Biking then and now


Warmer last week and rain on and off the past few days.  Lots of rain.


They skied what is probably their last day at Sundance.  Yay for another super fun ski season there!  Thank you Dan for spending so much time with Sam and River there.


Makings of homemade Sriracha.


And Dan makes THE best chicken soup, using some of  his homemade stock right from the freezer.  He cooked the rice separately and topped the soup with it.  It was SO GOOD.  Perfect for a rainy day.


And he finally has a loose tooth!  Actually, the bottom two teeth..  They won’t be REALLY loose for a few weeks, but the dentist casually said, “oh, you have two loose teeth, did you know that?!”  I had no idea.  I’m telling you, it was like Christmas when they told him.  Everyone in his class, his friends and cousins have lost teeth and it’s his turn now 🙂


I’ve been spending some time on Wednesday’s with Annie while Ruby goes to swim lessons.  She’s getting bigger, stronger and ohhhhhh so cute!

And since I didn’t take many pictures over the last seven days I’ll end with this.  A little motivation and feeling proud of my journey in this life over the last 4.5 years.  Success and progress is usually NOT a straight line to reach your goal or wherever you think you should or want to be.  It sure does take a while sometimes and thankfully I’ve enjoyed most of this journey to better health, body composition and confidence. I’m feeling GREAT!


About a 60 pound difference.  Smiling and stoked to be riding in both….but much happier, healthier and more confident on the inside and out now.


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