Bear Lake and Jenn

Thanks Ali and Mark for a quick and fun trip to Bear Lake!


Quick stop in Evanston for some dinner at Jody’s Diner.  They loved it!


“Mom! Let’s be silly together in this bathroom!”  Ok 🙂


Good morning


Thanks to Mark for the opportunity through a work contact to stay at this super fun house.  Huge playroom in the first basement.  There was also two tube slides going from each floor so they used those like crazy.  Entertainment for hours…especially good when it’s cold outside!


Oh, and this little secret hiding spot right in the kitchen.


Made it down to the lake for a bit.  It was most definitely cold.  They had a blast though.



Hi Ruby!



Did a little fishing at the pond.


Til next time!


Riding last week as well.  So pretty out there still.


Halloween stuff with River.  They rode bikes and played all day Saturday.  Pretty much the perfect day in their lives.


And we got to hangout with Jenn for the day Sunday.  She was here for her sister in law’s birthday celebration so we hung out with Mom and John for a while then had a super yummy dinner here.  Thanks Ali for taking her to the airport.  LOVE YOU SISTER!! Can’t wait for Christmas time.


And because I told Siri I would put this on my blog…Happy week before Halloween to you all.  She makes me laugh so much.

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