Team Tangerine


Soccer season is here.  Go Tigers! #TeamTangerine 😉  The field is bigger and now they play with a goalie.  He did SO awesome and  was just so, so excited to play.  And since he plays soccer at recess everyday (which has seriously helped his ball skills), this was a nice change from the blacktop at school.  He loved every minute!


And he has two coaches who REALLY, really care about them.  In recreation soccer it’s a bit rare to get one coach so passionate but two?!  We’re lucky this spring.


Soccer practice was rained out, but these boys played outside for over an hour.  Rain?  Who cares!


Hungout with this growing babe last week, too.  She’s about 4.5 months old and getting so strong now.  She was super happy this day, just cooing and laughing and wanting to smile all the time.  Ruby had her CT scan and another miracle…her tumors are stable!  It’s the best news they can hope for at this point.  More infusions of Nivolumab then a PET or MRI scan in three months.  Follow Ali’s blog for updates.  SUCH good news and more time with Ruby.


Ali AND Mark working out together in my Saturday class.  I was so happy when they both walked in.  Thank you babysitter for their girls for an hour. 🙂 Just the best.


Another Thursday, another really awesome group in my 9am Burn.  They work SO hard every single time.  Sure do love my job.


A little dinner date to our fav place Saigon..again.  It was delish and I really, really love this man.  A lot.


Skiing with the ladies at Alta Saturday afternoon.  SO much fun with Grandma Carol and Ali.  Siri and Jane are skiing so fast and so well!  And Ruby…well, she’s just having fun and that’s what matters most 😉


Ruby, Carol, Siri, Ali, Jane, Liz


The boys met Grandpa Mike down south for some camping, biking and exploring.  Hoping the weather is OK for them, storms coming.  They’ll probably cut the trip short, but hoping that means I’ll get to hangout with Mike a little bit before he heads back to CA.  And this picture…LOVE it.  Just hanging out in the desert, playing guitar and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.


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