Six years and a little getaway


Happy SIX year angle birthday to our sweet Naomi Jane.  We spent a while there Tuesday night, just the three of us this year.  I woke up early that morning, couldn’t sleep and just sat at her little bench we have in our yard, thinking about the day she was born and that week of her funeral.  I can remember every single detail and it’s SO vivid yet it’s already been six years.  A friend filmed her service and I haven’t been able to go back and watch it yet…until last Monday night.  I couldn’t help but cry…a lot.  It reminded me of just how tender and fragile we were and I’m so thankful time heals such broken hearts.  I’m also SO thankful to have been surrounded by so many family and friends who care so much in that time of need and comfort.  THANK YOU all so much for being there for us.




Thank you Ali and cousin Emily for going to visit.  Also Mom and Justin for going to see her grave.  I hope you know how much it means to us. 🙂


My family. My people. I love them.


This kid got his staples out last Thursday.  Healed up all nice and good now!

IMG_20180712_095654894Took these three up for some hiking around on the White Pine trail last week as well.  I 1000% love being outside on the mornings I don’t teach in the gym.


Oh man, he kills me sometimes. 😉


Sam, Ruby & Jane


And a quick little 24 hour getaway in Park City (thank you Ali for taking Sam!) Ali and Mark gifted us a GC to Riverhorse on Main…which I didn’t really realize how amazing it is.  I knew it was pricey and for good reason.  That dinner was SO good.  We walked a ways to get to and from dinner.  It was a perfectly overcast evening.  We celebrate 13 years of marriage in late August.


This is mostly for Grandma Jane…we were trying to think of where we’ve had SUCH good and amazing food and it’s definitely at the Cafe where she works.  This was tops with that. So yum.  Buffalo short ribs.  We split this, it was huge!


We also had a watermelon and avocado salad and some veal medallions with some greens.  This here is some of the richest dark chocolate decadence you’ll eat.   We also tried the espresso creme brulee…Dan’s favorite dessert on a special occasion.  We left full and VERY happy!

image 2


And a long ride to cap off the weekend.  It was hot but so fun.  A long pedal uphill, about 4,000 feet, 20ish miles and some super fun downhill and of course…you can’t beat the views all around Big Cottonwood Canyon and all of Park City.  I’m happiest when I’m out there up high with the ones I love the most.  I always tell people it’s my happy place because it REALLY is.  Armstrong-Pinecone-Crest-Canyons-bus to car-straight to Anaya’s Market for tacos and a cold drink!  Thankful we can do this little getaway at least once a year, just the two of us.  Back to normal summer with lots of swimming since Sam couldn’t for a week.  It’s hot so you’ll find us in the pool, in the cool basement or riding bikes later in the evening.  Feeling Happy and healthy.



Have a great week!



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