He’s off to FIRST grade


And it couldn’t have gone better!



He kept saying he was a little nervous, but really excited…but a little nervous.  Mostly, eating lunch at school is really new and different so that’s what he was anxious about.  When school was out the first day, the first thing he told me was…”we have three recesses and then get to eat lunch right after recess!  It was great, Mom!”  I’m 100% sure I was more worried about how he’d do than he was.  Typical first time Mom of a first grader I suppose 🙂


We met his teacher at Back to School night.  She’s very much like his Kindergarten teacher he keeps saying.  She looks a lot like her and they are similar in age, pretty young at 24 or 25 years old.  Miss Ravsten will be amazing, I know it!


He’s only complained once about how much longer his day is (8:45-3:20) and twice about how he and Behr aren’t in the same class.  That would have been nice, but it’s working out to be just fine.  They’ve been playing at recess and eating lunch together.  SO proud of this kid!

A beautiful hike up Snowbird with a fellow trainer/coach at the gym and a good friend.  Crystal is an amazingly strong woman who motivates me to work hard and to be my best when I’m in the gym setting.  She’s got such a good and positive outlook on life and the world in general.  She’d never hiked to the top OR even been on the tram.


Other than school starting, not much else is going on.  It’s still pretty warm here, in the 90’s and dry, dry, dry.  He’s been riding his bike like crazy, almost everyday last week and both days this weekend.  I’m teaching at least one class a day and somehow I find myself at almost 3pm and it’s just about time for Sam to be home.  Hoping I can get some good fall bike riding in when the temps cool down in the middle of the day.


And just a reminder and motivation mostly for me.  A good comparison from last week.  As quoted from my Instagram: “Almost four years difference.  It’s rare I post things of myself working out at the gym or taking selfies in the mirrors after I workout, it’s just not my thing (if it’s yours, keep doing you!)  I hope my actions and example speak loudly, motivate and inspire the people in my gym, home, friends and family life.  I love to make progress, but now it’s more about living day in and day out happy, healthy and comfortable in my skin.  I hope that if you need motivation or just want to be stronger, you look at this and know that it’s possible to change, even a little bit at a time.  From the depths of dark places to a better version of myself through just plain hard work”



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