I sure do love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

lovelifeDan and I enjoyed some of these yesterday.  This is about as far as we go to celebrate heart day (although we did go on quick a date last week, that was nice!)

20130214_08083320130206_092845I had Sam’s Valentines for his Kinder Care class all ready to go last week.  He gave some out at his little party and I assumed we’d get to share the rest today.smileskiingWe even went on a special valentine ski date yesterday and he did SO great!  He skied the entire run down without my help. He just followed me doing big turns and pizza stops.  I’m a proud Mama!  I thought he was feeling OK……


Not so much,  This poor boy now has RSV.  Ugh, the worst.  His cough is wicked, annoying and so hard to listen to.  We were up ALL NIGHT LONG.  Never, in his three short years of living has he slept in our bed at night….until last night.  He just could not sleep and I was concerned about his breathing and he just needed comfort.

rsvWent to see his doctor today and he did a short breathing treatment.  From his cough and his congestion/snot going on it’s a for sure thing.  Unfortunately we can’t give him anything but lots of loves, shows, staying in, warm steam and some sleep aids.   Oh…and do I look tired?  Yeah, you can see my sleepless bags under my eyes.  Let’s hope for at least a few hours of rest tonight!

20130210_101201My love.  He is the best.

20130213_143005Tell someone you love them or give them a kiss!



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