Bit of snow


It was beautiful while it lasted!  Cold for a few days.  Back to warmer and hoping for rain/snow this week.  Sam had a blast out there with the girls and Behr.



Santa doing math 😉


Just because


The year was 2000 and I skied…A LOT!  Was reminiscing about my days as a ski bum.


Snow is gone and bikes are out again.  Send it buddy!

assault bike.png

Putting in work at the gym.  These Assault bikes are NO JOKE.  Oh man, for real.  I teach classes with these bikes as one of the rotations, so I make sure to always use them myself so I know just how bad it burns!


Our go-to Vietnamese Oh Mai may just take a back seat now.  Super yummy Pho place and it’s closer to our house.  Win-Win!



And a super fun party at Jamon and Chelsea’s…who are getting married!  I thought the day would never come for that guy 😉  If you don’t have someone like her in your life, you’re missing out!  She and Jamon are just THE best.  She loves Sam so, so much.



And we finished up the weekend with lots of leaf raking and getting the yard cleaned up for winter months.  Put the Christmas lights up, too!

And if you’d like an update on Ruby and Ali and her pregnancy, check out her BLOG.  She’s been updating more, as she’s been having more issues with too early contractions and another hospital stay one night last week.  We hope that even though baby girl will come early in the next week or two, she and Ali will be safe and healthy!


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