Sundance skiin’


The boys had a super fun time skiing over the weekend.  First time using their passes for the season!

Saturday Sam and River skied all day together.


A warm storm through the weekend, so it was just barley snowing at the base.  The Northern resorts got way more (Snowbasin got 35″), Alta about 18″.  We needed it!


And they played for several hours Friday, too.  Such best buds!


Hi Annie!  She just sleeps…a lot.  So precious.


A yummy dinner date to Saigon Sandwich again.  Delish!


Decorated our gingerbread house.


And he’s been asking non-stop to make gingerbread cookies.  We did and he hardly ate any.  Good thing we like to take things to our neighbors. 😉


Another awesome class at Thryve.  Love these hard working people…who are really my friends.


I don’t even know…


Practicing whatever he does down there in the basement 😉


Watched the Muppet Christmas Carol to end the weekend.  His first time seeing it.  Such a feel good movie, especially at the end.

Hoping for more snow this week.  Lots of fun Christmas things coming up this week and next weekend.  This kid is counting down the days to December 25th!


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