Christmas in August


This lucky, lucky boy was surprised yesterday at our favorite bike ship, Go Ride.  Dan has been saving and researching (like the bike geek that he is..I love it) for this day.  We had the bike shipped to the shop and used an excuse to go there yesterday.  I thought Sam’s reaction would be crazy and loud but instead, he was quiet and didn’t quite know what to think.  He was confused.. mostly because we had talked about a different brand of bike coming.  Once he sat on it though, he was overflowing with alllll the joy.  We made sure to tell him four times over that Christmas + his birthday came early just for this year.  He’s finally not the only one racing a hard tail bike at all the races 🙂  I know all of this bike stuff…the races, the nice bikes, the gear…etc seems over the top to many people(trust me, I’ve heard it all)  but it makes us so happy and proud that he is loving this sport so much.  If we can help him along the way on whatever path this will take him, we will!


He is officially faster than me. Nuts!


Proud and stoked Dad.



Lunch at Grandma Carol’s work earlier last week.  Please retire to part time soon, Mom.  We need to spend more time with you!


And a Fetzer cousin swim day at the pool we grew up going to… for hours at a time.  So many fun memories there at Evergreen.

View from Dan’s ride Sunday.  He rode up and down Snowbird.  Good, steep climb up those 3,000 feet.



And the the most bummed out news of last week.  Our favorite and only indoor bike place has closed.  The boys shut it down Friday night.  They are going to miss that place like crazy, especially in the colder months.  One of the main reasons Sam is the rider he is, is because of all the time they’ve spent there just ripping around.   The plan for now.. is to get them up night skiing more this winter.

It’s been real, Wasatch!

We’ve got lots coming up before school starts in two weeks.  Some trips, lots of family time, some time at the cabin, more swimming and enjoying a loose schedule.  Before I know it, he’ll be leaving me again all day 🙂


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