Ok, Spring


OK spring…OK.  Just too cold for this time of year.  Woke to snow last week and it’s been pretty chilly most the week.  Finally sun and a bit warmer yesterday, more rain today 🙂


Took Ruby to have lunch with Sam at school.  So, so fun!


All the kids were asking her a million questions….and begging for their NOT from the cafeteria pizza.


Jane’s cheering section at her game.  She did SO great!  She really is so good at soccer and she pretty much scores multiple goals every game.


I don’t get to lift with just Ali very much, so Saturday morning was such a treat.  She comes to my classes, but I don’t actually get to workout next to  her and I LOVE doing that.  We could chat for days…


Got in a super pretty Quarry ride Saturday afternoon while the boys were at Sundance opening for bike season.  Sam is registered for the Sundance Showdown Super D race at the beginning of June, so he and River will be getting in as much time there as they can to practice.  Thank you Dan for spending all day there, despite the crappy cold you’ve had.


End of year Grand Event at school was really fun.  He won a HUGE cupcake and paid with his money to get his face painted.  His night was made.



First graders performing their songs they worked so hard to prepare for.  It was actually really, really good!  And yes, that’s Ady..his not girlfriend (that’s what he’ll tell you) there on his right.  Every time I’ve been in class or at a school function, they’re next to each other 😉

And just a little bit from their day at Sundance…

Oh man, we can’t stop laughing at this video…even after watching it 20 times.

Mother’s Day and a birthday


Happy 35th Birthday Dan!  I’m sure you already know how much we love and appreciate you, but I’ll tell you again…WE LOVE YOU so, so much.  Can’t imagine life without you.  Hope you have a super fun weekend, despite the cold you’ve had 😉


Between Mother’s Day and his birthday, we were feeling the love.  Thanks to those who sent cards and other generous things.  We appreciate you!


Dan got in a ride Saturday.  LCC creek is raging.  Hot for a few days and it’s cooled down again.  We’ll be much cooler and rainy for half of this next week.


Lost another tooth!


Sam and River doing their thing at the skate park one day last week.


I don’t even know. 🙂


I requested to relax in the morning, get out on a ride and spend time at my Mom’s for Mother’s Day.  Sam asked so nicely if I would ride Rush with him, I couldn’t say no.  We ended up doing four laps total.  Two with me, two with Dan.  It was perfect and I didn’t even get in a ride by myself…and I was 100% OK with it!  I LOVE this boy so much.


Seven years into Motherhood.


Sam insisted we needed our picture taken together 😉


A visit to sister.  From my social media, “Mother of two.  He made me a Mom first and I’m so thankful!  This kid makes me feel older and younger at the same time 😉  I’m so happy I get to experience Motherhood with him by my side.”  We love BOTH of our children so, so much.


 Liz, Carol & Ali.  Missing you Jenn, but I know you’re having fun on the beach!


Hi Annie!  Gosh, she is so freakin’ cute right now.


Happy Birthday Dan!


Grandpa John being especially cute singing and chatting with Annie.  So fun to see him be this way with his grandchildren.

Lots of classes to teach at the gym, soccer practice and games, biking, family time and three short weeks left of school.   Luckily, Sam hasn’t been counting down the days as much as I thought he would.  We got our pool passes last week, so I’m ready to roll with summer showing up soon.

Moab in May

Made it down south one more time before it gets too hot.

So glad we did.  Met new friends and got to spend time with old friends who we haven’t seen in a very long time.  Turns out, their 8 year old Holden and Sam had A BLAST together.  Dan was saying how it felt like we hardly saw Sam because the kids were off playing, climbing rocks and biking around camp the entire weekend.  So great!


Took over an hour to find a camp spot but this place was 110% worth the long drive out.  Tons of room for three families and all our stuff.  Plus the perfect playground for the kids…playing all.day.long 🙂


Holden and Sam racing the remote control car.  They also slept in a small two-man tent together both nights.  It was perfect and I loved hearing them giggle and chat before anyone else was awake in the mornings.


Good thing we all think alike.  James brought their ramp down, same as the one we have.  Over and over and over…




Saturday sunrise.  Weather was calling for a little front to roll through in the afternoon, but we didn’t think it would be anything to worry about.


Just so pretty.


7:30am jump session




Sooooooo many rocks to play on!



The clouds were so nice, kept the heat away.  It was pretty hot when we got there Friday afternoon, so this felt nice.


Traci, Dan and I rode a loop with the boys while the other two Dads rode with the three other girls on some mellow trails.  Super kid friendly out on the Brand trails.



Had to get some Milt’s Stop and Eat for lunch. SO busy but very yummy.  Played at the park for a while with everyone then we rallied a swap for an adults ride.  Moms ride Captain Ahab then switch off so the Dads could get one in.  No pictures of Ahab with Traci.  The clouds cleared for the 1.5 hrs we were riding the trail and it was HOT.  Like, your head and face feels SO hot and red on the climb up.  As soon as we got done, the clouds rolled in again and the lightning started a bit as the Dads were getting ready to ride.


