Four years ago

…this week I started this blog.  I decided that October 1st, 2012 that I was going to change my eating habits, lifestyle and document my weight loss weekly right here.  Sometimes it seems like so long ago, but really it’s only been four years!  I LOVE going to back and reading everything I wrote as the weeks went by.  The struggles, the success I’ve had and how I did indeed meet my goal AND surpass it.  This space has transitioned into a place to document and remember our weekly lives, adventures, vacations, special moments and also moments of tenderness and sadness here and there.


So thank you to whoever you people are that read this, because ultimately I do write weekly for me and for our close family who live far away.  I know how much it means to you!


A visit to sister last week. I was alone on a beautiful fall morning. SO peaceful.


In the zone.


Got to be with these ladies a few days last week while Ali and Mark took a nice trip back east alone.  Much needed!


They played and played so well together.  In their room, outside, in our basement.  I think we only watched one show the entire time!   Took them for a little hike up to Alta Friday.  It is beyond beautiful up there right now.  The leaves are peaking.  Just so pretty.




Hi Ruby!



Got in a lap with Sam and a solo ride…the trails are covered in tacky dirt and leaves, which is my happy place.  I haven’t been riding as much as I thought I would this fall but that’s OK because I’m extra, extra happy when I do get out to ride!


And since this blog started as all things health, fitness, weight loss and changing my habits…as a birthday gift to myself I went and got a DEXA BODY scan.  You can click that link to see exactly what it is, but it’s basically a place you can get your body composition analyzed along with a few other things.  I had my body composition scanned and also did a test to see what my RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) is.  You can see there that just an average day for me that would include maybe a light warmup if I’m exercising,  I’m burning around 2,200 calories…just living my life!  That’s so crazy to me and no wonder I’m hungrier now than four years ago on a daily basis.  My body fat is hovering around 27%.  Sure, we always want our body fat to be lower but coming from 40-45% body fat before this journey, I’d say I’m doing pretty freaking awesome!

I’ve got 117lbs of lean tissue(muscle) and 46lbs of fat..also very awesome.  My bones are healthy as can be and that’s one of the main reasons I lift weights.  I want strong bones going into my older age, it’s just that simple.  Another crazy thing…I weigh more now than I have in the past three years, yet the composition of my body is the best it’s been yet!  It’s mentally a mind game for me, especially when I wanted to weight a certain number for so long.  I’ve had to just let that go and continue to work on feeling comfortable in my own skin and keep on doing what I’ve been doing to stay healthy and strong as the years go by.

Cheers to FOUR years of SO much growth, learning and happy times!


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