Happy place

Dan got some really good skiing in this weekend.


I LOVE, love seeing him in his happy place.  I believe skiing is his first love and you can just tell how much he’s missed these kinds of days.  He LOVES and cherishes his time with Sam so much but there’s nothing like going out and feeling just as good (if not better) at 35 as he did at 25. 🙂


Nothing exciting for St. Pattys day…just our matching green hats.  Hi River!


Such a good and FUN week at the gym.  Got to workout with Dan, Ali and friend Re one night last week.  It was a family affair!


Saturday crew.  LOVE my job!


Sometimes I get dressed in NOT workout clothes. 😉


My latest massage/torture/I wanted to cry session.  I know the uncomfortablness that will happen, but I feel SO much better after.  I’m so happy I found this massage therapist via Ali.  She is so good.


Sam and I both saw the Dermatologist last week.  I’m taking every precaution I can with the history of my skin cancer back in 2003 and our family cancer history, even though he’s only eight.  He has some bigger moles on his back I was curious about.  They all look fine and good, my body does as well.  The one thing she recommended though…he should always wear sunglasses!


A date out to Spitz.  It was delish and we’ll definitely be going back.


Hi Annie!  She’s walking around everywhere like crazy.  This little miss is a toddler!


Family dinner in Kamas to celebrate Ali, Ruby, Matt and Dave’s birthday.

And just a few videos.  Biking weather earlier last week, skiing weather Saturday and Sunday.


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