Good Monday Morning

Starting out this sunny Monday morning with my weekly weigh in.  Down almost 1lb from last week.  Still moving in the right direction and staying motivated and dedicated.   I’ve been into this new lifestyle 4.5 months now and total loss is 28 pounds.  Feeling very proud of myself.  Still have at least 20 or so more pounds to go, but it will all come off with time.  I keep wanting this process to go faster but I know the slow, steady and healthy way is the RIGHT way.

I’m happy!

medsThere’s been A LOT of this going on with Sam.  We’re down to using just a few of these items.  He still has a wicked cough but the bad runny nose, fever and all around general feeling awful is gone.   We’ve also been sleeping a lot more, thank goodness.  Get better little buddy!


Had to get out a bit on Friday, despite how crappy he was feeling.  We made it for a short walk and a quick trip to the librarybikeride Saturday was really nice, in the 40’s and we needed some sun on our faces come the afternoon.  Family bike ride to the park!  I know Sam is sick when he won’t/can’t ride all the way back home.  He made it almost halfway home and was too tired to keep going.  He did awesome otherwise and the Vitamin D was definitely needed.


parkladderWe had our monthly family dinner at Mom and John’s.  He was just not better enough yet to come so he and Dan stayed home.  They managed to get a little outing to the park in.  I love that he wants to wear his sunglasses 🙂   It was very quiet at family dinner with just Ali, Mark, Matt, me and a few kids.  So many sickies in our family right now had to stay home.  Get better everyone!

Despite having to take extra care of Sam, going to the doctor and all that I had good workouts last week.  We made some really yummy food as well.

chedderbaconsoupDan made my our favorite Broccoli Cheddar soup to share with Ali and Mark.  He did oven baked bacon for garnish.  Delicious!

Recipe from America’s Test Kitchen

Here’s to a healthier week with less sickness all around.


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