Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day!  We had a great weekend hanging out together and going on a few adventures.  We love you SO much Dan!


I love these sleepy heads.  Well, Sam’s not so sleepy at 6:45am, but Dan sure is 😉  “Dad!! Happy Father’s Day weekend!!”


Hi Fred!


Dan finally got out on a really long, proper adventure Saturday.  He biked from the house to the trail head.  Stashed his bike and scrambled up the west slabs of Mt. Olympus.  Those view!  5,000 feet of up and tons of fun coming down and 24 miles of biking (except for the bush whacking at the end, yikes!)


He saw two rattle snakes.  They’ve been out like crazy this year.


Lunch and a beverage on the North ridge.



While Dan was out playing, we were at Millie’s Princess Run.  These kids all ran the race and did so great!  Also…cancer sucks.


Sam and cousin Emily


They all ran SO fast, especially Jane!  That girl better be on the track team when she’s old enough. 🙂IMG_20170614_074555

A great way to start my day.  Bootcamp with that woman in the stripes.  Tricia taught me how to teach spin and hired me for the first time back at the old gym.  She runs bootcamps out of her home in Draper.  So fun!


All the ladies, working so hard in Burn last week.  I LOVE my job.


Swim time!  I’m usually the only Mom who’s over sitting in the shade after 45 mins or so.  I was with four other Mom’s this day and they all sat in the sun for almost three hours…three hours is too much for your skin day in and day out, people!  (I could go on a rant, but I won’t)


He is seriously giving me a run for my money and speed on the trails now.  Thank you Dan for shuttling us yesterday.  I was almost left in the dust on Vertigo.  He’s just shredding!


And Sam wins for best Father’s Day card.  I hope Dan holds onto this one forever.  I just love it.



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