Pretty places and races


Quick trip down south to Brianhead for the Super D race on Saturday.  Stayed in a hotel in Beaver Friday night, raced and came home that night, whew!


I rode with them!  Buuuuutttt, it didn’t last long.  That trail was spicey and definitely out of my comfort zone.  I ended up clipping my handle bar on a tree, on a totally flat part of the trail, DOH!  Bruised my hand pretty good so I hung out while they did some practice laps before the race started.



Not long after that first run, things escalated quickly in the sky.


The Mallen twins and their Dad.  Sam loooooooves hangin’ with these boys.  Follows them around like he’s a big kid.  I think they’re almost 10.


Started hailing, raining, thunder and lighting so lifts closed for a bit.  We hung out in and outside the lodge all day, waiting out the on and off rain.


He ended up crashing on one of his practice runs and said he didn’t want to race.  The combo of wet, muddy and it was raining a lot at that point got him down.  As soon as the Mallen twins rallied him to cheer up, he was good!  Took another lap and he was happy and ready to go.  That was right after he finished.  He shredded it!


So muddy but “that was SO fun Mom!!”  So proud of him.  There were only two in the 6-8yr age group, he took second.  The other kid was much bigger, probably 8 going on 9yrs old.


One of his favorite parts, the medal ceremony and raffle drawing at the end.  We aaaalllways have to stay for that 😉


So tuckered out.  5 laps including his race run will wear a seven year old out.


The drive home went pretty quick and oh so beautiful.

After going to bed too late, we were up and out the door to meet up with a long time gym friend of mine and her family at Jordanelle Reservoir.  Sam has been asking to play on their wave runners, so we made it happen.


Jen and Jason’s kids, Rylan and Gavan.  These three play so great together.



One of the nicest, most genuine and caring women I know.  Jen is the salt of the earth!


Winds picked up and we got going.  I was pretty tired from the past two days and ready to take a shower 🙂  Thanks again, JenSavi!


Earlier in the week….


Haircut!  Looking so grown up to me.


A rare morning workout with just Ali.  No class, just the two of us lifting together like old times…or times that were a bit less busy.  Family, kids, life…etc get a hold of us and take priority sometimes, so I’m glad she could meet me that morning.


Another pretty hike on a Thursday.  Took the kids to Donut falls and then a picnic lunch at Ali’s in-laws…Thack’s Shack, right down the road.



Oh Annie.  SO cute.




Finished out the weekend with a little scrambling/bouldering up LCC.



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