Some Easter and the Cannon


Hope you all had a beautiful Easter Sunday.  We spent some time biking and then hanging out with my family in Kamas.  Was a wonderful, quiet day.


Oh hi Annie! SO cute.


And hi Jane!


Laps at I Street again.  They were there all afternoon and evening Saturday as well.  LOVE seeing this kid in action.  He seriously blows me (and most people) away with how brave and comfortable he is in the air, on his bike.


A few treats, swim goggles and a towel.  Not exactly what Easter is about, but sometimes I secretly love having and excuse to surprise him. 😉


A few treats for Dad and Mom.  I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve gotten only one bar of dark chocolate.  The rest is some fun new ride food or on the go protein snacks.


One of my favorite Fetzer family traditions is our egg hunt, always Easter weekend.  I get to see my lovely and awesome cousins for a few hours and catch up.  I love all of these people so much and the kids have a blast!


My beautiful Mom.  70 years young this year.


And another favorite party of the year, the Partain Easter egg hunt at my good friend Julia’s.  It’s grown from just those six of us you see here (and dear friend Sedra who passed away last year) and maybe 12 kids to now over 60 people.  She does 700 filled eggs and lets the kid go crazy.  I’ve known these ladies since before some of our kids could walk, Julia since I was in middle school.




And a rare ski day at Snowbird last Friday with my brother Matt and Emily.  Thank you for such a fun day, despite the crappy weather and snow conditions (it was pretty bad!).  We had tons of fun.


Finally lost that first tooth!  His gums were numb anyway from getting a cavity filled, so the dentist just pulled it out real quick.  Done and done.  Growing hair and losing teeth!


Miss Annie trying out the bumbo last week when I was there watching her during Ruby’s swim lesson.  I mean…her face!


Thank you Grandpa Mike for the card and generous tooth fairy/savings gift.  He hasn’t spent a dime yet, saving for a full suspension bike…not surprising.


Behr and Parks got a new toy.  You bet they were begging to ride that thing all day.


And this is the Cannon.  He and Dan were beyond stoked he hit this for the first time Saturday.  I’m so thankful to have River and Ted there to cheer him on and motivate him to try new things.  He and River shredded it last night and both stepped it up!  I’ll never, ever keep up with these seven year olds!
First time…LOVE how excited they were.

And just a little something Dan put together


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