Bikes and parts


This February weather…So warm, rainy, warm again, some more rain…at least he’s having fun!


Valentines day celebrating in his class.  So thankful I have the time and I’m able to volunteer.  LOVE his teacher Miss Ravsten.  She seriously knows how to handle 25 first graders AMAZINGLY well.  Oh, and parent teacher conferences last week.  Sam has come leaps and bounds in just the last three months.  Reading a lot, so helpful to those that need it in class, a good friend to everyone and from what I can tell math is going super great, too.  So proud of him.


He’s been doing his hair everyday this past week.  He wants it to have a part and be combed over.  One of the girls in his class gave him a special (early) Valentine of these glasses and some candy.  I asked if everyone else got them and he said, “No Mom…duh!  Just me silly.”  Got it, bud. 😉


He wants to grow his hair out now.  I agreed and said we’d only cut it if he asks.


He and River played all afternoon Thursday and most of the day Friday.  No school=epic hangout time for these two!  They rode bikes for over four hours on Friday.


Such good buds


More riding, of course.  They spent most the day Saturday at I Street with Ted and River.


Tacky dirt and a gaggle of bikes. 🙂


Annual Mardi Gras party at Jamon and Chelsea’s…this time with Sam.  We got there early and left early, just in time for the party to really get started.  He was tuckered out!


SO fun!



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