Thanksgiving and a new babe


Thankful for all the things, but especially my boys.  I feel so lucky, grateful and blessed every year that goes by.  We’re happy, healthy, comfortable in our home and Sam is thriving.


Woke up to some snow on turkey day


And before we ate, I coached an awesome class at the gym.  Solid group of ladies right there!


Thank you Mom and John for the most delicious dinner and super yummy pie.  Thankful the girls and Mark could make it up to be with us.  Ali had baby Annie last Tuesday!


Just a small group of us this year.  It was perfect!



Dan made that chocolate tart on the end there. SO, so good.  (GF) Ginger cookie crust with ganache filling.  Yes please.


Ruby and I waited for the big kids to get home from school, while also patiently waiting on the news that her sister had arrived.


I don’t even know what’s happening here, but I like it!  Got to spend some good time with the girls while Ali and Mark take care of baby.


Snuggles in the NICU.  I’m sure she won’t be there very long.  She’s doing amazing for being 5 weeks early and Ali…holy crap I have a strong sister.  Just having a baby is hard but add on c-section and NICU time and post baby body …..that takes strength.  LOVE YOU!


Finished out the weekend with lots of laps on the ramp before snow comes tonight.  Hoping we’ll be skiing by next weekend!


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