Monday Monday


Crazy warm weather, lots of rain and wet snow these past few days.  Sundance Saturdays, just the boys and River.  Yesterday…Drive down and the canyon is closed due to mudslides…


So, go get donuts, play and wait.  Start to drive towards Sundance…Dan remembers he forgot their boots.  Meet Liz up North a ways and get boots.  Drive back to Sundance, pull in and get stuff on….the whole mountain is CLOSED til at least Noon.  Resort finally opens and they get just two runs in and River hurts himself and has to be carried down. DOH!  He’s OK, but it just wasn’t Dan’s day yesterday 😉  At least the boys were super good sports and played a lot.  Thank you Dan for having SO much patience.


Sure was pretty though and we are ALWAYS thankful they get to be out so much.


My crew doing what they do best…WORK HARD!


If this doesn’t make you smile then…well…it’s just not possible. 🙂


Annie is growing and growing.  Thanks for letting me hangout with her for a while, Ali.


These cousins.  I don’t even know what was happening, but I liked it!


Sunday afternoon walks.  Will be in the 50’s again this week.  Maybe more rain for the wknd.


Getting some much needed vitamin D for this crappy cold I’ve got…with a sweet little reminder of our angel on the side.

Happy Love Day week to you all!


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