Happy New Year 2017


I don’t know about you, but we played some mean games of UNO to ring in the new year…at 7:30pm 😉

I wasn’t feeling super great (prob got the junk DanSam had and had an, “I ate too much sugar” headache) and Sam had played all day with River, so we kept it mellow.


And considering Sam has had a double ear infection (his first ever in his life) he’s been pretty happy and on-the-go.IMG_20161226_173626.jpg

We had A LOT of fun last week when Jenn and family came to town!  So much cousin love.  It’s just the best.


I love these sisters the most.



Cousin ski day!

Justin, Izac, Kate, Jenn, Carol, Sam, Matt, Emily, Liz…Mark, Siri and Jane made it up for a bit, too!
And Uncle Matt knows all the cool jumps and powder. Sam followed him around for almost six hours!


Christmas party in Kamas.  It was SO cozy and fun and I love being with my family.


Enzo, Max & Sam


Those are some proud grandparents right there.  14 grand kids including Naomi 🙂  And so happy all of Ali’s family made it, including that tiniest Annie.



Thank you for your kind gifts Mom, cousins and siblings.  LOVE you all!


These two got lots of good playing in.  Jenn, please come stay with us again!


Special date with us.  Happy 6th Birthday Jane-O!


I heart this picture of Ruby.  A lot.  She has another scan on Tuesday to see what’s going on in her lungs.  Make sure you check Ali’s blog for updates.


And we’ve been stuck in the valley with a nasty inversion.  Totally sunny and warmer up high.  Had to get out and play for a bit.  The boys will go skiing tomorrow for the last day of this holiday break.  Maybe some indoor bike park fun with River as well.
And speaking of bike park…Sam finally hit the airbag on his new bike. So stoked for him since I know he’s been wanting to do this for a while now.



Happy, thankful, grateful, healthy, comfortable, blessed…all of it this new year!


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