Skiin’ time


More snow last week…hoping a bit more this week.


Thanks to a random act of kindness, we got to ski together at Alta Sunday.  Two tix to Alta and Sam already had his (free-6yrs and under) season pass ready to go.


Our first time skiing together at Alta somewhere other than Sunnyside.  I’d say it was a super fun and successful first day!  He had to take some “pause breaks,” but otherwise did awesome.  People ski so fast over on the Collins side, it makes me nervous.  But, he was very aware and is practicing looking uphill everytime 😉


My heart overflows with joy and happiness sometimes.  Today was one of them.


And he was asleep five minutes into the drive home. I’d say that was a good day.


Favorite tree lot.


He won’t admit it, but he was SO excited to tell Santa what he’d like this year.



A quiet and peaceful visit to sister one day.


Draper park lights.  Beautiful!




Veggies and White Christmas.   Crazy Saturday night. I’m pretty amazed Sam watched it all with me.  We finished it tonight…after he said it was “too girly and boring” the first half.


These two are just the best buddies.  They lapped the ramp and played out in the freezing cold for hours on Friday.


(pic from the NICU)

And this beauty is doing amazing.  ALI AND MARK are cozy at home with she and the rest of the girls.  Check her blog for updates  on Ruby and life with baby Annie.

Looking forward to more Christmas fun, school, work at the gym and Dan and Sam going back to ski Sundance again this season.  So thankful we’re happy, healthy and warm in our home.



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