Time together

Just a short post this week.  Didn’t take many photos and Sam was lucky to spend most the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Kusterle in Kamas!  He had a blast the first night with Siri and some good quality time with them through Sunday morning.  Thank you Mom!


Dan and I had a little staycation.  We watched (an entire!) movie and had Indian food Friday night.  Yum!  Relaxed a little Saturday morning and of course, rode bikes for a while.  We rode from the house, out to Draper and up one of our favorite go-to trails…Canyon Hollow-Jacobs back down and to the house.  22 miles, 12 of those on the road.  That’s my longest ride thus far and unfortunately, my knee was really feeling it.  Not sure those longer rides are a part of my biking life…at least for the time being.  I still had so much fun though and being with Dan, riding bikes is one of THE best most fun things we do together.


Yard work and a few cooking shows later it was time for a super nice and delicious dinner out.  Thank you Justin and Kerrah for the lovely gift to Franks.  It was really, really good…and a once a year type place to eat.  That’s meatloaf…mashed potatoes, butternut squash and a berry lavender sauce on top.  Those fried onions…oh my!   Dan had a Tikka style beef cheek, also very yummy.


And the most tasty brussels sprouts in alllllllllll the land!  Man, so good.  Topped with sliced almonds and parm cheese.  We finished off the night at friend Jamon and Chelsea’s wedding reception/party at their house, got to see lots of old friends from my days working at Backcountry.com.  We got to stay past 8:30pm, woot! 😉


And when you stay up late and wake up too early at Grandmas, you take long naps at 1pm.  SO tuckered.


And another week of soccer.  He got to play goalie in Wednesday nights game.  SO serious and he played like a boss!  Even though he’s the shortest one out there, he was awesome and aggresive.  More soccer, more rain in the forecast, teaching at the gym, playing and bike time coming this week.   Also, there’s only six weeks left of first grade.  Time is flying!


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