Spring break, camping and colds


Spring break started last weekend for these boys.  They met Grandpa Mike down in Gooseberry Mesa for some biking and camping.


Super sweet campsite.  Must go back!


Got a few rides in.  Dan got some solo riding time, too.



SO bright! 😉



That view.


Caught a lizard!  He was preeeetty stoked.


The plan was to stay til Tuesday afternoon, but weather came in pretty quick Sunday evening and Sam was also getting a cold.  Rained on and off all night so they packed up and headed out Monday morning.  They had a great time, despite the short trip.   So glad Mike was able to come stay with us for two nights before heading home to CA.


Just totally chilled out.  Probably watching a bike show or SING 🙂  Can’t wait til we see you in July at your house!  Love you Grandpa and hope you’re cold is getting better.


Meanwhile, I was teaching a bunch at the gym (Next time I WILL be camping!) and spending some time with Ali and girls at my Moms.  A random Monday in Kamas.  It was freezing though!  Thanks Mom for the yummy dinner.  Delish.


These two.  Best buds.  They earned their root beer after Dan said they had to do pushups, pull ups and L-sits 😉  Leave it to Dan to make them work for a treat.  LOVE it.


No school means biking whenever he wants.  He said, “Mom, I would usually be doing math right now but instead I’m biking!”


He spent  A LOT of time with River the last part of the week.  We had Rive and his brother Canyon over one afternoon.  Behr and Parks joined in on allllll the boy things this day.


Ummm, and these two.  Just precious.  Annie is almost five months oldIMG_20170409_074408.jpgRained all day Saturday and woke up to this today.  Really spring?!  It was 70’s Friday and will be 70 again by Wednesday.


Thank goodness for bikes and indoor bike parks.  They spent a fair amount of time there the last few days.


Getting after it.

Looking forward to school back in session.  Just about two months left of first grade and we’re into Summer already.  Time is flying.  Oh, and he’s hoping he’ll loose his first tooth here in the next few weeks.  Growin’ up!


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