A happy Christmas


Merry Christmas!

It was a very mellow and relaxed holiday for us.  Usually Grandma Jane is with us but this year she’s with baby Gunner and family in CA.  We missed you SO much Jane!

The boys had colds for most the week but were both feeling better by Saturday and Sunday.


One of our favorite traditions that I’m so happy to continue with my little family.  Snowbird torchlight parade was just awesome.  Snowing, not too cold and lots of big fireworks.  Strangers caroling before the skiers came down and Santa on top of the Tram, it was magical.


A super yummy dinner before we went up.  Since Dan was laying low anyway, he decided to cook up a delicious dinner.  Slow cooked black beans, Barbacoa style slow cooked lamb and a jicima, cucumber and orange salad.  SO yum!


Can’t forget this amazing cornbread and orange zest pound cake.  He made that vanilla caramel sauce as well.


They got some skiing in at Sundance as well on Christmas Eve.  His first black diamond and he did awesome!



So thankful for all that we have.


Some new bike stuff for Sam.




And the best thing we woke up to…lots of snow!



Using up those pickled onions from our yummy dinner.  Dan makes some pretty epic breakfasts.


Spending time at Mom and Johns is the best on Christmas day.  Thank you Mom for having us and always making it so cozy and special.



Her dinner spread every year.  So yummy.


Benjamin, Matt, Connor, Emily, Sam & Dan


Thankful for so many cousins.  We’re SO looking forward to this week…Jenn and family will be here and we’ll all be together at my Mom’s.  Dan has a few more days off so more family time.  Thanks to all of you in our lives that love and mean so much to us.

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