Mother’s Day and a birthday


Happy 35th Birthday Dan!  I’m sure you already know how much we love and appreciate you, but I’ll tell you again…WE LOVE YOU so, so much.  Can’t imagine life without you.  Hope you have a super fun weekend, despite the cold you’ve had 😉


Between Mother’s Day and his birthday, we were feeling the love.  Thanks to those who sent cards and other generous things.  We appreciate you!


Dan got in a ride Saturday.  LCC creek is raging.  Hot for a few days and it’s cooled down again.  We’ll be much cooler and rainy for half of this next week.


Lost another tooth!


Sam and River doing their thing at the skate park one day last week.


I don’t even know. 🙂


I requested to relax in the morning, get out on a ride and spend time at my Mom’s for Mother’s Day.  Sam asked so nicely if I would ride Rush with him, I couldn’t say no.  We ended up doing four laps total.  Two with me, two with Dan.  It was perfect and I didn’t even get in a ride by myself…and I was 100% OK with it!  I LOVE this boy so much.


Seven years into Motherhood.


Sam insisted we needed our picture taken together 😉


A visit to sister.  From my social media, “Mother of two.  He made me a Mom first and I’m so thankful!  This kid makes me feel older and younger at the same time 😉  I’m so happy I get to experience Motherhood with him by my side.”  We love BOTH of our children so, so much.


 Liz, Carol & Ali.  Missing you Jenn, but I know you’re having fun on the beach!


Hi Annie!  Gosh, she is so freakin’ cute right now.


Happy Birthday Dan!


Grandpa John being especially cute singing and chatting with Annie.  So fun to see him be this way with his grandchildren.

Lots of classes to teach at the gym, soccer practice and games, biking, family time and three short weeks left of school.   Luckily, Sam hasn’t been counting down the days as much as I thought he would.  We got our pool passes last week, so I’m ready to roll with summer showing up soon.


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