Traci and I loaded up the kids and headed back to camp.  The entire way there it was raining and got worse and worse, especially the wind.  Oh my, that wind blew CRAZY hard as we pulled into camp.  That tent sort of survived.  Broken poles and stuff flying around everywhere, cars were moving and shaking…it was nuts!  Good thing the kids thought it was actually really cool.  I knew it would subside at some point.  Had to stay in the car for about 45 mins to wait it out.  The wind died down around 5:30 and the rain let up as well.  Cloudy and nice for grilling and a campfire.  I went from being overly hot and sweaty to freezing in one hour.  The Dads made it back just as the storm calmed down.  They got caught in the rain and wind but made the entire ride.


This cool thin, fin like rock was just around the corner from camp.




Sam, Holden and Hadley (his sister)




New friend Scott (he has two girls) and Dan.  Turns out they have a lot in common.  Both work in the same field and had A LOT to talk about.  I was so glad they got to chat so much about work stuff that I don’t understand. 😉


Almost bedtime.


Sunday morning.


Breakfast around the fire pit and already riding bikes…again.


Packed up and headed out for a shuttle with the boys while the girls, Scott and Traci went to some other trails.  Rode out in the Mag 7 area, a trail called Getaway.  It was SO perfect for these two and super kid friendly.  Sam says as we’re riding behind him…”now THIS is a flow trail!”  Ha!




Middle of the trail timer selfie.  I LOVE my people so much!  Ended on these trails with Dan going one last lap by himself while Sam and I hungout at the bottom.  Perfect camp spot, great friends, yummy food and all around pretty great weather.  Can’t ask for a better weekend in the desert.  I’m sure we’ll be back in the fall.


Fred the Gecko


First pet!  Fred the gecko joined our fam on Thursday.  Easy to take care of, not stinky, really cool looking and only eats twice a week.  It’s a win-win for all of us 😉


He’s an Eyelash Crested Gecko.  This morning he was very light brown, but the past two days he’s been super orange.  Sam is just so comfortable with him already.


I mostly love this picture of Sam’s eyes.

He lives on Sam’s drawers.  You just change out the paper towel whenever you think it needs, maybe every 2-4 weeks.  He’ll give the habitat a spray once a day to keep it a bit humid as well.  He loves to hide in the plants because he sleeps all day…when he’s not being held for a bit.  Geckos usually live reeeeeeallly long lives, so there’s a good chance Sam will take this with him whenever he leaves home (that just sounds crazy far away!)


Played goalie again last week and killed it! It was cold and rainy but let up just for an hour during the game.  They did SO awesome.  Go Tigers!


Another Monday, another super awesome Burn class.  LOVE these people that work so hard.IMG_20170430_131705

Riding with new friends!  We’ve known Holden and his Dad James for a long time, but haven’t really ridden with them.  Shuttle lap on the Quarry.  Holden rides moto dirt bikes and Sam thinks that the coolest thing ever.  These two will definitely be playing together soon.


Hi Annie! Getting so big in the jumper.  LOVE Wednesdays when I get to spend time with just her.




And Hi Ruby!  She’s so awesome.  Doing well right now and acting like a Four year old…sassy pants and all. 😉  She’s still on Nivo infusions every two weeks.

And another quick like video Dan put together from Saturday.  These boys…they are shredding!  Spent several hours at I street again.  Three weeks ago Sam hit the Cannon and now this wknd it was the wood drop right after it.  SO, so thankful we met River and his family two years ago.  Honestly, Sam probably wouldn’t be where he is today without all the time they’ve spent together.  They push and motivate each other AND have so much fun!

Time together

Just a short post this week.  Didn’t take many photos and Sam was lucky to spend most the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Kusterle in Kamas!  He had a blast the first night with Siri and some good quality time with them through Sunday morning.  Thank you Mom!


Dan and I had a little staycation.  We watched (an entire!) movie and had Indian food Friday night.  Yum!  Relaxed a little Saturday morning and of course, rode bikes for a while.  We rode from the house, out to Draper and up one of our favorite go-to trails…Canyon Hollow-Jacobs back down and to the house.  22 miles, 12 of those on the road.  That’s my longest ride thus far and unfortunately, my knee was really feeling it.  Not sure those longer rides are a part of my biking life…at least for the time being.  I still had so much fun though and being with Dan, riding bikes is one of THE best most fun things we do together.


Yard work and a few cooking shows later it was time for a super nice and delicious dinner out.  Thank you Justin and Kerrah for the lovely gift to Franks.  It was really, really good…and a once a year type place to eat.  That’s meatloaf…mashed potatoes, butternut squash and a berry lavender sauce on top.  Those fried onions…oh my!   Dan had a Tikka style beef cheek, also very yummy.


