Ok, Spring


OK spring…OK.  Just too cold for this time of year.  Woke to snow last week and it’s been pretty chilly most the week.  Finally sun and a bit warmer yesterday, more rain today 🙂


Took Ruby to have lunch with Sam at school.  So, so fun!


All the kids were asking her a million questions….and begging for their NOT from the cafeteria pizza.


Jane’s cheering section at her game.  She did SO great!  She really is so good at soccer and she pretty much scores multiple goals every game.


I don’t get to lift with just Ali very much, so Saturday morning was such a treat.  She comes to my classes, but I don’t actually get to workout next to  her and I LOVE doing that.  We could chat for days…


Got in a super pretty Quarry ride Saturday afternoon while the boys were at Sundance opening for bike season.  Sam is registered for the Sundance Showdown Super D race at the beginning of June, so he and River will be getting in as much time there as they can to practice.  Thank you Dan for spending all day there, despite the crappy cold you’ve had.


End of year Grand Event at school was really fun.  He won a HUGE cupcake and paid with his money to get his face painted.  His night was made.



First graders performing their songs they worked so hard to prepare for.  It was actually really, really good!  And yes, that’s Ady..his not girlfriend (that’s what he’ll tell you) there on his right.  Every time I’ve been in class or at a school function, they’re next to each other 😉

And just a little bit from their day at Sundance…

Oh man, we can’t stop laughing at this video…even after watching it 20 times.

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