love this sister and her decision to try and teach spin, she’ll certify for real soon.  She did such a good job last week.  You’d never know she hasn’t taught before….A natural.  But mostly, I think her calling in life when it’s the right time is to be a Life Coach.  People NEED her positivity and wisdom in their life.


Fun hike up to Donut falls with Ali and Annie.





“Mom, I drew a picture of our family!”  So tender.  We’ll be celebrating Naomi in less than a month.


I love my people.  We had a super fun first week of summer… Many more to go!

 And just one video of riding this week..

See ya later Second grade


Last day of SECOND grade!  This year seems like it just flew by.  He loved Mrs. Wilson and so did we. His reading took off and his love of math is coming around.  He made some new friends and one friend Kolt in particular became his school BFF.  They were always together.  In fact, he’s here today playing… they missed each other the last three days 😉


Summer is definitely here.  First day of break and we were hanging at the pool with this bike friend crew.  I love when bike friends become just your real everyday friends.



Behr, Parks and Sam at the splash pad.


Hi Annie!


More pool time.  Siri-Sam-Jane


Look at those young faces!  We watched out wedding video with Sam last night.  I love looking back at all of our family and friends and how many questions Sam asked.  13 years this summer!

image 1

When a not-bad-at-all crash turns out to actually be pretty bad.  Sliced those shins open real good.   Made for a longer night, but glad he got stitched up and taken care of in Park City.  Also glad nothing else on him is hurt.



A bit of riding for me, too.  It went from 95 degrees to 70 today, Sunday.  SO nice!


And just a few more from Sam’s racing at Sundance.  This is “Hecklers Corner.”  So.much.noise!  He said he tunes it out and just rides right through it.  LOVE this kid.



Yeah Buddy!

Doing summer things all this next week and enjoying our time together.


Sundance Showdown and a few other things


Just doing what he does best…and you see Dan there in the background following? 😉  Thank you Dan for your constant dedication to him and this sport.  Sam raced the Super D and Downhill this weekend.  These can be long days but we had so much fun.  We’ve got quite the crew of young riders and parents that we’ve become friends with.  They’ve all welcomed Sam and cheer him on and support him so much.  It’s really the best.


Sundance is just so pretty!  Saturday morning before the Super D.  Thank you Ted and Ciara for having us up to stay with you Friday night.  Sam and River liked having a sleepover almost as much as the bike race 😉


Second place finish in the Super D.  Missing River in first in this pic.  These little kiddos were fast!  And see that awesome little lady in third?  So cool to see a young girl out in this sport.


Right after the finish.  Dan rides behind him just in case he crashes or has a mechanical.  Everyone keeps asking Dan if he’s racing or why he’s not.  In the next year or two when Sam is a bit more mature, they’ll both race I hope.  As for me, hoping I can do a few myself in the next year or so…just for fun and to challenge myself.




Our humble abode Friday night.  It.was.amazing.


Bike races are quite the scene.  This was half of the craziness.



Woot!  Only one in his age group that raced the Downhill.  He beat last years time by 1:30, so great!  And we’re pretty sure he got the loudest applause of all.  I wish I had it on video 🙂  He better enjoy it this year because next year he goes up in age category and has to race against all the older kids that are insanely fast.  It’ll be good for him though.



Still so green.  It’s getting hotter and hotter though.   Dan and I got a little riding in Friday afternoon before he had to go deal with Sam’s broken bike.  Thank you Dan for driving all the way back to Draper to get it worked on and ready.  Such a pain.




Happy place


And earlier in the week, Blue Fire had their last soccer game of the season.  They were undefeated and so stoked.  Best coaches ever, really.  They care so much about these boys.  They went from losing every game two seasons ago and have come all this way.  Hoping we can stay with them again in the fall.




Coach Bryan and Coach Jonzy. Thank you!


Quick swim at the pool after school last week.  Four more days of school and then we’ll be doing lots of THIS!