All the pretty views


Amazingly pretty views all week, so thankful!  Started my Sunday out with a hike to the top of the tram while the boys rode at Trailside.


When you’re filled with so much happiness and joy you can’t contain it 😉


Top!  My gym friend and fellow trainer at Thryve and her sister.  What seems like not so brutal of a hike to us, was REALLY difficult at times for her.  She made it though, her first time!


Thursday Sam and I spent adventuring in the mountains.  Got to hangout with Grandma Carol even!  A picnic and walk around Silver Lake in BCC.  John’s son Mike and his family were in town, so we met up with them.  It’s been so many years since I’ve seen any of my step brothers (I have three).  They were so nice!


Earlier that morning he and I hiked to Cecret Lake at Alta.  One of my favorite, happy places!  Looking to Devil’s Castle.




And even more pretty views.  Finally rode the Crest for the first time this year.  In past years, I’ve already done this ride many times.  No matter how little or how often I’m up there it just never ever gets old, boring or ugly 🙂  This is Desolation Lake.


Yeah Re!


Also…my happy place.


The sunset after our ride was on fire!


Sam and River played for at least eight hours one day last week.  They could play for days and days and days.


5:45am lifting face.  I’m tired, but don’t I look so focused 😉  I’ve still been getting in some of my workouts super early in the morning so Sam doesn’t have to stay in the childcare for very long.  Keeps us both happy.


We’ve both grown a lot on the inside and outside.  Seven years difference.  I’m happy that as times moves forward we are able to be better, happier, stronger and more mature versions of ourselves.  Look at that chubby Sam!




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