Sundance Showdown


What an awesome weekend!  All that riding/practicing paid off.  I was a little worried after Saturday that Sam wouldn’t want to race Sunday but his mood improved.

His Super D race went super smooth and he beat his race time last year at Nordic Valley by over six minutes!  However, he was up against older boys Saturday and he was the only kid on a hard tail bike.  All the other kids are on full suspension bikes, which makes a difference.  Also, he and River were two of three still on 20″ wheels, automatically making them a bit slower.  There’s some steep competition when the age groups are set up the way they are.  I had so much fun hanging out, watching all the teens and younger groms finish.  Hungout with Rivers Mom and siblings until they finished.  It was hot and a long, long day especially when Sam found out he took 7th.  There were some tears a few times and some really bad attitude but I knew it would pass.  He was tired, it was warm and by the time we left it was past 3pm (they got there at 8am).


Dan rides behind him in case there’s a crash or flat tire or anything.  Was super fun to see the Dad’s behind their younger kids…and for real, these 7-10 year olds are giving their parents a run for their money, so fast!


Ted, River, Sam and Zinnia

IMG_20170603_124124Super D finish line.  And holy smokes it beautiful up there!


Waiting for medal ceremony.  River took 4th so he got a medal.  You can’t really tell, but Sam is on the verge of tears here.  He walked over after and just sunk his head into me, making sure no one saw him cry.  Oh man, my heart was just sad for him but I know and he knows ultimately it’s all about having fun with family and friends!  Sometimes it’s hard for a seven year old to take that to heart all the time.


He left the house super happy Sunday morning, thank goodness.  Ready to race the downhill.  They watched the Pro’s go at the end.


And he took 3rd place! 7-9 year old group.  Dan said it was his fastest ride yet, Woot!


Loving his new hat from Flow Kids Bikes.


Lots of friends  to hangout with and they all get along so well.  I love that they all cheer each other on and are SO positive to each other.   SUCH a great weekend!  His next race is in Idaho, at Pomerelle Ski Resort (about three hours away).  Dan, Sam, Ted and River will be heading up there at the end of the month.


And a few from last week…


Earlier in the week he had his last soccer game.  Go Tigers!  They came a long way from their first few games, losing all the time.  He’ll stay with these coaches in the seasons to come, for as long as they’re around.  They are the best.


Coach Jonezy and Coach Brian!


Another sweaty spin class at Thryve.  Love these ladies!


And have you ever seen him so mad to be on his bike?  We haven’t! I thought he’d be super excited to ride to school AND have a donut with Dad. He definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this day.  Yikes.


It doesn’t look great, but it was delish!  Cauliflower “fried rice.”  I added in some beets just because.  This was riced cauliflower, eggs, some chicken, carrots, beets, soy sauce, ginger and garlic, scallions and cilantro.  5 minutes and ready to eat.  Easy peasy.

Sunday night dinner and alllllll the yummy grilled veggies.


I made double what we ate for dinner.  Leftovers are the best.

2 1/2 days of school left.  Summer is here!


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