Grandpa Mike visits


Just a few pictures from this past week, the last half with Mike.  This boy was SO happy!


Mike had a cold so we laid a bit low for most the weekend…



I taught a bunch while they played a bunch 😉  I say it every week but this Saturday crew works SO hard.  They are dedicated, consistent and so strong.


So happy when Mark and/or Ali comes to class.  (Mark is there on the right)


So much playing.


Had to get at least one day of skiing in together.  I LOVE this picture so much.

And we spent a few hours Friday night at the bike park.  Sam and River were pushing each other, more than usual.  Rive has cleared this (expert/black) line before but not since then.  Sam was pushing him and motivating him to do it and finally he did.  I don’t even know how many times Sam tried, but he pretty much got it in my book.  Just a little back tire coming over.  It’s really the first time I’ve seen these two at the bike park going so big together.  Sam kept trying and trying and was just spent, so tired.  He was in tears at the end because he wanted it so bad.  I think it’s good to have a buddy to motivate and inspire him, however I could tell it wasn’t fun anymore at the end there, so we made him stop.  I know they’ll go back another night soon 🙂


And a follow up to my post last week.  I’ve been feeling so.much.better, especially in my digestion and all things on the inside.  I like to look back occasionally to see just how far I’ve come.  It’s motivation for me to continue this lifestyle to stay healthy and happy on the outside and most importantly on the inside!

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