The day these boys have been waiting for finally came!  Boys night out at the Nitro World Games downtown.  Can you tell they were excited? 😉  They rode trax down and back and made a long night out of it! Thank you Dan for showing them a good time.


They watched BMX, Skateboarding, and huge Moto jumps.  I saw some of it on TV while they were there, it’s so cool.  They got home around 10:15pm….and of course, Sam was up right at 7am, per usual.


Couldn’t hang past 2:30pm today.  Silly boy who never sleeps in.


Got in a ride while they were out.  Fire burning behind me in Alpine.  There are A LOT of fires burning here in UT right now, the Brian Head fire in southern UT being the biggest in the US right now.  Scary times.


Got in a bunch of shuttle laps over the past week.


Pool time with Annie.  So adorable.


And more time with the girls while Ali and Mark were with Ruby at here PET scan/Oncologist appt/another infusion.  The girls had so much fun with Sam.


And by FAR the best news of the week was that Ruby’s scans showed her tumors are stable.  Just…amazing and so happy and thankful she’s still here and being an awesome four year old!


Another awesome creation/made up recipe from Dan.  Broccoli cakes!  Delish.


Had to go up to Park City to register Sam for a dirt jump camp.  He decided to hit the jumps for a bit.  It was pretty hot, but he was still eager to jump.


Took him to see the Olympic park and water ramps on the way home.  SUCH a cool place.  He was amazed at the ski jumpers.  That afternoon there were quite a lot of freestyle jumpers, so the tricks were extra rad to watch.



Making my Saturday crew suffer at the end of the workout ;).  Nothing like some wall sits to set your legs on extra fire after 50 minutes of other awesome stuff. 😉


And a shout out to this awesomely strong woman who is my client.  I’ve been working with Nikie since March.  She’s lost 21 pounds, but most importantly it’s amazing how much stronger, fit and healthy she is!  This is the part of personal training that I love…when the client actually puts in the work OUTSIDE of the short sessions we have in there.  I give guidance, she does the work.  Plus, we’re both mt bikers and skiers so we get along real nice.

So excited for the week to come.  Sister Jenn and kids will be here from CA Wednesday!!


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