Fred the Gecko


First pet!  Fred the gecko joined our fam on Thursday.  Easy to take care of, not stinky, really cool looking and only eats twice a week.  It’s a win-win for all of us 😉


He’s an Eyelash Crested Gecko.  This morning he was very light brown, but the past two days he’s been super orange.  Sam is just so comfortable with him already.


I mostly love this picture of Sam’s eyes.

He lives on Sam’s drawers.  You just change out the paper towel whenever you think it needs, maybe every 2-4 weeks.  He’ll give the habitat a spray once a day to keep it a bit humid as well.  He loves to hide in the plants because he sleeps all day…when he’s not being held for a bit.  Geckos usually live reeeeeeallly long lives, so there’s a good chance Sam will take this with him whenever he leaves home (that just sounds crazy far away!)


Played goalie again last week and killed it! It was cold and rainy but let up just for an hour during the game.  They did SO awesome.  Go Tigers!


Another Monday, another super awesome Burn class.  LOVE these people that work so hard.IMG_20170430_131705

Riding with new friends!  We’ve known Holden and his Dad James for a long time, but haven’t really ridden with them.  Shuttle lap on the Quarry.  Holden rides moto dirt bikes and Sam thinks that the coolest thing ever.  These two will definitely be playing together soon.


Hi Annie! Getting so big in the jumper.  LOVE Wednesdays when I get to spend time with just her.




And Hi Ruby!  She’s so awesome.  Doing well right now and acting like a Four year old…sassy pants and all. 😉  She’s still on Nivo infusions every two weeks.

And another quick like video Dan put together from Saturday.  These boys…they are shredding!  Spent several hours at I street again.  Three weeks ago Sam hit the Cannon and now this wknd it was the wood drop right after it.  SO, so thankful we met River and his family two years ago.  Honestly, Sam probably wouldn’t be where he is today without all the time they’ve spent together.  They push and motivate each other AND have so much fun!


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