Girls trip {St. George}

Another super fun trip to St. George with Ali and my Mom.  We always miss you Jenn and glad we got to spend some time with Kerrah this time as well.  Just a few pictures….we walked on the trails, ate good food, relaxed, played games, did a little shopping and just talked A LOT!


Birthday lunch when we arrived for my Mom.  69 years young last week!


Turtle Wall



Got to stop by and say hi to cousins Krista and Kate who happened to be down there as well.  LOVE these cousins so much!

{Kerrah, Liz, Krista, Carol, Kate, Ali (32 weeks prego}


Thank you to Ali and her in-laws for the generous and awesome house we always get to stay in.  Can’t wait for next year!

And, while I was away the boys played!  They biked everyday, some with River and some just the two of them.  Sam was shreeeeeeedding!
And these boys seriously have the best time together.


And just a few pics from last week…


Love you Mom.


Siri as Harry Potter and Sam the skeleton


Buddies!  They ran hard from house to house for an hour.  Sam was done and ready for bed by 8:15pm 😉  It was the perfect Halloween night!

{Trek, Parks, Behr, Sam}


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