Jump Jam and this weather


It’s just too warm for March.  That just means we’re biking now instead of skiing.  Lots of time at the Draper dirt jump for the boys and we all got out riding over the weekend.  Saturday was 79 degrees.  Maybe some rain this week at some point.


Shuttle laps on Rush are back!


Thankful for lots of friends who invite us to fun parties.  So fun Jessica, thank you!


St. Paddy’s look for school.


First ride in Draper and so happy to be riding with one of my favorite ladies.


Re Wikstrom!


She’s a professional photographer in her real life.  It’s fun when she wants to get fancy and take pics while we’re biking. 😉


Monday morning crew.  I LOVE these ladies!


Spent several hours last Tuesday at one of Ruby’s infusions…her sixth on this round to be exact.  It can be pretty boring, especially for Ali so I was glad I could keep her company.  And an early Birthday lunch for Ali afterwards.  My little sister is 34!  Ruby’s next CT scan is a week from Tuesday.  Check her blog for updates on what’s happening with Ruby…and the ever growing Annie, who’s four months old this week!


Lots of Birthday’s in March…Ruby, Grandpa Mike, brother Matt, brother in-law Dave and Ali.


A visit to sister.  My little family.  Oh how I love them.  And seeing Sam wipe off her headstone with me to make it look nice.  So tender.


And his first indoor bike competition, the Jump Jam at Wasatch indoor.  He was in the beginner grom group.  Just he and one other, who was 10 years old.  He took 2nd.  Totally stoked face!  He hasn’t taken off the sweat band and hat he got, plus some cool stickers and posters (which had to be hung in his bedroom).  Oh, and bright green grips for his bike. Score!



I’m sad I couldn’t be there, but next time for sure!  I was home resting this awful cold I’ve got.  Worst one I’ve had in over two years.

So proud of him for wanting to compete (even without his BFF River there).  Not only did he give it his all, he had TONS of fun and everyone loves him there.  Here’s a quick video Dan put together.


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