Turning colors

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


Riding this weekend was just beautiful.  It was 90 degrees in the valley today (Sunday) but super nice up high.  One more week and the stuff up high there will be bright…or, brighter than green since things are muted by the dry this year 😉



A little belated anniversary celebration at Snowbird.  Just a quick 24 hours.  I’ve never hiked to the top of the tram in the evening.  It was SO, so nice and cool and saw zero people.




Quick stroll before we left Saturday morning.


Been able to workout with Ali a bit more lately.  I’m so glad she’s feeling good and motivated enough to come to my classes and just come workout together.  It’s just the best.


Hung out with this beauty at lunch one day last week.  Hi Ruby!


Saturday ride on Rush.  So lucky we’re so close so I can just shuttle them when they want.


Ruby and Sam cheering on Jane at soccer.


Another delicious dinner from Dan.  Grilled chicken thighs and a random green sauce that was delicious to boot!  So good.


My Thursday 9am crew doing work!  It’s been pretty slow at Thryve, so I was happy last week when I had more people in my classes.  Hoping things keep picking up through the colder months.


Cooling down a bit this next week.  If we get a few rain drops we’ll be lucky.  Lots of school, work, playing, biking and celebrating Siri’s birthday is the plan.  Happy 8th Siri!!



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