Sam is EIGHT!



Oh man…EIGHT years old already..EIGHT!


We love this boy so, so much.  He always tells me he loves me “forever and ever for infinity all the time”.  Me too buddy!


Of course this is what his cake was decorated with. 😉

He’s grown SO much in the last year.  He’s maturing with more friends around and in his ski and bike life he’s come leaps and bounds, as you all know.



We had a party earlier last week, but for his actual birthday on Saturday he requested to…play with River all day and hit Finley’s jump.  I love that he’s so easy to please for a celebration.  River was with us pretty much all day.  Sam requested Black Bear Diner for lunch.  They snarfed their food and River’s first time there.


They played and played and played some more.


And then it was time to go to bike friend Finley’s house.  Sam, Finley, River and Carter all played around and then hit their homemade jump for a bit.  That thing is NOT small.  Whew!


Sent it!


Thank you everyone for the calls, messages and gifts all of you sent.  I hope you know how much he appreciated it and how lucky we are to have you in our lives.  He is SO, so loved.  He is my best buddy and Dan’s little sidekick to boot!


I did teach a bit on Saturday before birthday fun.  SUCH an awesome and big crew!


Birthday party at Get Air.  He wanted the same party as last year.  Only difference is we added a few more friends.  This is the best because they can jump and sweat like crazy for an hour, eat and we go home to a clean house 😉


Twinners!  This is Finley.  Finley is an insanely good biker at 11 years old.  Downhill, BMX…all of it.  He is especially good at being in the air and Sam REALLY looks up to him.  This made his night for sure.


Dan, Sam, Parks and River



And just because she is WAY too cute.  Got to spend some time with Annie last week while Ali and Ruby had a long hospital day.

50’s and sunny here. This is NOT January weather, but we’ll enjoy it while we can.  Maybe a bit of now this week.   Keep all your fingers crossed!



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