And the most tasty brussels sprouts in alllllllllll the land!  Man, so good.  Topped with sliced almonds and parm cheese.  We finished off the night at friend Jamon and Chelsea’s wedding reception/party at their house, got to see lots of old friends from my days working at Backcountry.com.  We got to stay past 8:30pm, woot! 😉


And when you stay up late and wake up too early at Grandmas, you take long naps at 1pm.  SO tuckered.


And another week of soccer.  He got to play goalie in Wednesday nights game.  SO serious and he played like a boss!  Even though he’s the shortest one out there, he was awesome and aggresive.  More soccer, more rain in the forecast, teaching at the gym, playing and bike time coming this week.   Also, there’s only six weeks left of first grade.  Time is flying!

Some Easter and the Cannon


Hope you all had a beautiful Easter Sunday.  We spent some time biking and then hanging out with my family in Kamas.  Was a wonderful, quiet day.


Oh hi Annie! SO cute.


And hi Jane!


Laps at I Street again.  They were there all afternoon and evening Saturday as well.  LOVE seeing this kid in action.  He seriously blows me (and most people) away with how brave and comfortable he is in the air, on his bike.


A few treats, swim goggles and a towel.  Not exactly what Easter is about, but sometimes I secretly love having and excuse to surprise him. 😉


A few treats for Dad and Mom.  I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve gotten only one bar of dark chocolate.  The rest is some fun new ride food or on the go protein snacks.


One of my favorite Fetzer family traditions is our egg hunt, always Easter weekend.  I get to see my lovely and awesome cousins for a few hours and catch up.  I love all of these people so much and the kids have a blast!


My beautiful Mom.  70 years young this year.


And another favorite party of the year, the Partain Easter egg hunt at my good friend Julia’s.  It’s grown from just those six of us you see here (and dear friend Sedra who passed away last year) and maybe 12 kids to now over 60 people.  She does 700 filled eggs and lets the kid go crazy.  I’ve known these ladies since before some of our kids could walk, Julia since I was in middle school.




And a rare ski day at Snowbird last Friday with my brother Matt and Emily.  Thank you for such a fun day, despite the crappy weather and snow conditions (it was pretty bad!).  We had tons of fun.


Finally lost that first tooth!  His gums were numb anyway from getting a cavity filled, so the dentist just pulled it out real quick.  Done and done.  Growing hair and losing teeth!


Miss Annie trying out the bumbo last week when I was there watching her during Ruby’s swim lesson.  I mean…her face!


Thank you Grandpa Mike for the card and generous tooth fairy/savings gift.  He hasn’t spent a dime yet, saving for a full suspension bike…not surprising.


Behr and Parks got a new toy.  You bet they were begging to ride that thing all day.


And this is the Cannon.  He and Dan were beyond stoked he hit this for the first time Saturday.  I’m so thankful to have River and Ted there to cheer him on and motivate him to try new things.  He and River shredded it last night and both stepped it up!  I’ll never, ever keep up with these seven year olds!
First time…LOVE how excited they were.

And just a little something Dan put together

Spring break, camping and colds


Spring break started last weekend for these boys.  They met Grandpa Mike down in Gooseberry Mesa for some biking and camping.


Super sweet campsite.  Must go back!


Got a few rides in.  Dan got some solo riding time, too.



SO bright! 😉



That view.


Caught a lizard!  He was preeeetty stoked.


The plan was to stay til Tuesday afternoon, but weather came in pretty quick Sunday evening and Sam was also getting a cold.  Rained on and off all night so they packed up and headed out Monday morning.  They had a great time, despite the short trip.   So glad Mike was able to come stay with us for two nights before heading home to CA.


Just totally chilled out.  Probably watching a bike show or SING 🙂  Can’t wait til we see you in July at your house!  Love you Grandpa and hope you’re cold is getting better.


Meanwhile, I was teaching a bunch at the gym (Next time I WILL be camping!) and spending some time with Ali and girls at my Moms.  A random Monday in Kamas.  It was freezing though!  Thanks Mom for the yummy dinner.  Delish.


These two.  Best buds.  They earned their root beer after Dan said they had to do pushups, pull ups and L-sits 😉  Leave it to Dan to make them work for a treat.  LOVE it.


No school means biking whenever he wants.  He said, “Mom, I would usually be doing math right now but instead I’m biking!”


He spent  A LOT of time with River the last part of the week.  We had Rive and his brother Canyon over one afternoon.  Behr and Parks joined in on allllll the boy things this day.


Ummm, and these two.  Just precious.  Annie is almost five months oldIMG_20170409_074408.jpgRained all day Saturday and woke up to this today.  Really spring?!  It was 70’s Friday and will be 70 again by Wednesday.


Thank goodness for bikes and indoor bike parks.  They spent a fair amount of time there the last few days.


Getting after it.

Looking forward to school back in session.  Just about two months left of first grade and we’re into Summer already.  Time is flying.  Oh, and he’s hoping he’ll loose his first tooth here in the next few weeks.  Growin’ up!