Moab in May

Made it down south one more time before it gets too hot.

So glad we did.  Met new friends and got to spend time with old friends who we haven’t seen in a very long time.  Turns out, their 8 year old Holden and Sam had A BLAST together.  Dan was saying how it felt like we hardly saw Sam because the kids were off playing, climbing rocks and biking around camp the entire weekend.  So great!


Took over an hour to find a camp spot but this place was 110% worth the long drive out.  Tons of room for three families and all our stuff.  Plus the perfect playground for the kids…playing 🙂


Holden and Sam racing the remote control car.  They also slept in a small two-man tent together both nights.  It was perfect and I loved hearing them giggle and chat before anyone else was awake in the mornings.


Good thing we all think alike.  James brought their ramp down, same as the one we have.  Over and over and over…




Saturday sunrise.  Weather was calling for a little front to roll through in the afternoon, but we didn’t think it would be anything to worry about.


Just so pretty.


7:30am jump session




Sooooooo many rocks to play on!



The clouds were so nice, kept the heat away.  It was pretty hot when we got there Friday afternoon, so this felt nice.


Traci, Dan and I rode a loop with the boys while the other two Dads rode with the three other girls on some mellow trails.  Super kid friendly out on the Brand trails.



Had to get some Milt’s Stop and Eat for lunch. SO busy but very yummy.  Played at the park for a while with everyone then we rallied a swap for an adults ride.  Moms ride Captain Ahab then switch off so the Dads could get one in.  No pictures of Ahab with Traci.  The clouds cleared for the 1.5 hrs we were riding the trail and it was HOT.  Like, your head and face feels SO hot and red on the climb up.  As soon as we got done, the clouds rolled in again and the lightning started a bit as the Dads were getting ready to ride.


Traci and I loaded up the kids and headed back to camp.  The entire way there it was raining and got worse and worse, especially the wind.  Oh my, that wind blew CRAZY hard as we pulled into camp.  That tent sort of survived.  Broken poles and stuff flying around everywhere, cars were moving and shaking…it was nuts!  Good thing the kids thought it was actually really cool.  I knew it would subside at some point.  Had to stay in the car for about 45 mins to wait it out.  The wind died down around 5:30 and the rain let up as well.  Cloudy and nice for grilling and a campfire.  I went from being overly hot and sweaty to freezing in one hour.  The Dads made it back just as the storm calmed down.  They got caught in the rain and wind but made the entire ride.


This cool thin, fin like rock was just around the corner from camp.




Sam, Holden and Hadley (his sister)




New friend Scott (he has two girls) and Dan.  Turns out they have a lot in common.  Both work in the same field and had A LOT to talk about.  I was so glad they got to chat so much about work stuff that I don’t understand. 😉


Almost bedtime.


Sunday morning.


Breakfast around the fire pit and already riding bikes…again.


Packed up and headed out for a shuttle with the boys while the girls, Scott and Traci went to some other trails.  Rode out in the Mag 7 area, a trail called Getaway.  It was SO perfect for these two and super kid friendly.  Sam says as we’re riding behind him…”now THIS is a flow trail!”  Ha!




Middle of the trail timer selfie.  I LOVE my people so much!  Ended on these trails with Dan going one last lap by himself while Sam and I hungout at the bottom.  Perfect camp spot, great friends, yummy food and all around pretty great weather.  Can’t ask for a better weekend in the desert.  I’m sure we’ll be back in the fall.



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