School’s out!


First and last day of FIRST grade.  He’s definitely grown on the inside and out!


Miss Ravsten.  He’s sure going to miss her a lot.  She was SO, so great!


Seven years and five months old


You bet we went swimming a bunch already!


Hi River!  They spent most the day Thursday and Friday together.  BFF’s.


Rivers brother Canyon joined in on the fun one day, too.  He’s so crazy and asks a million questions.  Love that three year old.


One of Dan’s epic breakfasts…one of the many reasons we don’t really ever go to Breakfast unless we have company in town.  I love that he takes pictures of his meals 😉


Super fresh eggs from a good friend.  Thank you Jen!


Rivers have been raging all last week.  Temps close to 100, backing off starting tomorrow thankfully.  Got a few rides in.


Corner Canyon, looking towards Lone Peak.


Really fun birthday party for one of Sam’s riding buddies.  Funtopia!


Oh hi, Rudolph 😉  Dan took quite the digger last week while paying attention to Sam and not the trail.  Jammed his finger and cracked his bike frame. He’s already looking much better though.


In one month we’ll celebrate Naomi’s 5th birthday.  Time goes so slow, yet I have all of these memories so vivid in my mind and heart.  Today I’ve been very thankful for her and the happiness we have in our lives right now.


And I wanted to share something I put on my social media last week.  I didn’t really want to say much about it, but so many people have asked and I wanted this struggle of mine to just be out there, especially for family who I don’t see often in person.

“Hello…I’m Liz and I’m an emotional eater.  A binge and restrict eater actually.  I thought that after going through quite the weight loss journey my eating and emotional problems would magically be gone.  Oh, how I wish that were true!  Now that I’m here and have come such a long way, some of my eating habits are manifesting themselves in ways I wasn’t really expecting.  I’ve been over exercising and my eating has been out of whack for over two years now.  I’m sick of feeling sick, tired and guilty for eating all the foods after being so “good” all week then overeating like crazy every 7-14 days, then trying to out exercise that.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Four weeks ago, I hired a coach to help set me up for success…first in my mind and emotionally with food and anything that happens on the outside is a bonus.  I haven’t binged or overeaten much in these four weeks.  This is HUGE for me, huge!  I’m learning how much my body actually needs to fuel my life and workouts (Which I’ve cut back on) and I feel so good already!  My mind is getting right and I’m seeing successes everyday.  I’m only putting this out there because so many people have been asking what I’ve been doing AND if any of this sounds like your life, you are not alone! Us women especially eat our emotions, we just have to try hard to learn how to control it.  This is me and my struggle each day, but if I can overcome the very hard things I have so far in my life, I can do this and you can too!  Lots of love to all of the people in my life who inspire and help me everyday.”



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