11 years


 August 31, 2005

Millcreek Inn


2016…and just as happy, if not happier than when our faces looked like babies 😉  Plus, Sam has added SO.MUCH.JOY to our lives.  Happy 11 to us, Dan!


Thank you for the beautiful house plants Dan.  I LOVE them!

It rained for approximately 5 minutes the other night.  Most rain we’ve seen in three months I think.  Sam and River spent all Friday night and most the day Saturday together.  Playing, riding, swimming a bit and just being buddies.  I LOVE their friendship!


Sending it at Eagle Mountain the other night.  Thank you Dan for taking them to a new, cool place!


Random Dinner.  Tomatoes from our friends garden and those delicious Tamales from Costco.  If you haven’t tried them, you should!  Great staple for the freezer when you’re in a pinch or looking for something different.  Steam for 12 minutes on the stove (NOT microwave)



Haven’t been spending as much time on my bike as other summers.  Flying Dog and some fall colors for the win Sunday.  I was SO, so happy to be on my bike.  I needed that!


It’s dry as a bone out there…the driest I’ve ever ridden it.  REALLY hoping we get some much needed rain the next few months.


Dan shuttled us on the Quarry a few hours later.  LOVE riding with this boy.


And Dan got in some solo time.  Scrambled up Stairs Gulch in Big Cottonwood Canyon.


Just so pretty up high right now.  Enjoying our three day weekend.  I’m sure we’ll ride more Monday, relax and bbq something delicious.

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