Naomi 5 year angel birthday


Early last week we celebrated and remembered our daughter and sister.  Thank you to some of our family who came to just be there and be with us.  Our grief gets lighter as the years go by, but we can never forget, especially the day she was born.  Our hearts are tender, but time does heal.  We love you Naomi.


Justin, Ali, Liz, Dan & Carol


These cousins 🙂  We’re pretty sure Naomi and the girls would be BFF’s.



Earlier in the week, Sam and River shredded it at the Park City dirt jumps camp.  Two seven year olds and six teenagers, it was quite the group..and I’m sure you can guess which two were going biggest 😉


Awesome Saturday morning crew.  LOVE these people and that place!


Sunday feels.  Dan got in a long ride and Sam decided to join him on the nap thing 😉


Really fun and beautiful hike up Alta with friend Crystal Saturday night.  We were going to hike Snowbird but the route we wanted to go was closed.  I don’t normally hike downhill, but my knee doesn’t hurt today…not anymore than it usually does anyway 🙂

It was SO nice and cool and there was no one else around.



Top of Collins



Top of Jupiter Peak.  Dan got out early, starting at Mill D. His route—> Road to Gaurdsmans-Up to Jupiter Peak-down Empire-back up to the Crest-Crest and Beartrap Fork.  22 miles and 4,700 feet of climbing.  Solid day!


It’s hot, hot, hot here.  Close to 100 and over multiple days in a row.  High 90’s for the next week again.  You can find us at the pool or in the basement 😉


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