Cousin time


Got to watch Matt and Sheri’s kids over the weekend.  Sam was SUPER excited, especially since that means he gets to play with Marshall.  Ruby and girls came to play for a bit, too.


Marshall not minding one bit that Sam wants to snuggle and be all over him 😉


Lots and lots of just playing and hanging out.


Might as well “hike” with him on my back for a while since I wasn’t making it to the gym.


Ate some yummy food at Cubbys.  That place is YUM!


It was dumping snow Saturday, so they wanted to go get some energy out at the trampoline place.


More Marshall


Emily made Sunday morning waffles.


Best part of the weekend.  Sunday morning sunrise was amazing.


And of course Benjamin has all the coolest new techy stuff.  Sam was in the zone playing with the Oculus.  It was actually really cool.


And one more from last week.  These two peas in a pod were sending it on the ramp at home AND at the bike park..

Definitely the biggest he’s gone yet there. Thank you again Jane for the bike park pass. He’s been using it A LOT!  Shredtown!

Back to school, work, teaching classes, gym time, a new client I’ve taken on, playing, and being thankful and grateful for all that we have each week.

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