Early last week, we got to take the girls and Sam up to Heber to ride the Polar Express…AKA the Heber Creeper.  Thanks to the Mascot Miracles Foundation, several children with cancer and their families got to take a very long ride on the train.  We all got to see Santa, all the sports team Mascots from around UT and have hot chocolate and cookies.  I’ve told Ali this before, but the world of children’s cancer is just not something most of us are familiar with so it was SO good to see all of these families and ALL of the good, good people that made this happen.  There are just some really good and giving people who want to make these kids dreams come true, it was magical.  It was a long night but I’m so glad we went.





Strong, cold storm came through Friday.  It’s COLD!


Not a lot of snow in the valley, but lots up in the mountains. Sam and Behr dropped their backpacks off and went right out to sled 😉


Got to be with this little lady for a while.  This particular day was more challenging for Ali, so I’m glad I could help.  I’m happy to snuggle her anytime.


Jane and Annie.


Annual baking night with the ladies.  Thanks Sheri for having us over.


I love us.

{Kerrah, Mom, Liz, Emily, Ali, Siri & Sheri}  Missed you Jenn and Kate!




Night out and got to dress nice.  We do that every now and again 😉


He’s played outside three different times today, including once at 7:45am.  FREEZING!  He and River played outside til after dark, after skiing all day Saturday.  The kid doesn’t stop.

And speaking of skiing, these two peas in a pod were
shredding yesterday.  See a drop…might as well do it.

Looking forward to winter break starting at the end of this week and Dan has some good time off as well.  Seven more sleeps til Christmas!


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