Groundhog Day…In November?!


If it’s not going to snow, we might as well be biking.

The weather here the past three weeks has been like Groundhog Day…for real.  Everyday is sunny and 65.  Way too warm for this time of year and even too warm to even blow snow at the resorts.  Looks like the temps will at least drop to normal by mid week and we might even get some snow.  Here’s to having hope that it will!


Rode Rush with Sam and friend Re and I got out on a super fun ride, just the two of us as well.  She managed to snap a pretty great pic.   We had a blast!  Dan and Sam also got a bunch of riding in as well.



Nothing super exciting or new going on around here.  I did get to go with this little miss to get her monthly port flush.  I mentioned on my Instagram how overwhelming the world of children’s cancer is to me.  Her actual appt was only about 5 minutes, but sitting there in the waiting room knowing the other kids in there were suffering is just…well, hard and sad.  I’m SO thankful Ruby doesn’t have to suffer through treatments like so many others do.  And, she’s happy as a three year old should be right now!


Also, Ali is amazing.  34 weeks pregnant and in good spirits!


My people


Elf, vinegar chips and red peppers one night.  Might as well!


And a cozy movie night and dinner with the ladies and Ali.  Thanks for coming over.  We love it when you get to hangout at our house!

Sam is doing so well in school.  Things are going great at Thryve, teaching my classes and Dan’s shoulder is FINALLY feeling better. Thankful we are happy and healthy.  (we’re pretty sure he broke his scapula again a few months ago) 😉


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