Sunny in St George


{Ruby, Mark, Sam, Jane & Siri}

Back from another super fun weekend in St. George.  Thank you Ali and Mark for inviting us.  We had the best time adventuring and just being together with you.


These kids just played and played and played some more everyday.  They woke right at 7am and played hard til bed.  Whew!


Hiked our favorite trail right up the street from the house.  They all made it the entire loop with minimal complaining 😉


Picking up some groceries while Ruby insists on holding hands with these two.  LOVE her.


Love you sister


Dan was out on a long ride this day.  32 miles and about 3,200 feet of climbing for him.




mid to high 70’s all the days.  Probably 80 there today.QIMG_20170310_165000.jpg



Got to hangout with this sickie a lot.  Poor Annie has had THE worst cold and cough in her nose, chest, throat…ugh.  So much junk in there but thankfully she slept like a champ at night for Ali and Mark.


Little bike just us three on Turtle Wall.  He did great and he’s climbing so well on his 20″.  These bike rides we’re able to go on together now are just awesome.  So many parents wait for the day their kids can do the same stuff they love, whatever that may be.


Afternoon bike date to explore a few trails in Hurricane while the kids and Mark went to a movie.



Quail Creek State Park.  Really pretty, but probably won’t go back to ride those trails.  Happy we checked it out and always thankful to have some bike time together.


Some mean games of UNO were played.  I don’t even know, Mark. 😉  We ate good food and relaxed a bit too.  Can’t wait until next time!


On our way home, we decided to check out a new place for camping and riding…Guacamole Mesa which is just outside of Zion NP.  Such awesome views and some good camping for future trips.


Unfortunately, on way home Dan got really (stomach) sick.  He’d been feeling a little off most the day but it really kicked in as we were driving home.  More stops than normal were had, but thankfully he’s downstairs in bed trying to sleep and rest it off.  At least he basically made it all the way through the fun stuff before he really felt crappy.  Here’s to hoping we all stay healthy.


We will definitely be back.


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