Just growing up


These two clean up really well 😉  And then I look at these pictures we took this morning before Annie’s baby blessing and all of the sudden, Sam looks so grown up.  I mean, I know he’s only seven but still.  He’s getting taller, his hair is getting longer and..well…it makes me shed a tear despite how awesome he is right now.  So handsome these boys.


My people.


Speaking of Annie, I got to hangout with her for a while one day last week.  Just the two of us out on a walk.  I’m always mistaken for Ali if I’m out in her neighborhood.  It’s pretty funny when they stop to talk and realize it’s actually not her;)


Geeking out on hot wheels at the skate park.  They looked at River’s book more than they actually rode.  Two  peas in a pod these friends.


Just because.  I don’t really even know…


Checked him out of school early one day for some skiing.  No lines or crowded parking lots.  We lapped Sunnyside five times in the hour or so we were there.  One of the best memories I have as a kid was when my Mom would check us out of school early to ski.  THE best!



Quick Apres ski stop into Goldminers for a treat and some playing.  His favorite place to go after we ski at Alta.


Awesome and strong group of ladies for my Wednesday night crew.


Super fun party for Ruby’s 4th birthday.  Ali and Mark put on a great time!


With a bounce house to boot.  SO many people love RUBY!


And just because she’s the best partner to run errands with and I hope her face makes you smile this coming week.


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