Thirty Six

Thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes over the weekend, it was a good one!


Woke up to snow in the mountains for a little gift 😉


A wet cold front moved through Thursday night into Saturday late morning.  We needed it and I loved the rain, wind, snow and fall colors mixed inbetween.

Taught spin, brunch with Ali and kids, a drive up to Alta with Sam and Trio for dinner made for a great day.  Dan’s waffles for breakfast the next morning and a yummy dinner were also super great.  Thanks for all the good food, Dan.



{Sprouted} Buckwheat waffles.  Gluten and Dairy friendly 😉


Dan usually makes and epic egg sandwich out of them.  Ali and family and I had a mix of syrup, apples, almond butter, peanut butter, berries as topping options.  DELISH!


He smoked on the BBQ a whole chicken with a citrus rub.  Roasted yellow and red potatoes and arugula salad on the side.  YUM!



17 yrs old-26 years old-36 years old


Definitely a physical change over the last 20 years but my heart, mind and emotional state is just better and wiser.  SO thankful for so many GOOD and wonderful people in my life. I am blessed!


Backup to a little earlier in the week, where I walked with all the first graders to the neighborhood garden behind the school.  What an awesome place!  They each got to pick a carrot…


…and I learned very quickly how fond of his friend Ady he is.  They were like two peas in a pod the entire time we were out there.  If you ask him who his favorite friend is in his class, this would be her.  She’s adorable!


Still playing with Behr and Parks.  Much of Saturday was spent drawing at the table and playing ninja warrior stuff in the basement.  That was after playing with the girls all morning, whew!  They haven’t had a good, long play session for a while.

Back to school after a three day weekend.  The trails should be tacky and perfect for riding this week!  You can find us there 🙂


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