Summer breaks end


A little back to school date last week with this buddy.  He chose a few shirts and a pair of shorts, all on his own.  I’m kind of amazed they’re actually really awesome and match 😉

Two days left of summer break for us.  We’ll be biking, swimming and going to Back to School night Tuesday to meet his teacher.  First day of First grade come Wednesday!


Got to spend the night with the ladies a while back. 8am tea party for three.


Our one snow cone of the summer at the cool place by the pool.


A little more water fun


A beautiful celebration of my uncle Gordon’s life.

His grave is right by my Fetzer grandparents and our Naomi.IMG_20160818_175537.jpg

Cause we can.  I’m going to miss my best buddy and sidekick all day long during the week I’ll shed a tear or five, but I know he’ll keep on thriving as he goes back to school.


And biggest news of last week.  His 20″ bike arrived!  He’s only been waiting and talking about it for over seven months…


Had to take it out the next morning.  A lap on the Quarry, followed by a super fun evening at Trailside for a big Shred n’ BBQ party.  He and River shredded it!



Just so much joy.  Thank you Dan, for making this happen and working hard so that he can do stuff like this.


Had to go back Sunday for a little more before family dinner up there at the park.


Best buddies.

Last few days of summer, first week of school.  He’s growing up before our eyes can blink sometimes.  LOVE these two.


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